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Another American Foreclosure Scandal?

America is about to face yet another scandal related to our market crash and the current US mortgage crisis.
A hearing is scheduled to occur on November 16, 2010 for the foreclosure fraud alleged to have been committed by many of the major banks.

Hear what the outcome would mean for an already battered real estate market on the Dylan Ratigan show.

Dear Members,

It doesn't matter what economic data is being thrown at us. The markets have continued to soar despite poor economic numbers, growth, and scandals.

But eventually, these numbers will catch up with the markets.

It's no secret that the Obama administration is doing whatever it can to help fuel the growth in the stock market ahead of the midterm elections in November. He has to.

The stock market has become a leading indicator for confidence in our economy and judging by Obama's approval rating, the Democrats could easily lose their power in the Senate.

That's why they have continuously pumped money into the

markets. (see It's Bigger Than Ever)

The Democrats know they will be taking some losses, but will try to do whatever they can to hold on to the majority in both the Senate and House - including pumping piles of printed money into the markets.

Did we really think that this market rally was able to sustain itself without help? (see It's Bigger Than Ever)

The last monthly unemployment numbers before the midterm elections have just been released and it shows that employers have lost yet another 95,000 jobs in September resulting in a 9.6 % unemployment rate.

Let's not forget that these numbers do not factor in the true unemployment rate in the US but is derived from a monthly survey of 60,000 households in the United States known as the Current Population Survey.

When you consider that the US has more than 310,000,000 citizens, a survey of 60,000 households doesn`t make a lot of sense.

But unemployment numbers is not the only thing we should be worried about.

There's yet another scandal that is rearing its ugly head.

The Foreclosure Scandal

Just when the U.S. housing crisis couldn't get any worse, the largest bank in the United States, Bank of America, is halting all sales of foreclosed houses on growing allegations that lenders have improperly seized hundreds of thousands of American homes.

They aren't the first bank to halt foreclosures.

Many other lenders including Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JP Morgan, and GMAC have halted foreclosures in the last few weeks after investigations began on how foreclosures are being filed.

The banks may now be getting into trouble for what appears to be yet another economic-breaking scandal that's about to unfold.

Employees at both GMAC and JP Morgan have already and openly admitted that they signed off on foreclosures without checking to see if they were justified.

At JP Morgan, Beth Cottrell admitted that she and her team signed off on about 18,000 foreclosures a month without proof!

But they're not the only ones playing tricks.

Bank of America has already been caught committing acts of dirty bank tricks. They have:

  • foreclosed on a property that doesn't even have a mortgage
  • locked out home owners who own their houses outright with no mortgage
  • ...and even locked out homeowners who were current on paying their mortgages! 

But why would the banks be so anxious to behave this way? Why would politicians and the treasury departments allow them to do it? Take a look at this video to find out:

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The US economy is nowhere as rosy as the stock market is making it out to be.

Real economic growth should happen when the Fed lowers rates. This should fuel home purchases, home development, and more business investments which lead to real economic growth through growh in the real estate sector and business.

But even with the current 30-year fixed mortgages at less than 4.5%, and the Fed rate at all-time lows, we have yet to see any hints of real growth.

This clearly tells us that we have a long way to go before our economies return to any state of normalcy.

If the Republicans manage to regain some control in the midterm elections, they will undoubtedly cut reckless spending and attempt to fix the markets the right way - which just so happens to be the long way. Republics are known to be pro-business, but will avoid uneccessary spending for short-term fixes.

That means the markets may actually suffer in the short-term if, or perhaps when, the Republicans gain control.

As investors, the last thing we want to hear, or say, is that the markets are still on the brink of falling. But we need to understand the complexities at work. This scenario could easily happen based on real economic numbers, forecasted growth, deflation, stagflation, and/or inflation.

But that doesn't mean we're not going to make any money in the markets. In fact, it means that it will only make it easier for us to choose what to invest in.

