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April, 2010

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Kids in Crisis:

Courts, Corrections, Confinement  

This year's Children on Trial conference focuses on new developments both on the federal level and in Massachusetts. Shackling has been in the news with the recently announced policy enacted in Juvenile Court. Questions regarding this policy and how to implement it are the focus of presentations by Chief Justice Edgerton as well as Justice Edwina Richardson-Mendelson from New York. Advocates from Miami, where such a policy has existed for a while, and Massachusetts will identify practice concerns and suggest approaches to help your clients. Also of great concern are the risks that youth face when in detention. Allen Beck, Senior Statistical Advisor from Department of Justice talks about the recent study on "Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities" and a panel addresses the risks and alternatives to detention. Finally, Commissioner Tewksbury is joined by Commissioner Carrion, NYS Office of Children and Family Services and former Commissioner Leavey to take a look at juvenile justice reform. This conference offers you insight, advocacy tools and analysis from national and local experts to help you improve your representation of juveniles. If you need credits, this conference offers 3 CAFL (Family CLE Credits) and 6 CPCS (Juvenile Delinquency CLE Credits).

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Same-Sex Marriage, Divorce and Parentage Issues

Although same-sex marriages have been legal in Massachusetts since Goodridge, the complications that can arise in these marriages have increased as the number of marriages has grown. Marriages have led to the birth and adoption of children and sometimes divorce, and questions abound as to what laws apply, what rights attach and what benefits are available. A distinguished group of academics, judges, attorneys and mental health professionals confront these issues and give you a comprehensive analysis and practical tips for resolving problems. Even if you haven't yet handled one of these cases, chances are you will and should be prepared for the idiosyncrasies involved, and sensitized to the cultural challenges that litigating these cases can create for clients.

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Last Call!
28th Oxford Summer School

The Oxford CLE program is designed for practic­ing attorneys, judges, clerks and their families and companions. Attendance at the program is not lim­ited to legal professionals. Anyone with an interest in the British legal system may attend. The two-week summer program examines both the similari­ties and the differences of the British and Ameri­can legal systems with a principally British faculty.


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