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Elaine Buxton, President 

Make the Most of Customer Wait Times


In 2009, our own Rob Barry, Confero Account Executive, spoke with the Wall Street Journal's "The Numbers Guy" blogger Carl Bialik for his Waiting Game article. Rob provided insight from his experience managing mystery shopping programs for grocery store clients. Technology is moving at a much faster pace than 2009, and customer waiting time is a topic worth revisiting.


Whether you manage a Waiting Customersbank, restaurant, service or store, you know that it's not realistic to reduce wait times for customers in every circumstance. If your company is one that prides itself on impressive and personalized service for every customer, wait times are inevitable. There are ways, however, to create more enjoyable waits for customers, and generate additional sales at the same time.


Developing customized mystery shopping programs across many industries has allowed us to see a variety of wait time strategies. Through measurement of these strategies and our own observations, here are ways that some organizations convert tiresome wait times into positive customer experiences:


Read the full article here.

Confero President Vice Chair of Industry Association: MSPA Global 


MSPA New LogoWe are pleased to announce that Elaine Buxton, president and CEO of Confero, was recently named vice chair of the Global Board of Directors of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA). 


MSPA serves over 300 member companies worldwide and is the leading association for mystery shopping. In this new position, Elaine will help guide the organization toward its goal of stimulating the performance and use of mystery shopping services as a critical component of customer experience measurement programs.


Elaine's involvement with MSPA began in 1998 when she served on the organization's first board of directors. She served as MSPA's North America president in 2010. She looks forward to her new duties as vice chair, and continued involvement in this leadership position. 

Infographics are increasingly important. They tell stories, show big data, and demonstrate patterns and trends. We'll feature one here each month. 

Whether through streamlined mystery shop data, customer survey information, or newsletter tips, our goal is to make it easy for you to view your own customer experience information, as well as the latest trends in the industry. By now, you may have heard about infographics, a completely visual way for companies to share information. As companies strive to provide busy customers with relevant information quickly, infographics offer the perfect solution. Customers view these informative images in a condensed format, and the charts can be creative and fun.


As an example, take a look at these customer loyalty infographics, we have collected on our Pinterest boards. Topics include social customer service, good customer service, mobile marketing, service recovery and social customer support.  

Infographic What is Good Customer Service
Infographic What is Good Customer Service


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Make the Most of Customer Wait times
Confero President Vice Chair of MSPA
Prepare Employees to Wow Empowered Consumers


Prepare Employees to Wow

Empowered Customers in this Buyer's Market 


The shift in the way that retail associates and customers interact in today's store environment is dramatic. Before, customers simply entered the store, interacted with a salesperson, found the right item, and paid for it at list price.


Now, because consumers capture competitive product details swiftly with the tap of a mobile device, they challenge store employees to provide popular products at the lowest price. Customers call the shots, while retail managers do their best to guide employees toward effective interaction with this sophisticated segment.


Our own Elaine Buxton recently spoke with Software Advice about this topic, in the article "Empowering Associates to Assist the Educated Consumer."  She comments on the major challenges of arming employees with the right customer skills for technologically-


Read the full article here.


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April 2012, Issue 22