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Lady folding clothes
kemalbas | Istockphoto

My closets and my bedroom finally received the makeover they had both been needing--purging old things! I was surprised at the before and after look and feel I got after rearranging and getting rid of things that I no longer needed or used.

This week, our last focus of organization is on our bedrooms and the closets. I have found some very useful articles to share with you that I hope will help aid you in this final organization project.

While organizing your closets, why not take a moment and take an inventory of the clothing that everyone has? The January Digest has a great printable inventory clothes worksheet for you to use. This will help you see at a glance what everyone has and what is needed.

Let's get started on this final stage of home organization. Who's with me?
Special Announcements
Molly Gets Organized Bundle 
Org bundle
Since our organization-focused Digests have been reader favorites hands-down, we've decided to put together a special "organization bundle" just for you. This two-part bundle includes the January 2010 Digest, with the theme, Evaluate, Organize, Prioritize. This Digest focuses on helping you prioritize and organize your time, money, and belongings. Read the description and see a sample HERE.

The second part of this special package is a compilation of ALL the organization-related articles from our 2009 Digests. You'll find articles on cleaning, gift planning, shopping, garage sales, menu planning, and much more! This volume is over 60 pages of organization help and encouragement.

Between the two E-Books, you'll have over 100 pages of information and resources to help you get organized, right at your fingertips!

Get your organization bundle today!

Blog Highlights
Tips and Ideas From Econobusters 
Featured Website 
Show Mom the Money


This week's featured website is Show Mom The Money. I found this one while searching for bedroom organization articles and they have a great one to help you get that bedroom in tip-top organized shape. You can go HERE to read that article.
Freebie of the Week
Master Bedroom Cleaning and Organizing Chart

get organized

Organized Home has some great tips and techniques for cleaning and re-organizing your bedroom.

Hop on over there and get this free handy-dandy checklist to figure out what needs to be done in there and while you are at it, get the whole family involved!
Recipe of the Week
Hershey Bar Cake

Hershey Bar Cake

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Sikora

It has been a while since I shared a not-so-good-on-your thighs recipe, so this week I decided to share this very rich dessert I just made last week. If you are a chocolate lover, you will be in heaven with this recipe!
Hershey Bar Cake

1 box of chocolate cake mix, prepared as directed
1 can of Hershey's syrup
1 can of Eagle Brand condensed milk
1 large container of Cool Whip
6 Hershey candy bars

After baking the cake, remove from the oven and let cool for five minutes. Poke cake with a fork all over and pour condensed milk over cake. Let stand for 1 minute, then pour Hershey's syrup over cake. Crush 4 of the candy bars and sprinkle over chocolate mixture and let melt for a little bit. Spread around (it's okay if there are chocolate bits all over it).

Spread Cool Whip all over the cake. Separate the remaining candy bars and poke them in the top of the cake. Refrigerate until chilled!
Weekly Tutorial 
Create a Look Book For Your Clothes

Look Book

Photo courtesy of Closet Charm

I found the neatest thing this week that I am going to be learning how to use and I thought I would share the tutorial with you.

Have you ever heard of a Look Book? The Look Book is a personal wardrobe planner. I sometimes stand in the front of my closet for several wasted minutes trying to decide what to wear. With The Look Book, this is eliminated and you can find what you are going to wear quickly and easily!

You can find the tutorial and a free 22 page download to make your own Look Book by visiting The Closet Charm HERE.
Idea Center 
Tools to Help You Organize Your Bedroom and Closet

Molly's Money-Saving Digest
Living the Good Life--Frugally
Feb 2010 Molly
Has winter left you waning?
Does your budget need a boost?
What's for dinner, anyway?
What keeps your abode bright, beautiful, and bouncing along?

Do you agree that much of your time is spent serving others in one way or another? While it's a high calling and privilege to be sure, doing so in love day after day can sometimes be a challenge. That's our featured topic in this Digest-simple ways to share the love without running ourselves ragged or straining the budget.
Check out some highlights of this issue:

Learn almost everything you wanted to know about the simple but versatile potato-with 6 spud-tacular recipes!

Utilize four new printable forms to keep you organized.

Set up a "gift closet" and take the stress out of blessing those you love, while saving a bundle!

Fix your family a "love fest" of meals--another great weekly menu with recipes, tips, and a shopping list!

Take a quick glimpse at the features you'll find in the February 2010 Digest:

  • "45 Ways to Say "I Love You": What's a "love language"? Need suggestions for simple, inexpensive, or free opportunities to show your loved ones just how precious they are? You got it!
  • Gift Closet Strategies: Have you spent far more on a gift than you wanted to or could afford? This could be your answer! Stock a year-round gift closet from which you can shop as needed, and you'll possibly save hundreds of dollars, hours of time, and loads of stress in a single year!
  • Eight Ways to Survive Cabin Fever With Kids: Is your home a cozy, happy place-even when you're "stranded" in uncooperative winter weather? Liven up the day when you share these fabulously fun ideas with your youngsters!

We Want to Hear From You!

We are currently in the process of getting ideas for upcoming newsletters for 2010. What would you like us to write about?

If you have any ideas for future newsletters for the winter months, email them to me with "newsletter" as the subject line

Until next week!

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