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molly goes camping

Do you long to enjoy and explore the great outdoors with your family?

Want to make that special connection with your kids?

Don't let a few varmints, mosquitoes, or mishaps spoil your fun--go camping!

For the price of spending a night or two in a motel, you can outfit your family for adventure and make memories for a lifetime!

Get ready for an unforgettable experience as Molly and her fellow campers show you how, in her newest E-Book . . .

No doubt you'll find that camping, in whatever form you choose, can be the ideal family activity. This awesome resource (73 pages!) will whet your appetite for some frugal family camping fun!

For one low cost--only $8.95--you can begin preparations for your next great family adventure now.

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I get asked all the time, "Molly, what are you currently reading?"

Right now, here is what is on my nightstand:


 Positive Mom

Yard Sales

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A Look Back at June 2009

What kind of vacation can you look forward to on a frugal budget?
You'd be surprised!

Rest, relaxation, and adventure don't have to cost a bundle!
Explore summer fun and vacation ideas plus innovative ways to save, in this all new edition of . . .
Molly's Money-Saving Digest June 2009

Molly's Money-Saving Digest's special feature for June is:
Frugal Family Vacations

With a bonus: Molly Interviews the Hillbilly Housewife!
Do your plans for the coming months include some time for rest and relaxation? Even in these days of uncertainty and change, it's possible for nearly every family to enjoy a vacation, "stay-cation," or "day-cation. Discover great vacation ideas--even for those that can't afford a vacation right now!
This issue is loaded with ideas, tips, recipes, checklists, and more to help you plan for those special family outings--all within your budget!  With over 40 pages, there are so many ways to save and a lot to learn!

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Katkov | Dreamstime.com

During the summer when it's hot outside, my hair tends to get dried out and brittle. Thinking about this scenario made me want to do some research on natural hair conditioners that we can use to replenish the moisture that our hair loses due to chlorine from swimming, heat from the sun, and chemical products like hairspray and others.

If you have special methods that you use to keep your hair conditioned, I would love if you shared them with me so that we can showcase them on the blog.

From the Blog
Here is a recap of what we shared on the blog last week, just in case you missed a post or two!

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Hey, I Can Make That!

Molly Makes
Photo courtesy of Tip Nut

I have wanted to make my own bathtowel head wrap for a while now. It wasn't until recently that I decided to look for a tutorial. I found out my favorite website, Tip Nut, has a tutorial for making your own.

To access the tutorial, CLICK HERE.

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Molly Makes
Me and Mine In a Small Town

This week's featured website is Me and Mine in a Small Town. This website has lots of great giveaways and deals going on.

Right now, she has a giveaway for Vintage Aprons. I am hoping to win one for myself!

Be sure and visit and tell her Molly sent ya!

Ideas From Around the Web
Here are some great ideas to help you enjoy making your very own natural hair conditioners at home!

In the Kitchen
Brown Sugar Scalp Rub
(recipe reprinted from Styles 101)


4 tablespoons of brown sugar
2 tablespoons of your favorite conditioner


Combine brown sugar and conditioner in a bowl and mix well. Apply to scalp only with fingers! Scrub scalp in a circular motion for a few minutes. Rinse, then shampoo and condition as normal.

Note: This is amazing!!!! If you have dandruff, flakes, or even an oily scalp, this scrub will remove all impurities!!! I had a problem with my scalp being flaky after shampooing, then 2 days later it would be oily. I read about brown sugar online and decided to try it, since all other flake removers did not work for me. This CURED my scalp issues!!! I now do this step once a week. No more itching, flakes, or excessive oil!!!
Molly's Money-Saving Digest
Molly Makes

Wish you could afford to buy a little bonus or luxury item?
How will you make room in your budget?

Molly's usual focus is on ways to spend less (you'll find that too), but in this Digest, Molly takes a look at ways to earn more money--from home! Maybe this issue should be called Molly's Money-Making Digest . . .

Join Molly for this month's special feature:
Home Sweet Home (Business)

Perhaps you will discover your work-at-home dream job!

Which luxury would you like to afford? Or maybe you don't consider luxuries because you are struggling to simply make ends meet. You know, adding to your budget with a "home business" doesn't need to be a major undertaking. It could be as simple as starting a resale business tied into your enjoyment of frequenting yard sales.

What are some highlights of this issue?
  • Entrepreneur interviews--Young and old alike share pros, cons, struggles, triumphs, challenges, and benefits of running a business from home.
  • New planning forms--Perfect to aid you in brainstorming and organizing your home business.
  • Summertime salads--Your family will stay cool and satisfied with these fresh ideas and recipes!
  • Kids' Corner--Join the kids as they learn to create effective business cards and flyers.
  • Amazing upcycling projects and ideas--Mrs. White, a new regular Digest contributor, has a true knack for turning trash into treasure! 
Each month take the wonderful opportunity to learn along with Molly, and make the most of your time and money in 2010.

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