From all of the economic twists and turns, we can be confident that certain things will happen:

  • We know the Fed will print more money - even with the Republicans in place.
  • We know that citizens around the world are no longer confident in their countries and their fiat currencies.
  • We know that the second largest economy in the world, China, is spending billions of dollars on gold and commodities - with more than enough money to back it up
  • We know that when the US economy turns around, maybe 2,3, or 5 years from now, inflation will come to play. 

When you combine all of these factors alone, the resource sector will boom. 

It's no secret that the Fed wants nothing to do with deflation. Remember the speech from the Fed on September 21 which sparked the recent rally?

"The Committee will continue to monitor the economic outlook and financial developments and is prepared to provide additional accommodation if needed to support the economic recovery and to return inflation, over time, to levels consistent with its mandate."


This means that eventually, inflation will kick in. With the amount of money being printed, inflation will eventually kick into high gear to "keep consistent with its mandate." It may take many years, but it will happen.

That means increasing our emerging market exposure while we concentrate in areas that benefit from a weak dollar. That means increasing our position in commodities and precious metals.


Let's also not forget Bernanke's speech at the end of August where he stated:


"The Federal Reserve is already supporting the economic recovery by maintaining an extraordinarily accommodative monetary policy, using multiple tools. Should further action prove necessary, policy options are available to provide additional stimulus." - Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman (see The Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy)

Clearly, we cannot stop the Fed from printing more money. Judging by the recent jobs report and the progression of the foreclosure market, including the ARMS debacle (see The Story Without a Happy Ending,) precious metals and commodities should continue their climb.

Over the last year, we have been waiting on signs of a new junior resource sector bull market. The first signs are already appearing (see The Breakout) and over the next few months and early next year, we should have clear indication of a new junior resource bull market. 

If we continue to see strength in precious metals and commodities once the dust settles with the midterm elections, the junior resource sector should begin its boom.

We shouldn't jump into deep waters yet, but getting our feet wet now certainly wouldn't hurt.

Until next time,

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Casey Research

Gold, Get it While You Can

Jeff ClarkBy Jeff Clark, editor, Casey's Gold and Resource Report

We've got it easy right now. Click or call, and you can quickly and conveniently own a gold coin or bar. But if global concerns cause another panic or the dollar breaks down, you could find yourself standing in a line at the local coin shop or getting a busy signal. Simply, for reasons I'll discuss here, you may find it very difficult to get your hands on physical gold when that time comes.

It's happened before. Though there were no precious metal ETFs in 1980, the demand for physical gold was so great that you literally had to wait in line at a coin shop to buy, with plenty of occasions when you would have been turned away due to lack of inventory. And you'll recall we saw serious shortages, unexpected delays, and soaring premiums in late 2008.

Given the fragile state of global affairs and the waiting-in-the-wings crisis for the U.S. dollar, I'll be surprised if we don't see another panic into physical gold. And the question is, will there be enough metal to go around when the public - 95% of which own none - wakes up and wants to buy it?

Answer: No.

Contrary to some claims, it isn't because we're about to run out of supply. While global mine production peaked in 1999 at 82.1 million ounces and has trended down since, take a look at the second largest source of supply - scrap. As you would expect, bad economic times and the surge in gold prices have triggered an increase in supplies from that source.

SR Mine Production Down But Scrap Supply UpSince1999

In fact, since 1999, as the price of gold climbed, the scrap supply nearly doubled. (Scrap comes mostly from jewelry, 75% of which derives from India, East/Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.)

So when you examine the total supply of gold coming to the market, it's actually nudged up for three consecutive years, hitting 116.6 million ounces in 2009, a modest 8% increase over 1999. In the greater scheme of things, the total supply of gold to market has changed very little.

So what's the problem?

First, you'd think a higher gold price would lead to rising mine production - but that's not happening. From 1999 through 2009, the average annual gold price rose 248%, yet gold production fell 6.6%.

This means that as gold continues higher, we cannot count on miners producing more yellow metal for us to buy. This concern will become increasingly obvious as more buyers enter the market.

Second, although scrap has more than supplemented the fall in mine production, as I'll show you in a moment, it's still not enough to fully satisfy current demand, let alone any increase in buying.

