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Five Tips for Managing with Mystery Shopping Results

Does your current mystery shopping strategy take into account associates from different generations? Consider this fact: By 2014, millennials will comprise 36% of the Cookie Cutterworkforce. Whether you want to see how well associates greet customers, upsell or resolve a problem, complaint or return; mystery shopping provides unique insights into employee behaviors. How you use this data ultimately determines how   


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Retail Level Employees Still Characterize Brand   

You may hope that your associates embody your brand, but do you sometimes fear that employees don't quite measure up to your brand's image? When you achieve parity between brand and how your employees interact with customers, it pays off. Social media customer interactions constantly evolve and serve to build the brand. As an example, 48% of consumers who used social media for customer service indicated that they used it to praise a company for a positive experience. Although social media creates impact, one fact remains the same: retail store associates remain a large part of the brand experience. In increasingly competitive 

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Three Unexpected Ways to Win Grocery Customers with the Small Details  

We recently saw a communication from one of our grocery store clients. A store manager received his mystery shopping report and reminded his employees, "Remember, exceptional service is our best weapon. WalMart is right across the street!"  


In the war among grocery retailers, truer words were never spoken.   Competition for new customers remains fierce; grocery consumers remain store-loyal; and non-traditional grocery stores continue to enter the grocery playing field. Giants like Wal-Mart and Target add even more intensity to the competitive mix.Given these challenges, it's no wonder that many grocery store chains have mystery shopping in their arsenal.  


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Infographic: 10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them 
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Tips for Managing with Mystery Shopping Results
Retail Level Employees Still Characterize BrandAdvice
Unexpected Ways to Win Grocery Customers with the Small Details.
Infographic: 10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them


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August 2012, Issue 24