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Man's best friend. Who doesn't love a dog to cuddle or a cat to love on when you need a hug from a furry friend?
Let's face it though. Pets can get very expensive, especially when your budget doesn't allow for those types of expenses. So how can you own a pet, yet still live within your means and not bust your budget at the seams?
In this week's newsletter, I share some of my favorite pet links. Whether you have a bird, a cat, a dog, a gerbil, a hamster, or even a snake, these links will definitely help you stretch those hard earned dollars.
Speaking of links, a few weeks ago, I posted about my dog who had to go to the vet. Luckily it was a small break that did not require a cast or an x-ray. I also shared some great tips on staying frugal while owning a pet. You can read that post HERE.
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On the Blog Last Week

My team and I posted about some really great deals and tips last week. Here is the recap, just in case you missed a post or two.

  •  Choosing things from the side of the road might not be everyone's cup of tea, but this is one deal that I could just not pass up.
  • If you missed last week's couponing seminar, you can catch the replay. Just click this post for details.
  • Homemade Simple is one of my favorite e-newsletters (besides my own) that I love to read. This one had an adorable apple decoration that I shared about on the blog.
  • Do you ever get tired of making to-do lists and not getting the workload done. I shared my tips and ideas in this post.
  • How do you get your family's attention? You just have to see what I came up with when I need to leave my family a message.
  • Do you have issues with fruits and veggies when you go to the grocery store? I shared my recent problems and how I conquered them in this post.
  • The freebies were many this week! Be sure and catch up all of them as some are time sensitive.
  • I found a really neat webisite called CouponSherpa. You have to read about it and the sister sites involved.
Featured Website
Nourishing Heart and Home 
Photo courtesy of Sheri Graham
This week's featured website is Nourshing Heart and Home. This blog is Sheri's heart that she shares for home, her family, and her Lord.
Not only do you get one featured website this week, but Sheri Graham and her family have three websites! One of my favorites is Graham Family Ministries where they sell their E-Book products. In fact, Sheri is currently running a special on her 12-Week Holiday Planner. Normally this E-Book is $12.95, but right now, you can get this planner for only $8.95.
You can also check out Sheri's cookbook blog, The Nourishing Cookbook. Here Sheri shares with everyone some of her favorite recipes, not just for cooking, but also for health and well being.
Recipe of the Week
Photo courtesy of Erin Joyce
Are you tired of paying high prices for your pet shampoo? I just cannot bring myself to pay so much for a simple cleaning solution. Sometimes it even costs more than what I would buy for myself! This got me to thinking; what exactly is in those pet shampoos? Is it really necessary to pay more for my pet's shampoo than I would for my own?
That's when I started looking around online for a recipe for doggie shampoo. There are many of them out there, and the cost is significantly less than buying a bottle at the store. It only takes a few minutes to mix this up and an added bonus is that when you buy the ingredients for this shampoo, it makes more than just one bottle, so you won't likely run out of shampoo when you need it the most.(You know, for those times your dog decides to jump in a big mud puddle!)
Sham-Pooch Dog Shampoo
(Recipe courtesy of Recipezaar)
1 pint of Ivory or Dove liquid dish soap
1 pint of water
1 pint of apple cider vinegar
4 ounces of glycerin (available at your local pharmacy)
Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container. Use as needed to shampoo your dog.
This recipe makes 4 to 10 washes depending on the size of your dog. 
Weekly Tutorial
   doggy bed
Photo courtesy of Lori Marie 
This week's tutorial comes from a website that I recently discovered. Lori Marie sews all kinds of cute things on her website Pretty Little Things.
This tutorial is for a homemade bed for either your dog or cat. Not only does she have a tutorial for making your pet a bed, but she also has a tutorial for making your dog a sweater in order to stay warm.
Be sure and stop by her site and tell her thank you for sharing with us.
Idea Center

Here are some really great tips for taking care of your pets as well as some other special links I found regarding pets.

Molly's Money-Saving Digest
September--Frugal Decorating

September 2009

 Is your home a beautiful, cozy nest and shelter?

Start weaving your own attractive love--and dream-filled nesting place!
Make your home and décor a pleasing, personal, frugal reflection of you--with Molly's help.
Molly's Money-Saving Digest September 2009
Special feature: Frugal Decorating
"A lovingly decorated home is not about high price tags, debt, or keeping a set of design rules. It's about pulling together pieces that work for your family, at a price you can afford, in a way that makes you smile. . ."
--Molly Green

There's so much packed into this special issue--ideas to express creativity and enjoy beauty; inspiration for daily living; and gentle wisdom and encouragement shared by real, contemporary families. Check out the fabulously frugal topics you'll find in Molly's September Digest:
  • Begin with the Basics: Are you couponing yet? Maybe you're not convinced that it's worth the hassle. Listen up with a sensible, step-by-step introduction to why and how coupons really can help your family's budget.  This is the first part in a series by Amy Howard that takes a good, close look at how a real family uses coupons for real savings. If you are tempted to shy away, you need to read this!
  • On Sale This Month: Every little bit adds up! What items are usually discounted?  What should you stock up on? Find out now.
  • Keeping it All Together: Creating a Home Décor Binder-Learn from Kris how to create and maintain your own three-ring binder that will save you time and money, and keep all of your pertinent decorating information in one place! Get organized to ensure that you have what you want when you need it and go on to acquire the fabulous results you envision.
  • Feather Your Nest Frugally: How did Virginia help her son find and refurbish a solid wood dining room set for only $135? See this photo transformation!
  • Pull up a Chair: There are plenty of interesting reasons to celebrate in September! What should you put on the menu? Get the recipes for Black Bean and Sausage Soup, Paul's Cornbread, and easy-but-tasty 1-2-3 Cheesecake!
  • Parenting that Pays: Todd Wilson, the funnyman of Familyman Ministries, shares a cartoon, and Molly shares some brief, but sound, advice on keeping your family's decibel level lower. You can have a more peaceful home-within minutes! This advice alone is worth the price of this E-Book!
  • Something Old-Something New: What do you have in your home right now that's just screaming for a li'l update? One of Molly's favorite bloggers, Tracey Buxton from A Cottage Industry, takes an old calendar frame and gives it a charmingly new 2009 look. Sometimes it's all in the paint!
  • Monthly Feature: Frugal Decorating: With the word count down and the picture count high, you'll hear from three special guests then go on a "blog walking tour" visiting a dozen additional favorite décor bloggers. These are real women with real families living in real houses and creating lovely home environments on a realistic budget.

That is just a taste of what you will get in this Digest! You can preview a sample when you click this link.

We Want to Hear From You!
We love to include your stories and ideas in our monthly Molly's Money-Saving Digests. Work has already begun on our December Holiday issue. We would love to hear about your family's special recipes, traditions, gift, and decorating ideas . . . anything you'd like to share with our readers. Remember, if we use your contribution you'll get that Digest FREE! But we need to hear from you within the next two weeks. Please email me with your ideas.
September's Digest is full of frugal and fabulous decorating ideas from real families. October is our amazing Great Depression issue. There's so much we can learn from families who lived through that difficult era. In November, just in time for the upcoming holidays, we're talking about photography. Even though we can't accept any more submissions for these Digests, we'd still love to share and showcase your input on these subjects on our website or in our weekly newsletters.
We're always looking for "goal-getter" stories, examples of up-cycled or re-purposed objects, and frugal decorating ideas. 
Send me your story--Remember, if we include your contribution in a Digest, you'll receive that issue FREE. 

Until next week!
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Apple Butter

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