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Have you ever really looked around your local drugstore? It can be a mind-boggling experience! Just about every type of product is available in endless variations of color, flavor or scent, package size, and type of application. Need a topical antibiotic? No problem. Would you like ointment, lotion, spray, or wipes? Name-brand or generic? Purse-sized, individually packaged, or family-sized?

And how about moisturizer? I bet you can find at least 50 different moisturizer options on the shelves, for every application, age, skin type, and fragrance imaginable.

More and more women are exploring homemade health and beauty products in the interest of simplicity, frugality, and health. I'm considering compiling a future Digest on this topic, and would love reader input. Email me with Natural Beauty as the subject line if you'd be interested in contributing.

This week we'll be sharing some simple recipes and tips for homemade beauty products you can make with everyday ingredients and no special equipment. Coconut oil is a big favorite in my house. I use it as a night-time facial moisturizer. Warmed to a liquid, it also makes an excellent hot-oil deep conditioner for hair, or intensive moisture treatment for dry heels and elbows. I use pure aloe gel as a day moisturizer.

Drink lots of water . . . and remember this quote from Charles Dickens; it's one of my favorites! "Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers, and are famous preservers of good looks." 
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Congratulations to Kathy Price of Iowa, the winner of the room makeover provided by Sure Fit
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On the Blog Last Week

 Here is a recap of what all I shared last week on the blog.

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  • How do you keep track when your family has to take a prescription medicine? I have a very simple method that I shared that really works for me!
  • Are you content at the moment? Read about my newfound contentment with my "off-beat" Thrifty Thursday post.
  • The Hillbilly Housewife is having a sale on her freezer cooking set. This may have expired by the time you get this newsletter, but she has a sale all the time, so be sure and keep an eye out for her next one.
  • Freebie Friday has LOTS of great links this week! Don't forget to check this post out.
  • On Saturday, I introduced The Homemaking Cottage. All I can say is I love this website!
Featured Website
Busy Mom 
This week's featured website is Busy Mom. If you are a busy mom (and I am sure you are), this website has lots of great articles and tips to help you live an easier life, even though you are a busy lady! She has a great article on decorating. Be sure and let Emily know that I sent you over to Busy Mom!
Recipe of the Week


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One of my most favorite homemade facial products is this recipe. It was something that came as a surprise, actually. One autumn season I was experiencing extremely dry hands to the point of peeling. My face wasn't too far behind in the dry skin department. It was painful, and I could not find a cream that would actually work to alleviate my symptoms. While scooping seeds out of a pumpkin to make Crockpot Pumpkin Butter, I noticed that my hands felt smooth and that the skin was healing right there before my eyes! After looking in some books for a reason for this miraculous change, I discovered how good pumpkin is for your skin. It is loaded with vitamins A (known for skin healing), C (an antioxidant), and zinc. It moisturizes skin and helps it to heal. God has provided, in His creation, exactly what we need to heal. Isn't He good to us?
Pumpkin Facial Mask
Dry skin version:
7 Tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon fresh Pumpkin, roasted and pureed.
1/4 teaspoon heavy whipping cream (for dry skin), or
1/2 teaspoon brown sugar (also for dry skin)
Oily skin version:
7 Tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon fresh pumpkin, roasted and pureed.
1/4 teaspoon apple cider (for oily skin)
1/4 teaspoon cranberry juice (for oily skin) 
Combine ingredients. Mix gently and apply to your face, but not the skin around your eyes. Let mask sit on your face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and then use the correct moisturizer for your skin type.
Weekly Tutorial
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This week while searching the Internet, I came across The Idea Queen. This lady knows how to make some great homemade beauty products. Here is her recipe for Tropical Dream Bubble Bath. You can also visit her site by clicking here and view all the other homemade beauty treatments she has listed.
Tropical Dream Bubble Bath

3 drops rose fragrant or essential oil
2 drop jasmine fragrant or essential oil
1 ounce glycerin
1 ounce coconut oil
1 bar castille soap (grated)
1 quart water

Mix all ingredients together. Store in a container. Pour in running water. 

Be sure and stop by and leave The Idea Queen a comment thanking her for sharing her recipe with us!

Idea Center

Oh my goodness! Can you believe how many different sites there are on the Internet that have homemade beauty products? That in itself says that we are tired of paying big bucks for items that we can make at home! Here are a few of my favorite websites and their homemade beauty treatments.

Molly's Money-Saving Digest
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August means organization for many households . . .
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Organization for Busy Families
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Gain control of "the dirty dozen" working step-by-step through problem areas in an average home. Here are the 12:
  • Closets--How to Clean Out a Closet
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  • Mail--The Mail Monster. Tame it with easy to implement changes in your home.
  • Photos--Organizing Photos. Digital or physical--it is time to do something!
  • Toys--The Trouble with Toys. Give yourself a little R&R by learning the acronym ROR.
  • Clothing--Organizing Clothing. Take into account your lifestyle, do a little planning, and follow through with some purging!
  • Finances--Organizing Finances.  A few practical tips for you to stick to!
  • School papers--Papers, Papers Everywhere! Get them under control and keep them that way.
  • Bathrooms--Bathroom Organization. Tricks to quickly organize your bathroom and make daily tasks easier.
  • E-Books--E-Books Everywhere! Learn of the options for E-Book storage.

Still not convinced this E-Book is for you?
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We Want To Hear From You!
 We have some great topics in the works for Molly's Money-Saving Digests, and would love to include your stories and ideas. September's Digest has just gone to layout.  You're in for a treat with this special issue on frugal decorating. October's featured topic will be our Great Depression issue, and November we will be talking about photography. Show us your stuff! We'd love to showcase your decorating talent and frugal ingenuity, and give you a free Digest, but we need to hear from you soon! We're always looking for "goal-getter" stories, examples of up-cycled or re-purposed objects, and frugal decorating ideas. Send me your story--Remember, if we include your contribution in a Digest, you'll receive that issue FREE.

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