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Elaine Buxton, President 

Please Hang Up So I Can Serve You!

Serving the Smartphone-Distracted Customer


When you think about mobile devices and their impact on the in-person customer experience, have you considered that nearly 2 billion people will have Smartphones by 2017?


Consider how your employees serve distracted customers. 

  • Do your retail associates stand awkwardly while a distracted cell phone talker holds up the line?
  • Do your restaurant servers wait for diners to look up from their cell phones? 
  • Do your new accounts personnel approach waiting customers, only to find them with their heads down, texting away?  

From restaurants to banks to retail stores and beyond, busy associates encounter the same challenge - customers who multi -task with cell phone conversations, texting or using an Ipad. In response to this growing phenomenon, we wanted to take a closer look at the ways that distracted customers impact customer experience  and some possible ways to combat this growing customer experience problem.



 Read the full article here.




Shoppers Talk About Mystery Shopping For Confero


We invited some mystery shoppers for a visit to discuss mystery shopping and how things appear from their perspective. Please excuse the videography techniques used to disguise thier identities! .


Confero Mystery Shopping Services 

Confero President Judges Stevie Awards for Customer Service


Our team was so proud to win the Customer Service Consulting Practice of the Year Stevie Award in 2011. So when the Stevies asked our own Elaine Buxton to serve as a preliminary judge for the 2012 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service, she was pleased to serve in this role.  Elaine was one of 93 business professionals worldwide selected as a judge for the world's premier customer service awards, contact center awards and sales awards.  



 "I thoroughly enjoyed serving as a judge." said Elaine. "There are so many firms executing on well-planned customer service strategies. The nominees were indeed impressive!  I appreciate the unique, concentrated insight I gained from reviewing the nominations."


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Please Hang Up So I can Serve You
Mystery Shoppers Talk about Mystery Shopping
Confero Judges Customer Service Awards


Customer Experience Notes: Responding to Customers on Facebook



According to a recent Time article, some surprising popular, big retail names appear to be lacking in either responding at all or replying in a timely fashion to Facebook queries. 





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Jan - March 2012, Issue 21