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Is Something Missing from your Mystery Shopping Program? 

Five Tips to Keep Rewards Fresh! 


It's no surprise that organizations that align employee rewards with company goals are higher performing than those that do not. When companies consider incentives for employees, some think outside the box and use a Google-like approach, for examplQuestion markse, rewarding employees with free haircuts and gourmet foods. Simple and meaningful options tied to mystery shopping results also m otivate employees. A little planning and creativity goes far, however many times managers struggle with ideas for employee recognition and on the spot rewards.


A little over a year ago, we posted some of our favorite employee incentive ideas for mystery shopping programs. As our clients' programs evolve and we bring on new clients in new industries, we brainstorm ways to reward employees creatively. The key seems to be in reinventing the wheel: Successful companies periodically revamp rewards for excellent mystery shop results. Here are five ways to freshen up your recognition program:

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Learn to Calculate the ROI of
Mystery Shopping 


In the heart of budget season, many companies agonize over where they will focus limited dollars and also how to justify spends with ROI. For example, social media ROI questions arROIe everywhere. Organizations from retail to food service to financial services invest in Facebook and other social media, and justifiably, they want to quantify what they receive from these efforts. While there is plenty of debate about the best way to measure social media ROI, calculations for mystery shopping ROI are clear. It's no secret that mystery shops help build and maintain momentum for your sales efforts, however companies need to dig deeper to learn the specific value returned from mystery shopping. In response to this, Confero developed a calculator to help clients determine this.


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Confero President Attends Women's Foodservice Forum Connect Event

On September 10th, Elaine Buxton, President and CEO of Confero, attenWFF logoded the Women's Foodservice Forum regional Connect event at Coca-Cola world headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Connect events allow members to exchange information and network with each other face to face, as well as converse on issues critical to the foodservice industry. This particular Connect focused on the Core Leadership Competency "Driving for Results", defined as relentlessly pursuing quantifiable and measurable results; identifying areas for improvement and executing changes as necessary. Elaine has been an active member of WFF and was recognized by WFF as a Committee Contributor of the Year in 2011 for her service on the Executive Programming Committee.

Confero Joins NARMS

Confero is pleased to announce that the company joined the National Association for Retail Marketing Services (NARMSNARMS logo) in August. The trade association provides valuable resources and networking opportunities for 400 member companies in the retail servic es industry. As a member of NARMS, Elaine Buxton, President and CEO of Confero, and the Confero team look forward to staying abreast of current trends in the fast-changing industry, as well as forging new relationships with a diversity of retail firms.


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September 2012, Issue 25