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November, 2009

The 2009 Charles P. Kindregan, Jr. Award
Andrew Beckerman-Rodau and Michael L. Rustad 

Advanced Legal Studies announces the selection of Professors Andrew Beckerman-Rodau and Michael L. Rustad as the joint recipients of this year's Charles P. Kindregan, Jr. Award for Extraordinary Contributions to Advanced Legal Studies and Continuing Legal Education. This award, named in honor of Professor Charles P. Kindregan, Jr. of Suffolk University Law School, was established in October 2002; It is designed to honor those who have given exceptional service to Suffolk's Advanced Legal Studies and to other providers of continuing legal education.

 Professor Michael L. Rustad, co-director and founder of the Intellectual Property Law Concentration, helped created a curriculum of CLE programs for ALS in what was then a new and developing area of law. As the Thomas F. Lambert, Jr., Professor of Law, Michael has created and presented at each Lambert Conference since 2002, keeping the memory of Tom Lambert alive. Professor Rustad has also lectured throughout the county at conferences on a variety of subjects. 
 Professor Andrew Beckerman-Rodau, co-director of the Intellectual Property Law Concentration, expanded the concentration by adding a Patent Law Specialization program. He has also created and presented in 25 programs in just eight (8) years since coming to Suffolk. His energy and dedication have made Suffolk the leading provider of Intellectual Property CLE and have augmented our reputation with the legal community. 
The depth and scope of involvement in CLE of both of these Professors are testament to their dedication to legal education in the Academy and the Bar. Suffolk University Law School has been fortunate to have been the beneficiary of their wisdom, enthusiasm and dedication. Certainly, Advanced Legal Studies is grateful.
Please join us for a reception on Friday, November 20 at 5:00 p.m. for presentation of the award. The public is invited. R.S.V.P. to 617.573.8627 or email als@suffolk.edu
Three Programs for New Lawyers
Administrative Law 101 
Law students, and even lawyers, can underestimate the importance of understanding Administrative Law, and yet it cuts across and impacts many areas of practice. From securities or banking law, professional licensing, agencies providing benefits or grants to federal agencies regulating corporate conduct, health care, the environment or veteran's benefits, or adjudicating disputes involving workers and employers, ordinary people and businesses and the lawyers who represent them have the potential for myriad dealings with administrative agencies. Under the Obama administration, agency activity has accelerated. Administrative Law 101 give you an update on recent developments as well as the judicial perspectives on all levels of adjudication. Find out why judges say it can be the most important area for lawyers to understand.
Jumpstarting Your Practice: From Backpack to Briefcase
Jumpstarting Your Practice is two action-packed days filled with both business skills and practical substantive knowledge. Designed for those starting their own practice, it provides key information to help make the transition. Our faculty will demystify the financial issues, give you practical ethical advice, share their secrets to client satisfaction, and provide critical practical information about how to handle your cases. No need to wonder what to do, attend this program and tap into the expertise of our faculty and get a jump on the competition.
Veteran's Benefits 101:
What You Need To Know About Aid & Attendance
Anyone wishing to carve out a specialty in representing  veterans, will want to attend Veteran's Benefits 101. The rules regarding the Aid and Attendance program are complicated and integrating veteran's work into a traditional estate planning or elder law practice requires an understanding of the eligibility issues and how they impact planning strategies. The faculty includes national expert, Karen B. McIntyre, who will also have information about what is available from her company, Veteran's Information Services to help you create a practice in veteran's law. All attendees will also have the opportunity to receive a discount on the comprehensive resource material created by LexisNexis.
Suffolk Law Student Publishes Article in ABA's "Landslide" Magazine
Artist Shephard Fairey's legal battle with the Associated Press over his iconic Barack Obama "Hope" poster prompted law student Jo-Na Williams to write an article for the September/October issue of Landslide, the ABA's intellectual property law magazine.
Williams laid out both sides of the case in the article "The New Symbol of "Hope" for Fair Use" Shepard Fairey v. The Associated Press". cited
relevant precedents, and argued that the case has the potential to yield a landmark decision.



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