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Take a Break
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In a couple of weeks, my family and I will be going away on vacation. I have been forbidden to take any kind of electrical device with me, and I have asked my children and my husband to "unplug" during this vacation as well.
Some people may think this is crazy, but I look forward to those times when the electronic craze does not have mine or my family's attention. We leave handheld games, cell phones (with the exception of one for emergencies only), computers, PDA's, music players, E-Book readers. . .anything electronic like this stays at home.
During times like these, we rediscover each other and the love we have regarding family and friendship. We play games, read books, cook together, go for a walk, and spend some much needed quality time together. 
This newsletter will not be a large one, because I want you to take this same advice and possibly unplug for a few days. If a week is not feasible, try a day or two. This will help so much in regards to your health, and also enhance your family time.
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 I have so much to share from my blog this past week. If you missed any of the posts, here is a recap for you:

Featured Website
Money Saving Mom 
 This week's featured website is Money Saving Mom. Crystal Paine does a great job keeping us informed of deals, freebies, and more. Be sure and stop by and let her know that Molly sent you by to say hi and check out her site!
Recipe of the Week
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Chinese Sundaes
For family fun time and a break from using all the technology we usually use to cook our family dinners (and keep the oven off to keep the kitchen cool!), we like to make what we call "Chinese Sundaes" for dinner. You can grill the chicken on your grill, like we do, or cook it in a foil packet in a solar oven (that you make with your family).
All amounts are sized according to how much you think your family will eat. This is a very hard recipe to mess up!
chicken breasts (however many you need to feed your family)
Maraschino cherries (small jar)
chopped celery
grated carrot
Chow Mein noodles (the crunchy kind)
chopped or slivered almonds
1 (20-ounce) can pineapple tidbits
2 (11-ounce) cans Mandarin orange segments
cooked rice (about 1 cup, cooked, for each person)
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup milk
 Cook the chicken either on your grill or solar oven. Season with salt and pepper.
Cook rice according to package directions.
Place all ingredients (chopped, if needed) in different bowls and place on counter or table, buffet style. 

For the sauce, mix soup, sour cream, and milk in a saucepan or microwave on low heat (do not boil) stirring occasionally until warmed through. Place in a bowl or in a small crockpot to keep warm (can be made in crockpot also by heating on low).
Allow everyone to make their own "Sundae" by starting with rice, then chicken, then all other ingredients, with sauce and then a cherry on top. This will look like a Sundae when it is all put together.
Finish the evening off with games and a good book, read aloud, and you have the makings for a lovely family time without technology... and your family will enjoy it so much they won't even miss the T.V. or computer!
Weekly Tutorial
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 I found this really neat website that has directions to make your very own solar oven with a pizza box!
You can visit MartinZoo, where she and her children put together their own to make pizzas in. I think during our vacation, I may just do this with my family!
Remember, that if you decided to do this, take pictures and send them to me, and I will post them on the blog. 
Idea Center
All the links this week will be articles about taking a break from your computer.
Molly's Money-Saving Digest
August--Organization for  Busy Families


August means organization for many households . . .
Is your home looking dignified and grand?
How impressive are your organization skills?
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Organization for Busy Families
Get your busy family happily organized--buzzing like bees as you start to organizzzzze! 
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Gain control of "the dirty dozen" working step-by-step through problem areas in an average home. Here are the 12:
  • Closets--How to Clean Out a Closet
  • Garage--Clearing the Clutter From a Garage can become a reality!
  • Recipes--Kudos to the Cook. Benefit from and follow a clear description of just how to categorize it all.
  • Kitchen--Come Into My Kitchen! And discover welcoming ways to store and better utilize all your kitchen gadgets and necessities!
  • Mail--The Mail Monster. Tame it with easy to implement changes in your home.
  • Photos--Organizing Photos. Digital or physical--it is time to do something!
  • Toys--The Trouble with Toys. Give yourself a little R&R by learning the acronym ROR.
  • Clothing--Organizing Clothing. Take into account your lifestyle, do a little planning, and follow through with some purging!
  • Finances--Organizing Finances.  A few practical tips for you to stick to!
  • School papers--Papers, Papers Everywhere! Get them under control and keep them that way.
  • Bathrooms--Bathroom Organization. Tricks to quickly organize your bathroom and make daily tasks easier.
  • E-Books--E-Books Everywhere! Learn of the options for E-Book storage.

Still not convinced this E-Book is for you?
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We Want to Hear From You!
 We have some great topics in the works for Molly's Money-Saving Digests, and would love to include your stories and ideas. September's Digest has just gone to layout.  You're in for a treat with this special issue on frugal decorating. October's featured topic will be our Great Depression issue, and November we will be talking about photography. Show us your stuff! We'd love to showcase your decorating talent and frugal ingenuity, and give you a free Digest, but we need to hear from you soon! We're always looking for "goal-getter" stories, examples of up-cycled or re-purposed objects, and frugal decorating ideas. Send me your story--Remember, if we include your contribution in a Digest, you'll receive that issue FREE.

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