Molly makes some money-saving changes to help you in 2010!
Big changes to the Digests, Molly Meters, and more!
Jan 2010 Molly
Doesn't the new cover look fabulous? I love the yellow notebook page as a background. It just looks so refreshing!

I have made some changes to the Digest for 2010 that I just cannot wait to share with you. All of the wonderful articles are still there, so don't fret! We didn't remove them, but we added some wonderful things that will help you to be a better homemaker and manager of your household.
  • The first thing we added to the new Digest is printable household forms. Each month's issue will have several for you to print out and use. In January's issue we have included 5 forms to start you off. A home management binder is SO helpful in keeping you on track financially and economically. The forms for this month are: Monthly bills at a glance, monthly budget forms, printable calendar for month at a glance, daily to-do list, and a family clothing inventory list. There is nothing like getting to a season, only to realize that someone is short of a type of clothing. With an inventory, you can see what is needed before that season arrives.
  • Each new Digest will have a special Kid's Corner section with a lesson of some sort. This month is all about being a smart financial planner. . .even at a very early age! For the early learners, we have a great craft using re-purposed items, and for the older kids-there is a lesson on opening their very own checking account, with printable practice sheets of course!
  • My newest and most exciting addition is the weekly menu with printable menu and grocery shopping list! At least for one week a month, have your meals planned, along with desserts, as well as a printable shopping list! This in itself is a major time saver!
Here's another new feature we are introducing on our website, newsletters, and eventually in the Digests too--it's the Molly Meter! We will be flagging posts and articles with the Molly Meter so that you can see at a glance just how much we can help you save!

Also, during January on the blog, we are going to be doing a 31 Days of Organization series.
I promise this is something you will not want to miss! We are going to have tips on organization for your time, in the kitchen, in your clothing and closets, for your finances, for your office, chores and cleaning and we are also going to share verses from God's word that relate to priorities, order, and discipline! If you forget to check the blog daily, you can sign up to have our blog posts sent to your email each day. This way, you don't miss any of these tips. You can do that by clicking  HERE.

Not only that, but we will also be tweeting these tips each day, so you can follow us on Twitter to get your daily dose of Molly as well!

You can also find me on Facebook where I will be posting tips throughout the day!

Thanks to all of you who have made this year a success for Econobusters! I look forward to all the new and exciting ways we can help each other in 2010!

Happy New Year,

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