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Happy Thanksgiving!

                                            Lisafx | Dreamstime.com

What's the point of Thanksgiving? I mean, really, as much as we love our turkey and cranberries and planning get-togethers with family and friends . . . is that what it's all about? Of course not! We all know that, but in the day-to-day-leading-up-to-Thanksgiving busyness it's easy to become totally immersed with the material details of "getting it all right."

It's not about staging a production. It's about praise and people. What are the top ten things for which you can praise and thank God? Have you ever physically written a list? How about taking a few minutes this week, to just stop, take a deep breath, and thank Him for the first 10 things that come to mind?

Are you blessed with wonderful people in your life? Do those treasured people know just how thankful you are for them? What better time to tell them? So, on that note--I'm thankful for you--all my newsletter subscribers and readers, those who visit my Econobusters blog, leave encouraging and helpful comments, and those who send emails. I value each and every one of you!
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Blog Highlights
Tips and Ideas from Econobusters

  • Day 13~Tepee Treats: Make this adorable indian treats with your kids while you talk about the first Thanksgiving.

Featured Website
In Courage

This week's featured website is not like the normal ones I post here. I found this website through another blog that I read, and I was very inspired by the many articles I have read here.

Since this week we are talking about thankfulness and having an attitude of gratitude, I decided to find a website that fit that category.

Here is a wonderful post that was written about a week or so ago on making a thankful calendar. Be sure and stop by and get inspired by this wonderful website.
Paper Leaf Project Recipe of the Week
Sweet Potato Casserole

For Thanksgiving, my family always requests certain favorites that I "just have to make." One of those favorites is for Mashed Sweet Potatoes. My husband just cannot have Thanksgiving without it, and all the children love it too. It is so good it can almost be served as a dessert if you would like. The crunchy topping is what really makes this dish stand out. It makes the whole house smell so good too; so no need for a scented candle when you make this! I have to confess, we crave it at other times in the year as well. Is it wrong to have a Thanksgiving favorite in the middle of the summer? I hope not, because sometimes we do!
This recipe is doubled, so you do need a large pan to bake this in to be prepared. I use a big roasting pan, and it works very well. Whatever is left over, we put into serving size containers and freeze. It freezes very well for up to six months.
Sweet Potato Casserole
(recipe courtesy of Linda Kroll at Back to the Bible.)
6 cups mashed sweet potatoes
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter
4 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 cup milk
1/4 teaspoon salt
Mix together and put into a 4-quart casserole dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray.
1/2 cup butter, softened
2 cups brown sugar
1 cup flour
2 cups chopped pecans
Cut the butter into the other three ingredients, then sprinkle on top of the casserole and bake at 350 degrees about 45 minutes to an hour (or until the potatoes are "set" in the middle, and the topping is lightly browned).
I hope your family enjoys this as much as mine does. Happy Thanksgiving!
Photo courtesy of Dreambigph... | Dreamstime.com
Paper Leaf Project Weekly Tutorial
Thankful Tree

This week's tutorial is on creating a Thankful Tree from Roots and Wings out of scrapbook materials and an old photo frame.

This one is different than most I have seen. You start with a full tree and by the end, your blessings are on the leaves that have fallen off the tree!

You can find the directions to make this cute blessing tree by visiting Roots and Wings.
Idea Center
Ways To Show Your Thankfulness

Here are some great ideas to help you remember what Thanksgiving is all about.

  • I found this great idea on making a scrapbook using all the things your family says they are thankful for. You could take it a step further and use the same book year after year, and then go back one Thanksgiving and read those things we are thankful for from previous years.
Just for Kids
Ways To Show Your Thankfulness

Here are some great art projects for the kids this week to keep them learning how to be thankful!

  • Make a painting with nature table runner and then have the kids write what they are thankful for on it.
  • Here is a list of great Thanksgiving books that you can read while you are helping out around the house this week.

Paper Leaf Project Molly's Money Saving Digest
November--Family Photography

Photo Treasures-
Don't you love to look back on those memories?
With today's digital camera capabilities,we have awesome opportunities to snap those perfect shots of our own families, and often we do--only to have them sit for years--unused or lost somewhere in computer limbo.
It's time to do something about it!
Smile BIG now . . . Molly's Special Feature for November is:
Family Photography

This month's Molly's Digest explores the delights and "how to" of taking great, stress-free family photos and putting them to creative, good use, plus a seasonal bouquet of frugal topics for your enjoyment.

Here are just a few of the highlights you will see in this photo packed issue of Molly's Money-Saving Digest.
  • Family Photography (November's Feature):Grab your camera and the kids and get ready to "create a memory, not just a picture." (You'll love all the photo examples too.)
  • Take Great Pictures of Your Family: By Becky Emerick, professional photographer and homeschool mom. Why pay big bucks when you can do it yourself? Create lasting memories with the who, what, when, where, why, and how of taking pictures of your own kids. You'll learn practical information and expert advice. What backdrops should you use? Think of using great-grandma's rocking chair. How do you discipline during your photo shoot? What about digital photo editing? Becky lists good software programs--including some that are free.Become inspired to really capture the photos you want with some wonderful tips and examples.
  • Be Your Family's Best Photographer:Take Great Photos and Do More With Them! Digital photography has revolutionized picture-taking in most homes. What can you learn about storing photos?There are many links to further your photography education.Have you thought of making personalized photo gifts? Want free online lessons? Links to craft and project sites? Think Thanksgiving and Christmas--you'll love the ideas presented to use those perfect family photos.
  • Save Money on Scrapbooking: What's the drawback to digital photography? Do you have years' worth of photos stored on your computer? Don't lose those memories! Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby, and it doesn't have to cost a lot. Learn many things about storing, sorting, and saving photos, as well as how to scrapbook on a limited budget.Where do you look for clearance sales? Discover the time-saving method of digital scrapbooking and get the list of free digital scrapbook supply sites.Your children can have fun creating their own pages too!
  • Think of all the money you save by using a digital camera--no film to buy and process or unwanted pictures going to waste! It's worth the small price of $4.95 to come away with fabulous tips and information you can begin to use right away--minimizing frustrations while helping you create, rescue, and hold on to all those treasured photo memories! Plus, you get all the rest that Molly's Digest has to offer--wonderful recipes, creative projects--well just go back and reread all of the above!
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