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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER                                                         May 30, 2011 

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Whole Body Vibration!
Woman Doing Situps on a Powerplate
What? Whole Body Vibration is a vibration plate that you stand on which transfers energy to your body, stimulating every cell.  Increases muscle strength and flexibility, reduces Cortisol (the stress hormone), elevates Human Growth Hormone (HGH), decreases fat and cellulite, and more.  It improves conditions of osteoporosis, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, srthritis, joint pain and more!
The machine is now our permanently!  This machine requires the a punch card for use...

Vibration Exercise Punch Card - 10 Sessions for $20.00 (that boils down to as little as $.20 for each 10-minute session!)

Punch cards do not expire.  Please see staff for details.
Butterfly Life Scrap Booking Event 

When: Sunday, June 12, 2011.  Noon to 6 PM

Where: Butterfly Life

 What: Try out scrap booking at Butterfly Life!  Wear your workout clothes and bring your scrap book supplies and photos.  Fran Johnson (one of our members) will have the latest Creative Memories scrap booking supplies available for purchase.  Butterfly Life staff will be on hand for some fun exercises (optional).


If you don't want to scrap book, just bring your photos and Fran will show you ways to organize, display and enjoy your photos.


Fee: $25.00 (waived for Butterfly Life members and staff); this fee can be used to purchase a 6-week trial membership to Butterfly Life. 


There will be a healthy lunch at noon, snacks and attendance prizes. 


RSVP: Fran Johnson at Riponfaj@aol.com OR

blife@FreeForLifeAgency.com (members can sign up in the club too).



Your mood can strongly affect your weight!  A negative mood can interfere with your weight loss by making you eat when you're feeling down, stressed, depressed, out of control, frightened, indecisive, rejected or bored.  If you're feeling this way the majority of the time, you will either not lose weight or gain it.  On the other hand, a positive and upbeat mood can help you feel motivated with your weight loss progress.  A positive mood can boost empowerment and confidence.  It can relieve anxiety and even reduce your appetite.  This week's article, explores a little more about the direct relationship with your mood and weight.

In Health,


A Positive Mood for Better Weight


It's important to keep in mind that you are in control of your mood most of the time!  For example, when you wake up in the morning are your thoughts positive or negative?  Do you moan and groan about having to get up or do you look forward to the start of a new day and what it will bring?


A negative attitude results in a plummeting mood which results in either slow weight loss or no weight loss at all.  When you focus on the negative almost all of the time it will sabotage your efforts to lose weight.  You might wonder how?  It makes you either overeat or binge.  It will cause you to feel like you're wasting your time in exercising or working out.  You'll be more susceptible to giving up because negative emotions take too much energy.  And this means you'll have less energy to try and focus on eating better and exercising more. 


On the other hand, a positive attitude can help you lose weight!  A positive mind will help you feel motivated and empowered about what you are doing (no matter how slow the results). 


Make sure you're aware of your own daily thought habits.  To see if you're a habitual negative thinker, take a week to write down every time you have a negative thought (about anything, not just your weight).  You can either write the thought out (best if you want to find out what's really bothering you), or just keep a tally of the number of negative thoughts.  It will take time to change your thought process, but awareness will be the first step. 


Once you're aware, take the time to find a positive thought to combat the negative one.  The more you do it, the more you'll naturally think positively.  This will also help you to NOT overeat or binge when you're facing negative situations. 


Look at your environment and make sure you're not surrounded by negative, pessimistic and critical people.  If you have relationships that aren't supportive of you and your goals, you may have to consider letting these relationships go. 


Do what you can to avoid negativity by joining into conversations and arguments.  Gravitate by more uplifting, empowering, encouraging and positive people and situations. 


After a few weeks you should realize that you're feeling better.  You may even feel more positive, powerful and stronger mentally and emotionally. 

Group Exercise Classes - Latest & Greatest


Line Dancing... We are moving to a workshop format for line dancing.  We're offering it for a 7-week course beginning Saturday, June 18th at 11 AM.  The workshop will run every Saturday at 11 AM through July 30th.  Sign-up is required.  The workshop is free to members.  Guests will have a fee of $14.00.  Sign-up is occurring now through June 14th.  


Intermediate Cardio Fit... is on hold until the fall.



Welcome to Our Newest Members!
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