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Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Rain Due; Free Sandbags Available
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  • Rain Due; Free Sandbags Available
  • Neighborhood Council Video
  • Ralphs Recycling Center Closes
  • Metro Holds Final Orange Line Meetings
  • Festival for Kids
  • Ham Radio Links Olive View to City
  • Chatsworth in the News
  • Action Calendar

  • Greetings!

    You Can Give Back
    to Chatsworth

    ONCE a year, the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council adds stakeholders as voting members of each of our six committees. Two of the committees will be doing that this week.

    Stakeholders must attend this week's committee meeting to be eligible, although new members can be added later if not all seats are filled at this first meeting of the board year.

    The Outreach Committee meets 7 p.m. today at the Chatsworth Train Depot, 10038 Old Depot Plaza Road.  Public Safety & Transportation meets 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Rockpointe Club House, 22300 Devonshire St. .

    For descriptions of the committees and meeting times, click HERE.  Questions can be sent to

    Stakeholder members have full voting status and are expected to attend and participate in the monthly committee meetings. Each committee has a limited number of stakeholder seats that may be filled on a competitive basis.

    Chatsworth Neighborhood Council Bylaws require that all committees reconstitute at the beginning of a new board year. The Nov. 1 Council election and subsequent installation of new board members marked the start of the 2008-09 board year.

    All stakeholders are always welcome and encouraged to attend committee or board meetings. Every meeting includes time for stakeholders to make public comments.
    NOW you can read any of the previous Chatsworth Roundup newsletters online.
    Just click HERE for the archive.

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    Is There a Place
    for 'Sober Living'?

    Do so-called "Sober Living" halfway houses belong in residential neighborhoods?

    The debate rages:

    Thom Senzee: Give sober living a chance to thrive.
    Proposed legislation to restrict the number of sober-living houses in Los Angeles will result in fewer housing options for addicts and alcoholics who have just completed rehab programs.
    View Full Story

    Greig Smith: These unlicensed businesses are causing significant negative impacts on the quality of life.
    We have been working on a citywide ordinance that would regulate these homes.
    In this response, a member of our community underscores the need to regulate unlicensed group homes in residential neighborhoods.
    View Full Story


    Take Budget and Culture Surveys

    You can help determine how your Chatsworth tax dollars will be spent and also shape the cultural landscape of Los Angeles by participating in two city-sponsored online surveys.
    Click here for the budget survey.

    Click here for the cultural survey.

    For more information, please visit or call (213) 202-5539.

     Disaster Links

    About the Council

    The mission of the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council is to provide an open forum for public discussion of issues concerning the Chatsworth community and to facilitate communication between the City of Los Angeles and Community Stakeholders.

    Map of Chatsworth Neighborhood Council boundaries.  Click here.

    When We Meet

    All volunteer committees meet monthly.  Meetings begin at 7 p.m. at the Chatsworth Train Depot at  10038 Old Depot Plaza Road, Chatsworth, unless otherwise noted.

  • 1st Wednesday:
  • CNC Board at Lawrence Middle  School.

  • 2nd Tuesday:
  • Beautification.

  • 3rd Tuesday:
  • Equestrian.

  • 3rd Wednesday:
  • Enhancements.

  • 3rd Thursday:
  • Land Use.

  • 4th Tuesday:
  • Outreach.
  • 4th Wednesday:
  • Public Safety & Transportation at Rockpointe Club House, 22300 Devonshire St.

  • Election Committee, TBA

    Check the CNC website for last-minute changes.

  • Quick Links
    Quick Phones

    Neighborhood Council

    (818) 464-3511

    West Valley Alliance (graffiti removal)
    (818) 885-8885

    Police Tipoff Line
    (818) 832-0563

    L.A. City Infoline

    City Services

    Zero Waste
    The City has a Zero Waste team soliciting opinions on how to reduce solid waste. Find out how you can participate. Zero waste brochure.

    Bureau of Sanitation
    The BOS is working to convert our solid waste into renewable energy. Read the brochure.

    Be Prepared for
    the 'Big One'

    This is the 150th anniversary of the last great San Andreas Earthquake. Dare to Prepare is a campaign to prepare for the next big quake. Find out what you can do at the Dare to Prepare site. Read the LAFD letter.

