Dear Oenophile,

As you know, our Sleeper Cabernet is mostly a shall-go-unnamed high-end Napa winery's extra juice. They sell it for well over $100. We sell it for $44. A few months back, another winery we are tight with called and said: "we've got some extra Sauvignon Blanc, you should try it". I jumped up, secured the bottle and popped the cork. Now, anyone here will tell summer, I drink gallons of SB. The warehouse actually stocks SB cases down low so I can reach them easily. THIS Sav Blanc just floored me. I thought "wow, it can't be this good at this price". But, everyone loved it. Even Coral, and she is picky as hell.

I took it over to my friend Sean Knight, who is managing partner in Cindy Pawlcyn's GO FISH, MUSTARD'S, and CINDY'S BACKSTREET KITCHEN, all here in Napa Valley. He said "Dude! The staff loves it! I want it in all the restaurants and Mustards by-the-glass!" Then I knew I had to buy it.

DSCN0031-1.jpg picture by bpwineThis pure, clean, nervy, zesty, juicy, bright, cool-drink-of-water Sauvignon Blanc is just straight-up delicious. We've redesigned the label (a lot classier, no?), took off the wax dip, and priced this beauty at an incredibly modest $16.95. Trust us, you will love it and will drink it all summer with gusto.

2009 SLEEPER Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley $16.95! ($203 a case!)

For my palate, there's two main kinds of SB. The grassy, hay-like, lemony, "green" style and the more tropical, sweet citrus, lemon-lime style. Our Sleeper is quite literally to my palate 50% of each. It has all the elements of both types, and comes across as cute and friendly as a newborn puppy. Nothing complicated, just pure, mouth-watering Napa Valley SB. Only 100 cases made!

When you are in the Valley, stop by any of Cindy's restaurants...they are all highly recommended...Go Fish, which is 2 blocks from our office, and our informal hangout, serves up killer fresh seafood and sushi/sashimi...perfect with Sauvignon Blanc, of course. Click any of the links to visit their websites.

The perfect summer quaffer! Please let us know what we can do for you! ---Stefan

345eb51d.jpg picture by bpwine

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