October, 2010

Advanced Legal Studies
Jumpstarting Your Practice
SJC Decision on Marital Agreements
NAS Report on Forensic Evidence
Advanced Legal Studies Goes Green
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Need a Jumpstart?

Jumper Cables

Starting a practice is always challenging but perhaps more so in this difficult economy. There are many aspects to setting up an office that you might not have learned in law school. Jumpstarting Your Practice: From Backpack to Briefcase provides you with business planning guidance, marketing tips and advice on avoiding ethical pitfalls. This two-part program begins on Friday, October 29th with insight from a variety of different perspectives and types of practices. The second session on Tuesday, December 7th provides an overview of divorce law, will drafting, automobile accidents and real estate closings. You can register for either or both. Whether you are a new lawyer or a more experienced practitioner going out on your own, this program is certain to provide useful and practical information. Here are some comments from last year's program:

"Very valuable information for potential pitfalls and how to start a practice"

"Avoiding pitfalls...I don't plan on starting my own practice any time soon, but many of the issues in this segment can apply to all lawyers"

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Marital Agreements

The recent SJC decision in Ansin v. Craven-Ansin changed the landscape of marital agreements. Get an inside look on Tuesday, November 9 from 12-2:00, as Plaintiff's attorney David Lee explains the Court's decision and offers useful tips from the oral arguments. Professor Charles Kindregan provides an analysis of marital contracts and Professor Anthony Sandoe highlights the estate planning implications of the decision. Bring your lunch and find out how this decision will impact your practice.

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Forensic Evidence

When the NAS Report on Forensics was released, it created a huge stir within the Bar and Bench. The implications for use of forensic evidence for past and future cases are unclear but potentially widespread. Now that challenges have begun to be filed in Federal and Massachusetts courts, it is time for practitioners and judges to learn how to handle forensic evidence in a post NAS Report environment. Grasping the Issues in Forensic Science Admissibility & Reliability, on Friday, November 19, provides you with expert analysis, insight and trial strategies from lawyers and judges. Find out how to represent your side most effectively.


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ALS Goes Green

In 2008, ALS began to evaluate our environmental impact and implement changes. As 2010 continues, we are committed to keep the ball rolling by increasing our electronic course materials, using other environmentally preferred gifts and supplies, offering more local and organic refreshments and continued use of recycling initiatives. Read the Full Story

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