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Suffolk Law CLE Newsletter 

January, 2011

Happy New Year!

We are starting the New Year with a resolution to make our course materials more convenient to use and do our share to help Suffolk with its sustainability efforts. Here is our plan:

  • Added convenience and flexibility with electronic materials
  • Providing free downloadable content on iTunesU
  • Being environmentally responsible through creation of eBooks (see related story on eBooks)
  • More electronic publicity
  • More recycling and new composting at programs

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Why ALS Loves eBooks 

ALS is expanding its use for this semester. We are doing this because eBooks are:

  • Cutting edge-have access to the complete course book anytime you want from your computer or phone
  • Good for the environment-they save trees and eliminate pollution associates with shipping
  • Easily updateable, for correcting errors and adding information. They also allow the option for the addition of multimedia: video and audio. As technology develops, eBooks may contain new features
  • Searchable. Quickly you can find anything inside the book. They may also be hyper-linked, for easier access to additional information

Provocative Academic Conferences

These free academic programs offer you the opportunity to consider some of the controversial issues facing the profession presented by those on the front lines of the debate.

Judicial Independence

Think judges face political pressure only in states where they are elected? According to Justice Ireland (article), the Goodridge decision resulted in considerable ire directed to him. More recently in the last election, three judges were voted off the Iowa Supreme Court due to their support of gay rights. One of them, Justice Michael Streit joins us as we present Challenging Judicial Independence on February 17.


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The Masterman Institute

Pam Karlan

The third annual Masterman Institute on the First Amendment and the Fourth Estate will feature Professor Pamela S. Karlan of Stanford University. She addresses the intersection of gay rights and the First Amendment and the implications of changed technology and the media. How have the Court's underlying concerns about anonymity, privacy, and freedom of the "press" played out in a very different cultural and technological context. This event will take place on March 10.


More information and to register

Contract as Promise after 30 Years: A Look at the Future of Contract Theory

In 1981 Professor Charles Fried published a book on contact theory entitled Contract as Promise. For almost 30 years, the book has been the seminal work on the moral or deontological justification for the state's enforcement of private promise. Suffolk Law School will mark the 30th anniversary of the book's publication with a day-long symposium, "Contract as Promise at 30" on March 25.


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