August 16, 2010

Assemblyman Asks Your Help to Ban Ad Trailers


Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield asked the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council to bring you up to date on his efforts to ban advertising trailers from our streets.  His bill is co-sponsored by Assemblyman Mike Feuer. Here is Blumenfield's report:
Are you sick and tired of seeing those unsightly billboards on unhitched trailers everywhere you look in the San Fernando Valley?  I know I am.  I have heard from literally thousands of people in our community who want to get rid of this "road spam" permanently.
That is why I have authored state legislation, AB 2756, to stop the proliferation of mobile billboards once and for all.  Not only are they a visual blight, they are a safety hazard for drivers who must swerve around them, and they use up valuable parking spaces.
The City of Los Angeles has tried for years to get rid of these ugly signs, without Ad Trailerssuccess.  The courts have ruled that in order to prevent mobile billboards from being parked on our streets, the city must post signs at every entrance to the city explaining they are not allowed here.  It is impossible for a city the size of Los Angeles to comply with that type of costly and excessive requirement, and this has been one of the main reasons why city officials have not been able to enforce local laws that seek to regulate these signs.
My legislation will make it clear that cities and counties can take action against mobile billboards without the signage and other burdensome requirements that are currently preventing effective enforcement of restrictions on the signs.
AB 2756 has passed the state Assembly, and is moving through the state Senate this month.  Once it passes the legislature, all that is needed to make the new policy against mobile billboards a reality is for the Governor to sign it into law.
The Governor needs to hear from the people of the San Fernando Valley that these signs have become an unacceptable blight in our community.  My office is collecting names of people who support my legislation to help ban mobile billboards, and we will present the list of names to the Governor when he is making his decision on the bill.
If you would like to support the fight to end mobile billboard blight, please go to my website to add your name to the thousands of others who have already supported this effort. Go to click on "Ban Mobile Billboards - Sign Here." Let's send a message to the Governor that mobile billboards are unsafe, unsightly and unwanted in our community.
Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield represents the 40th Assembly District, including the San Fernando Valley communities of Canoga Park, Granada Hills, North Hills, Northridge, Reseda, Tarzana, Van Nuys, West Hills, Winnetka, and Woodland Hills.  He is Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee.


City Council Approves New Lawn Watering Schedule

Once signed by the mayor, this will be the new Los Angeles lawn watering schedule before 9 a.m. and after 4 p.m.:

Odd-numbered addresses:  Water on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 8 minutes per day.
Even-numbered addresses: Water on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. 8 minutes per day.
Addresses ending in a fraction: Follow the schedule for the last whole number on the address. 
Hand watering: With a garden hose and flow control nozzle is still allowed without time limits, before 9 a.m. and after 4 p.m., any day of the week.

For details,click HERE.


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