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 As a mother, I am always looking for ways to get meals on the table quickly without shortcutting the taste and quality. Being at home all the time gives me the time I need to research and find those quick-fix meals.
But what about those moms who work outside the home? Or the moms who work from home and are pressed for time? We can always use help when it comes to meal ideas.
This week's newsletter is all about easy lunch ideas. One of my favorites that my kids came up with on their own is Flat Tortilla Pizzas.

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 It is very simple to make. Use a 6-8" round tortilla. Smear some pizza sauce on it. Add cheese and other toppings. Put it under the broiler until cheese melts, and you have yourself a hearty quick and easy lunch! The best part is, the kids can make this themselves (makes a great home-ec lesson!).
I hope you enjoy this newsletter on easy lunches. If you have any great recipes for easy lunch ideas, email me with them and I will post them on the website.
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On the Blog Last Week

We had a lot of great posts last week on the blog. Here is a recap just in case you missed any of them.

  •  I found some great deals this past week at the garage sales. Be sure and read my Weekend Wonders post just to see what I found.
  • Do you purchase spice mixes at the grocery store? I shared my favorite Spanish Rice recipe on the blog and also my favorite tips for making those mixes right at home!
  • The October Digest is now available. If you have ever been curious about the Great Depression, this is the issue for you!
  • On Wednesday, I shared about my favorite way to make big inexpensive wall art!
  • If you want to learn how to extend those store-bought baking mixes, be sure and read my Thrifty Thursday post.
  • I just finished reviewing a new E-Book called Have a Killer Garage Sale and Live to Tell About It. We are even giving one away!
  • On Friday, I posted some great freebies. Be sure and read the comments for some home remedies for sore throat issues!
  • I found a great website called The Happy Housewife. If you have leftover coupons, be sure and read on her website what you can do with them instead of throwing them away.
Featured Website
Frugal Living News
(photo courtesy of Frugal Living News)
I would love to introduce you to the newest website I have recently come across! My friend Suzanne (aka The Hillbilly Housewife) has a new site that is just awesome! Frugal Living News.
Here is what Suzanne had to say:
If you're like me, you are always searching for ways to save money.  Times are tough, and we need all the help we can get. Instead of searching all over the web for your favorite Frugal Blogs, I am collecting the best of the best on FrugalLivingNews.com. 

Just like your favorite news program, we gather information, put it in one easy to follow "broadcast," and publish it on FrugalLivingNews.com.  Now, you can "tune in" to one website to find all the latest tips for living a frugal lifestyle.  No more searching around the Internet "dial" looking for ideas about finances in one place, family budgets in another, coupon clipping somewhere else, and stretching your grocery dollars in yet another place . . .  it's all right here at Frugal Living News--the news you need every day to create and maintain a workable frugal lifestyle.

(By the way, Econobusters is on her website!)

Recipe of the Week
Hummus Tacos
Quick, Easy, and Nutritious Lunch for Pennies: My family loves this recipe and it is one of those "No-Brainers" that anyone in the family can put together quickly. An added benefit: it is healthy and nutritious and can travel well to a picnic or school! If you have never tried Hummus, it is a Middle-Eastern spread made of ground Chick-Peas (lots of good protein and fiber!), and you can buy it plain or flavored with things like roasted red bell pepper, artichoke, olive, etc. It has become pretty mainstream, so you can even find it at Wal-Mart now.
Hummus Tacos
Tortillas (whole wheat are best if you can find them)
Hummus (whatever flavor you like)
Grated cheese (I typically use grated cheddar)
Alfalfa or other bean sprouts you enjoy
Lettuce (optional)
 Simply open the tortilla (You can grill the tortilla first on a lightly greased skillet until it starts to bubble up, if you prefer), and spread a little bit of the Hummus in the middle (a bit like bean dip). Top with the rest of the ingredients, roll or fold tortilla, and enjoy!
Note: I sometimes grill these Panini style if it is cold outside. My family loves these cold or hot so they are a year-round staple at my house.
Weekly Tutorial
Personalized Lunch Boxes   
Personalized lunchbox
Photo courtesy of Kaboose
This idea is super frugal! When you shop garage sales, look for these plastic lunch boxes that most people are ready to get rid of simply because the sticker has worn out on the front. Why not re-purpose and re-use that lunchbox that happens to still be in great shape?
Kaboose Crafts has a wonderful tutorial on how to put a brand new sticker on the front of your child's lunchbox.  
Thanks, Kaboose!
Idea Center

Regardless of where we are: home, school, work, field trips, vacations--we are always looking for great ideas to help make quick and easy lunches. Here are a few ideas I found this week regarding just that!

