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I love the smell in my kitchen every morning when I walk in. Sitting in my window, is a box of herbs that I planted a few months ago. It is full of cilantro, rosemary, sage, basil, dill, chives, parsley, mint, and many other of my favorite herbs.

Did you know that herbs can be used in just about anything these days? Hopefully in this newsletter, you will learn more ways to use herbs than just to snip and place in food. We are going to explore all the ways you can use herbs in your home!

Speaking of herbs, one of the free downloads for Molly Members in our new members program is a vegetable garden encyclopedia with an herb guide! It is a fabulous E-Book that you would love to have as your own!

Molly Members

Molly Makes

For those of you that have already joined the Molly Member program, how are you liking it? Do you see any improvements on what we have done? Is there something you would like to see in the future there? Email me if you have any ideas. I would love to hear them!

We have some really great downloads in the members resource section that are just for Molly members. We have links to many menu planning resources, over 10 different coupon site links for you to get downloadable coupons, plus tons of other links that you will enjoy.

We have several different free E-Books for your enjoyment this month as well. In the mix is a grilling E-Book, healthy chicken recipes, gardening encyclopedia with herb guide, a 50-page preview of my slow cooker cookbook, and a special E-Book from my guest blogger, Lisa Barthuly.

That's not even all that you get! There are still a ton of more links that I didn't even mention. PLUS we are going to be adding some Easter links and Spring Break ideas. You will not want to miss this at all!

Each month, there will be new downloads, plus the previous month will still be there (if you subscribed during that month). You get all of this for only $3.95 per month! That is $1.00 less than the price of just the Digest itself, and you get all these extra freebies to boot!

You cannot go wrong with a Molly Membership!

Become a Molly member and save like never before!

Featured Website

The Bulk Herb Store

Bulk Herb Store

This week's featured website is The Bulk Herb Store. I had never even heard of this website before this week. I must tell you that I am blown away by all the different herbs there are!

If you are curious as to what each herb can do for your health, or how they flavor food and the taste it might give it, just click here.

You can also purchase bulk herbs through them as well. They have a fabulous site, so check it out!
Freebie of the Week
Parsley Dill Dip Mix Labels and Tutorial

Dill DIp Mix

Create a gift to give to your friends using this dill dip mix recipe, tutorial, and free printable gift tag.

Download the gift tag from HERE. You can find the recipe and tutorial HERE.

Blog Highlights
Tips and Ideas From Econobusters 

Weekly Tutorial
How to Make a Tin Can Herb Pot

Herb Pot
Photo courtesy of Kaboose

Here is a wonderful tutorial I ran across recently that not only gets everyone involved, but it also includes reusing and re-purposing things that would normally get thrown away.

With this tutorial, the kids can help paint and decorate the tin cans, and you can also turn this into a homeschool science project, watching the herbs grow from seedlings to beautiful, wonderful smelling plants.

You can access this tutorial by clicking here to go to Kaboose.

Recipe of the Week
From Scratch Spiced Chai Tea

Spiced Chai
Photo courtesy of Tammy's Recipes

This week's recipe comes from Tammy's Recipes. I don't know about you,  but I love tea!

This one sounds especially delicious. Be sure and hop on over there and check out the recipe!


Idea Center
Herbs and More!

Book of the Week 

Everything you need to know about growing your favorite herbs using safe, natural, all-organic methods!

Practical tips and advice on all aspects of successful herb growing.

A wealth of great ideas and helpful how-to on using herbs in cooking, crafts, cosmetics, health care, insect repellents, and more.

Illustrated herb directory featuring all the most popular herbs-- from aloe to yarrow-- each with complete information on growing, care, harvesting, and uses
.(information obtained from Amazon.com)

You can purchase a copy of this book through Amazon by
clicking this link.

Molly's Money-Saving Digest
Spring Is In the Air~Frugal Choices Everywhere!
Mar 2010
Life is too short (and sweet) to spend it indoors-
Be encouraged that it doesn't take much money to enjoy life in the great outdoors . . .

March brings us a most wonderful time of the year! You do have a welcoming, colorful, and happy backyard don't you? If it needs a little work, keep reading!

As the good weather arrives, slip out the door and enjoy the warmth and smells and delights of that fresh spring air-in your own backyard or on your deck, balcony, or porch. You'll find plenty of ideas for thrifty fun, food, and other "fixins" right here!

Spring is the season of anticipation. Start a few seeds, try a new recipe, make a fresh start, and enjoy every minute. This is a prime season for you as a "keeper at home" to refocus and define your priorities as you realize just how much you can do with what God has
given you.

Take a quick glimpse at the features and what you'll learn in the newest Digest:

Monthly Feature: Spring Is in the Air-Frugal Choices Everywhere!

Eating Alfresco: This is the way to really enjoy your food . . . though some of you may not know what this means. Grab some no-frills ideas for everyday, alfresco eating!

Make Rich Memories in Thrifty Times: Included are a variety of wonderful suggestions for some frugal fun and catalysts to learning (bringing the family together) that you'll want to try now that the weather is warming!

Backyard Living: Take a close look at a number of fresh, money-saving ideas to help brighten your mood and your life!

Trying to economize? At $4.95 for each downloadable E-Book, you can apply just one tip from each issue to easily save the cost of the Digest! Still not convinced this E-Book is for you?
HERE to view a sample of this item.
Each month, take the wonderful opportunity to learn along with Molly (and her special guests and experts), and make the most of your time and money in 2010.

Better yet, subscribe to a Molly Membership and receive each month's Digest AND additional bonus resources for only $3.95 a month!

Don't forget, you can download a free Molly binder cover from the Schoolhouse Store! 

Until next week!

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