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Repent America Goes Back to School


Jesse Boyd preaching to students at the University of Delaware.

Warmer weather enables greater opportunities for evangelism, and so with the arrival of Spring, Repent America (RA) returned to area college campuses to preach the Gospel.

On April 6th, Michael Marcavage of RA, Shawn Holes of Luke Ten Two Ministries, Jesse Boyd of Full Proof Gospel Ministries and evangelist Ken Fleck visited the University of Delaware to minister to students. Three hours into the outreach, university police approached the evangelists and told them that they could not speak on the campus without permission. As they complied with the officers' instructions to leave, they were again stopped by police, who demanded identification. Michael, Shawn and Ken were then arrested, taken into custody and interrogated. Police originally threatened to press trespassing charges, but instead gave the evangelists written notice that they were barred from returning. The University of Delaware was founded as an institution to equip men, not only for professional careers, but also to be ministers of the Gospel. However, today, it is a secular school opposed to Christ, which recently paid playwright Theresa Rebeck $50,000 to write a blasphemous play that was produced and presented by the school's theater department.  
Michael Marcavage preaching at Columbia University.On April 12th, RA ministered at Queens College in New York City, which, according to the college's legal counsel, never had an evangelist speak on campus before. The previous day, RA contacted the university's legal department because a week prior several evangelists had been ousted from the campus. However, after some discussion on constitutional law, the university agreed to uphold the right to free speech. The ministry also spent two days witnessing at Columbia University where a Christian student came out to join in on the evangelism by street preaching and distributing tracts to his fellow classmates. 
The Word of God is desperately needed on college campuses, yet many universities often implement restrictive and unconstitutional policies that place an unnecessary burden on free speech. Please pray for doors to be opened for the Gospel to be proclaimed without restraint.
"And Paul ... preach[ed] the kingdom of God and [taught] those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him." - Acts 28:31

Winchester Police Spy on Christians...Again


An undercover police officer secretly records Christians at the Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, Virginia.The Winchester, Virginia Police Department again assigned an undercover police officer to secretly record the free speech activities of peaceful Christian evangelists at Winchester's annual Apple Blossom Festival, which attracts thousands of visitors to the city.


Over 50 Christians evangelized at this year's festival and engaged in open-air preaching, one-on-one witnessing and tract distribution. When street preacher Nathan Magnusen observed a man recording with a camera and attempted to take his picture, Winchester Police Officer Sergeant Frank Myrtle stated to Magnusen, "Step the other way; that is an undercover police officer. He's on duty." The undercover officer, and another man who is also believed to be undercover, then fled the area upon realization that their cover had been blown.


Police also recorded the free speech activities of Christians at last year's festival as they shared their faith. Recently, Police Chief Kevin Sanzenbacher admitted in a signed affidavit in the case of Marcavage v. City of Winchester that he assigned Sergeant Robert Bower to "patrol undercover and record any encounters between [his] department and Mr. Marcavage" at the 2010 Apple Blossom Festival.  


Marcavage v. City of Winchester stems from an incident last year when Michael Marcavage of RA was preaching with amplification on the public sidewalk at the noisy and crowded festival. As he spoke, he was confronted by Lieutenant J.M. Danielson, who explained that because one individual was "uncomfortable" with the preaching that he must cease using amplification.  Lieutenant Danielson then pointed to a section in the Winchester City Code that states that sounds that "annoy" or "disturb the comfort" of another individual are illegal. Marcavage attempted to contact city officials to discuss his concerns about the ordinance, but none responded. As a result, the constitutionality of the ordinance is now being weighed by a federal judge. The case is represented by The Rutherford Institute of Charlottesville, Virginia.


"[T]hey devise deceitful matters against them that are quiet in the land." - Psalms 35:20


Repent America Continues to Make an Impact


Shawn Holes preaching to those gathered in line to see the Liberty Bell.The Lord has blessed Repent America (RA) with a number of recent opportunities to make an impact for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

On April 24th, RA proclaimed the Word of God outside of a large strip club in Philadelphia. As the preaching went forth, a young man that was present approached the ministry and began to talk with Michael Marcavage about the message that was being presented. Michael explained repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and before leaving, the man graciously accepted a Bible and stated that he would read it. 

RA also participated in an outreach at a heavily populated train station in Princeton, New Jersey one early morning, where hundreds heard the Word of God. Click here to watch a video of Michael preaching at the train station. Additionally, RA returned to Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia to preach to those waiting in line to see the Liberty Bell.

On May 14th, the ministry joined other evangelists who were conducting outreach on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, which is a hangout for many troubled youth. At the end of the outreach, as the evangelists were departing, they were approached by several teenagers, and one young man began to ask serious questions about the Gospel. The teenager, named Dan, explained that his brother is a Christian who shared the Word of God with him, and that he agreed with the message of repentance and faith in Christ, but was "scared" to turn to Him over the change it would bring in his life. Michael ministered to Dan and encouraged him to cry out to God for violating His Law, and surrender his life to Christ before it was too late.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to use these outreaches, and that many will repent and trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.


"But if our Gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost, in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your servants for Christ's sake." - 2 Corinthians 4:3-5

Join the Campaign to Stop Stericycle in Illinois


Stericycle disposing of aborted babies.The Campaign to Stop Stericycle (CSS), a project of Repent America, invites Christians to join them May 24-25, 2011 in Rosemont, Illinois as it calls upon the nation's leading medical waste service to cease its collaboration with the abortion industry. Stericycle will be hosting its "Annual Meeting of Stockholders" on May 24th, and CSS will be present to expose the medical waste giant's facilitation of the abortion holocaust and speak about the value of human life.
Without Stericycle and businesses like it, the abortion industry would collapse. Therefore,

Stericycle must be met with public opposition, and the silence of the American church toward the atrocity of abortion must be broken.


If you would like to join CSS for this upcoming pro-life effort, please call 1-800-STERICYCLE NO for more information. Additionally, for further details about the campaign and to view the evidence of Stericycle's collection, transportation and incineration of aborted children, please visit
"Open thy mouth for the [voiceless] in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction." - Proverbs 31:8 
About Repent America

Repent America (RA) is an evangelistic organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which zealously labors to further the Kingdom of God through Biblical evangelism. RA is a small operation with a BIG mission as it reaches out to tens of thousands of people each month with the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Whether it be the public proclamation of the Gospel message (Romans 10:14-15), opening thy mouth for the voiceless (Proverbs 31:8-9), preaching to the poor and comforting the brokenhearted (Luke 4:18), warning the wicked of their way (Ezekiel 33:8-9), or working to preserve our liberties to do so, Repent America continues to "fight the good fight of faith." (1 Timothy 6:12) Please join in the fight with us by making a donation to keep us on the streets as we continue to impact America with the truth of God's Word!

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