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Elaine Buxton, President 

Mixed Messages & Mixed Research: Mystery Shops, Customer Surveys, and

Social Media.


How Do These Three Methods Fit Together?


On the spot restaurant reviews, customer service remarks, and feedback on wait times.


Whatever customers talk about online, managers immeMixed Messages: Mystery Shops, Surveys and Social Medadiately learn about customer feelings when they monitor social media. While these instantaneous comments are an important part of understanding customer opinions, the feedback is very different from customer experience services such as mystery shops and customer satisfaction surveys.


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Confero's President Shares Advice with Women Business Owners, Meredith College MBA Grads 


Our president, Elaine Buxton was full of advice this month.


Meredith MBAShe served as speaker at the Meredith College MBA Graduation dinner held May 3rd. Elaine earned her MBA from Meredith College in 1993, so returning to her alma mater to welcome new MBA graduates was both and an honor and a homecoming. Elaine told the graduates that she tries to stay relevant to the business as its leader by "getting the big ideas right." She said she could classify the value of her MBA into three (3) buckets:


1. Confidence: Show the world the confidence you have earned through MBA studies.

2. Opportunities. Use that confidence to create opportunities for career and company.

3. Learning. Continue to learn and sharpen your skills so you can capitalize on the opportunities you find.


And her advice was featured in the 2012 Woman's Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar for the fifth consecutive year. The calendar includes daily advice from women business leaders from across the United States and Canada on subjects including: organization, promotion, sales and human resources. Selected from more than 5,000 submissions, Elaine's 2012 quote is:


"If it's important to your business,

find a way to measure it." 

Infographic: Customer Love 
We love how infographics display data in meaningful ways. Here's a great example. 

Infographic: Customer Love
In This Issue
Mixed Messages & Mixed Research: Mystery Shops, Customer Surveys, Social Media
Confero's President Shares Advice
Infographic: Customer Love


Top 10 Mystery Shopping Uses

Last year, we wrote a well-received article about 25 business types for mystery shopping programs, drawing from our years of experience with a variety of clients in many industries.


From convenience stores to upscale retailers to restaurants and medical practices, mystery shopping reports go a long way toward revealing how well employees interact with customers on a daily basis.


So, how do our clients use mystery shopping? Mostly, mystery shopping is used to find out about those things customers won't tell you in surveys or social media comments, or issues you can't discover by asking customers.


If our client has a customer service delivery process or set of procedures in place for fulfilling a brand promise in front of a consumer customer, chances are the process can be mystery shopped.


We've compiled our top ten list of mystery shopping uses



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May 2012, Issue 23