Meanwhile, the third major source of gold supply is reversing trend. Until last year, central banks around the world had been selling gold, adding a reliable tributary to the flow of metal year after year. This has stopped. As recently as 2007, 17 million ounces came to market from central banks; last year they acquired 7 million ounces. The era of central banks as large net gold sellers has likely ended.

The conclusion we can draw from these signals is clear: known gold supply conduits will not deliver any significant new supply in the future. This will have serious...

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How Earning Estimates Are Created

Click To Play We constantly talk about the importance of earnings estimates in driving stock prices. But have you ever been confused by the jargon we use? Or wonder how earnings estimates are created?

Watch the video as Steve Reitmeister covers these topics to further your understanding of how to apply earnings estimates to beat the market.

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From Doom to Boom
With silver at nearly $20 an ounce, Idaho's Silver Valley shines brightly again

Ray Chapman ended his History of Idaho's Silver Valley on an intriguing note. "Most geologists ... believe that there remains as much mineral undiscovered in the small section of north Idaho as has been mined thus far."

There is now a rediscovered optimism in the Silver Valley, based on the revival of exploration and mining in the region, which is in turn based on near-record silver prices. In 2000, silver averaged $4.95 an ounce. Now it is flirting with $20, the same price it reached in 2008, before the credit crisis hit. (Silver hit a high of $49.45 in 1980, but this was pure speculation-the attempt by the eccentric Hunt brothers of Texas to corner the market, which ended in tears and bankruptcy.)

The storied history of Silver Valley is rich in tears and tragedy-in mining disasters and union violence-but it is also rich in employment and community prosperity. It was Silver Valley that put Idaho on the map and added a 43rd star to the Stars and Stripes (in 1890).

The first Idaho gold was discovered in 1860, the same year the Mullan Road, a 624-mile wagon route from Fort Benton, Montana, to Fort Walla Walla, Washington, was completed, opening the Rockies. There was a gold rush in 1883, but it soon became clear that silver was the precious metal most abounding in what is now Shoshone County. In 1885, Noah Kellogg, for whom the town is named, filed a lode claim which became the basis of Bunker Hill. By 2000, over a billion ounces of silver had been taken from the Valley, which rivals Bolivia's Potosi district as the greatest producer in history.

Geologist Lisa Hardy came to the Silver Valley in 1989, nine years after the Hunt brothers' dream became the nightmare of "Silver Thursday," when silver collapsed and the Silver Valley was devastated. "I came to work at Bunker Hill, which was then primarily a lead-zinc mine," she recounts. "They shut down in 1991. I then worked for Hecla, including a short period at the Lucky Friday, a mine that's still operating. And then I worked at Sunshine Mine for about seven years, until they shut down in 2001. She jokes, "I shut down a lot of mines."

Once a mine is closed, Hardy explains, it is costly to start again. "Typically," she says, "the mines are allowed to flood, so the water has to be pumped out. And there must be rehabilitation of the shafts. A working mine is always undergoing maintenance. So, obviously, if you let a mine sit for a number of years, you have a maintenance backlog."

And an environmental reclamation backlog as well. There is no question that Silver Valley was despoiled with the debris of lead and zinc mining. (It has produced 3 million tons of zinc and 8 million tons of lead.) As Ron Garitone, former mayor of Wallace, Idaho, once put it, "We dumped everything in the creek. We called it lead creek. You would put your arm in, and it would come out milky white."

But times have changed. Mine tailings are no longer dumped in the waters, and the smelters no longer fill the air with poisonous particulates. The Silver Valley has been cleaned up. The people of the Silver Valley now...

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Technical Trading with Harry Boxer

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Harry Boxer has more than 40 years of Wall Street investment and technical analysis experience, including eight years on Wall Street as chief technical analyst with three brokerage firms.

Watch the video as he walks you through his
technical analysis on a whole bunch of stocks he thinks you should be watching. To see more videos, Click Here.

Harry BoxerLike his analysis?

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