Dear Friends,
I would like to request your attention for just a moment as we urgently need your help...
As you may be aware, the medical waste giant Stericycle depends entirely upon truck leasing companies to supply vehicles for their waste collection routes, which include hundreds of abortion facilities nationwide. During their service stops, Stericycle not only collects the tools used in committing abortions, but also the mutilated bodies of the murdered babies themselves. However, through the efforts of Campaign to Stop Stericycle (CSS), we are doing much to stop Stericycle from furthering the abortion holocaust in America.
In fact, two major truck leasing companies have already prohibited Stericycle from using their trucks to service abortion facilities due directly to our campaign efforts. Penske Truck Leasing, Inc. was the first to set the example, and recently, Ryder System, Inc. followed in line. Stericycle, however, still uses trucks from several other large trucking companies to service the abortion industry. Its top partner, Idealease, Inc., has over 400 affiliate franchise locations worldwide. We are working to stop the pickups at abortion facilities, thereby halting the "legal" operation of these death camps. Without Stericycle ---- and companies like it ---- the abortion industry would collapse!
Since Ryder has prohibited Stericycle from using their trucks for this purpose, the medical waste Goliath is seeking to contract with other truck leasing companies in the place of Ryder. Therefore, CSS will be focusing its efforts on encouraging truck leasing companies to refuse to sign contracts with Stericycle surrounding the servicing of abortion facilities.

Here is the plan: CSS is preparing to mail an eye-opening letter to the owners of the hundreds of Idealease affiliate offices across the country to expose Stericycle's collection, transportation and incineration of aborted children and the tools used to kill them. The letters will also urge affiliates not to lease their vehicles to Stericycle for the purpose of servicing abortionists, and will include a copy of our brochure, "Where Have All the Children Gone?" We will then follow-up each letter with a phone call, and will persist until we are heard.
We hope that you would consider making a financial contribution of any amount to help defer the costs of this vital ministry effort, and that you will join us in prayer for open eyes and hearts. Currently, the campaign has a negative budget, but we are pressing forward as we have watched the Lord open many exciting doors. CSS is completely volunteer, and operates on a shoestring budget, but it is making a huge impact for the cause of the unborn. The affiliate letters are ready to be printed and mailed, but the only thing holding us back from getting them into the hands of Idealease owners across the country is the finances. This is where you come in...
We need your help to be a voice for the 50 million children and counting who have been violently murdered in their mother's womb in the name of "choice"!
Our estimated expenses for this important, life-saving project include:

  • Stationery: $50
  • Ink: $50
  • Postage: $100 

Will you stand with us by making a small donation to help defray these costs? Click here to help us make an impact. Every dollar is greatly appreciated and will be applied directly to the campaign. 


Every child, whether born or preborn, is precious in God's sight. God commands us in Proverbs 31:8 to "[o]pen [our] mouth for the [voiceless] in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction." Abortion destroys over 4,000 lives every day, and businesses like Stericycle are enabling this ongoing holocaust through their collaboration with death camps like Planned Parenthood. Many may not realize that it takes a village to kill a child. Abortion mills do not commit this egregious evil alone, but numerous businesses work together with the abortion industry to assist in the murder of preborn babies. We must speak out now and stop Stericycle from servicing the abortion industry as we work to bring a long overdue end to the abortion holocaust in our nation.
Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help make this vital effort a success!

For the voiceless,  

Michael Marcavage
Director, Campaign to Stop Stericycle

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