31 May 2012 
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GENESYS 1.1 Releasing in June


Announcing a Matching Grant for James Long Memorial Fellowship


Help Enhance Vitech's University Program 


Join Us in Rome for the 22nd Annual INCOSE Symposium


AMBSE Primer: Get Your Copy Today!

primerAre you seeking additional insight into the evolving practice of systems engineering?  Vitech's 'A Primer for Model-Based Systems Engineering' introduces and explores the basics of sound system design in a stepped, building block format. The importance of knowing and executing the basics of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is the driving force behind this primer. This 124-page second edition (now available on  Amazon) has been rewritten to bring in new examples and concepts. The primer covers the basic concepts of MBSE, including:  the Model, Language, Behavior, Process, Architecture, and finally Verification and Validation. It addresses the foundations of MBSE in a way designed to benefit the newcomer and the experienced practitioner alike.


To receive more information about the MBSE Primer including excerpts from the book, information about the authors, and training opportunities for your team, visit our site today and receive the first chapter free.

BGENESYS 1.1 Releasing in June  

GENESYS is the product of the future for Vitech, and we continue to invest heavily in advancing the capabilities it delivers.  The upcoming v1.1 release delivers full support for DoDAF 2.0 views with over fifty reports tailor-made to support your DoDAF needs. In the process, the GENESYS reporting framework has been extended to further simplify the process of authoring report templates to automatically create documents as a by-product of your systems engineering effort.  Creating custom reports is now easier than ever using the GENESYS "what you see is what you get" approach. While reporting and DoDAF support are the primary focus of GENESYS 1.1, the upcoming release also reflects numerous enhancements and suggestions from our user community. Be on the lookout for the upcoming release in June.


CAnnouncing a Matching Grant for James Long Memorial Fellowship 
Vitech and the INCOSE Foundation are pleased to announce a matching grant from the Long family to support the James Long Memorial Post Doctoral Fellowship. The Long family is dedicated to growth for this fund, with a mission to inspire and recognize innovative post doctorate level research that has the potential to produce major improvements in advancing the practice of systems engineering and systems thinking. The match will give many people who knew and admired Jim Long an opportunity to support this fellowship. Details will be forthcoming so watch this space and the INCOSE website. 
DHelp Enhance Vitech's University Program 

Vitech, we believe the great challenges of our age are systems challenges, and we're committed to help educate the next generation of systems practitioners to face these challenges. Through our University Program, Vitech provides the latest version of the CORE University Edition at no charge to over five thousand students every year. We want your help in making this student experience the best it can be, complementing the coursework and preparing students to contribute to the systems profession.


Vitech is forming a small focus team to collaboratively identify and help deliver near-term, high-value upgrades to the University Program. Whether student, instructor, or practitioner, if you are interested in sharing your insights and helping to make this happen, we want you. Our president David Long is personally leading this initiative, so please contact him at dlong@vitechcorp.com to get involved.

EJoin Us in Rome for the 22nd Annual INCOSE Symposium    

An ever-present supporter of the International Council on Systems Engineering, Vitech has been a fixture at the annual symposium since 1993. We hope you will join us at the 2012 INCOSE International Symposium from 9-12 July as systems engineers converge upon Rome, Italy to share the latest in systems engineering.


Our president David Long has been invited to deliver his fundamentals tutorial "Applied Systems Engineering: Fundamentals for Project Success." Later in the conference, David and former SESA President Paul Logan will deliver the full-day tutorial "Essential Model-Based Systems Engineering - Models, SysML, and More". While at the symposium, please be sure to stop by our booth in the exhibition hall to say "buon giorno!" and learn the latest on Vitech's tools, training, and services to support your systems engineering practice.

FToday's Tip: The Magic of Right-Click

The right-click in CORE is a very powerful tool, and it pays (in productivity) to take a moment to explore the options it makes available to you. Right-click on a class in the Project pane and you'll find commands to create a new element and create a new folder as well as versioning and audit logging options.  Right-click on an element in the element pane and you can set attributes, set permissions, run filters and more.  Right-click in any rich-text field and you can add/remove formatting, insert hyperlinks, spell check and more.  This works on diagrams too!  Go ahead.  Take a few minutes to explore the magic of the right-click!

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5 Steps for Improving Your Systems Engineering Practice

19 Jun, 3pm EDT


Empowering the Organization through MBSE

24 Jul, 3pm EDT

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