  • School Lunch Ideas.com has a free e-magazine that they offer with tons of tips and ideas for making quick and tasty school lunches.
  • Kaboose has some wonderful and healthy lunch recipes for adults and kids.
  • Make sure that your child has a healthy lunch scheduled every day by using this free printable lunch chart. It can also be adapted to use for adults also.
  • TipNut offers a great tutorial on making your own designer lunch bag.
  • Read about how a husband and wife cut their grocery budget in half because they started making their own lunches!
  • The Hillbilly Housewife had someone post a question asking about how to make a high schooler's lunch more healthier based on the school's rules. You can read the question and her viewer's responses HERE.
Molly's Money-Saving Digest
October--What Can We Learn From the Great Depression?

October 2009 

 You're not afraid of the big bad wolf are you?

During the time of the Great Depression many people closely identified with the story of the Three Little Pigs. Today, many are comparing that time period with the economic downturn of the present day. Regardless of how accurate the comparison is . . .
"This really is a season of opportunity to re-think our resources and re-evaluate our needs, repair what we can, and rejoice in all that we've been given."

This month's Molly's Digest explores the resourcefulness and ingenuity that are still alive and well in 2009. There's a lot packed into this special issue-practical and creative ideas inspired by stories of the Great Depression era, smart money-saving opportunities to try, and a whole lot more . . . Take a glimpse at the many topics you'll explore:
  • Reduce Your Food Budget Unbelievably with Coupon Basics: Couponing - Part 2-Amy Howard had read reports of moms just like her, with way more mouths to feed, spending as little as $40 or $50 a week! She was determined to learn all she could. How do sales trends and stacking and couponing all come together? Discover how it can work for your family!
  • Repurposing to Supplement Your Income: Gain some great tidbits of knowledge as you begin your research journey into not only repurposing those items you find at a great price in garage sales, but also reselling them to make a profit from home. There's much to consider and glean from Amy Howard's expert advice.
  • Save $ by Feeding Your Family on a Budget: Reduce money spent on your grocery bill by putting a little extra effort into learning how to use a budget. Enjoy a week's worth of frugal family favorite menus-easy on both your pocketbook and on your time. Check out these delicious thrifty-minded meals and recipes!
  • What Can We Learn From the Great Depression? (October's Feature):
    What Exactly Was the Great Depression?
    By taking an elementary look at a complicated subject, you'll learn some basic facts and develop a context for learning from that era. How does the plot of the Three Little Pigs story parallel the experiences of many families in 1933? Find out!
  • Plus. many more articles that are filled with useful tips and information! This Digest is 40 pages of frugal, money-saving ideas!

Click HERE to view a sample of this item.

Which little piggy are you? Stop the huffing and puffing-put Molly's Money-Saving Digest for October to work for you today for only $4.95! Order NOW!

We Want to Hear From You!
We love to include your stories and ideas in our monthly Molly's Money-Saving Digests. Work has already begun on our December Holiday issue. We would love to hear about your family's special recipes, traditions, gift, and decorating ideas . . . anything you'd like to share with our readers. Remember, if we use your contribution you'll get that Digest FREE! But we need to hear from you within the next two weeks. Please email me with your ideas.
September's Digest is full of frugal and fabulous decorating ideas from real families. October is our amazing Great Depression issue. There's so much we can learn from families who lived through that difficult era. In November, just in time for the upcoming holidays, we're talking about photography. Even though we can't accept any more submissions for these Digests, we'd still love to share and showcase your input on these subjects on our website or in our weekly newsletters.
We're always looking for "goal-getter" stories, examples of up-cycled or re-purposed objects, and frugal decorating ideas. 
Send me your story--Remember, if we include your contribution in a Digest, you'll receive that issue FREE. 

Until next week!
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