    Free Shade Trees
    You can get free shade trees through DWP. Read about the Trees for a Green LA program

    DWP Residential Energy and Water Saving Programs
    The DWP offers incentives to recycle your old refrigerator and buy an energy efficient one. Other appliance incentives are available too. Receive $100 towards an ultra low flush toilet. Read about DWP rebates.
    Online Service Requests
    You can place service requests for street repair, tree trimming, downed trees or palm fronds in the street online.
    This is a service provided by the  Bureau of Street Services.

    Property Activity Reports
    Did you know that you can view all permit requests for a property online? Click here to access the City's online reporting system. Enter in the address and view the permits.
    This is a service provided by the Department of Building and Safety.
    --Adapted from the PRNC newsletter.

    CNC Contact

    Chatsworth Neighborhood Council
    Post Office Box 3395
    Chatsworth, CA 91313-3395

    Ph:  (818) 464-3511
    Fax: (818) 464-3585


    Complete CNC activities calendar:

    Complete community events calendar:

    Flooding, Mudslides Threaten
    Area Below Sesnon Fire Zone

    From the Office of Councilman Greig Smith

    Heavy rains have been forecast for the Los Angeles area lasting through Thanksgiving weekend, bringing the possibility of flooding and mudslides in the areas that recently experienced wildfires.  
    Winter rains could cause floods, landslides, mudslides and erosion in neighborhoods where the fires have burned away vegetation that normally holds runoff water and stabilizes hillsides.
    Sand and bags have been deployed to critical locations so that City crews can place sandbags where needed to address flooding as quickly as possible.
    Residents can get their own sandbags for free if they wish to use then around their driveways, yards and in front of doorways to protect their own homes from water.
    All Fire Stations in the City of Los Angeles also have burlap bags and several have sand that residents can pick up for free. Firefighters can offer advice on how to properly use them.
    The Department of Transportation (LADOT) and Street Services have provided extra K-railing to be strategically placed to divert mudslides and protect homes. 
    The City has emergency crews on watch to respond quickly if flooding or mudslides become a problem.
    General mangers of City Departments have beren notified to be on alert during the approaching storm and be ready to take action if needed.
    For ongoing flood and emergency updates visit LA Fire Department website
    SAND & BAGS AVAILABLE FOR FREE:  Burlap bags used to make sandbags are available at all Fire Stations. The LAFD website has information on where to find all locations where free sand is available, as well as instructions on properly using sandbags at
    Fire Station 96
    21800 Marilla St., (1 block south of Lassen, 1 block east of Topanga Cyn.) Chatsworth

    FireStation 18

    12050 Balboa Blvd., Granada Hills
    Fire Station 28
    11641 Corbin Ave., Porter Ranch
    Fire Station 87
    10124 Balboa Blvd., Granada Hills
    Browns Canyon
    At De Soto Ave. and the 118 Freeway, Chatsworth

    Knollwood Country Club Parking Lot

    12040 Balboa Blvd., Granada Hills
    The bridge at O'Melveny Park
    17300 Sesnon Blvd., Granada Hills
    POST-SESNON WILDFIRE TASK FORCE UPDATE: Immediately after the Sesnon fire was brought under control, the District 12 Council Office brought together members of City, County, State and Federal agencies and Neighborhood Councils for a Post-Sesnon Wildfire Task Force Meeting to discuss potential flooding and landslides in the burned areas.
    The task force reported that:
    • The LA Fire Department has already used bulldozers to cut "water bars" or trenches in the hills above O'Melveny Park in Granada Hills to divert runoff water into areas with green vegetation and prevent flooding. .
    • County Flood Control crews have cleared out all debris basins in the area to be ready to divert debris in case of flooding and mudslides.
    • The U.S. Geological Survey has provided the most accurate and up-to-date maps showing where hillsides may be weakened and pose potential landslide threats.
    • Street Services and DOT are working together today to assess potential flood areas and they will be strategically placing K-rails to protect homes from possible flooding and mudslides.  
    The Council Office will continue to post updates from the Post-Sesnon Wildfire Taskforce at
    If you have an immediate, fire-related issue, contact the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council at  Put the word "Fire" in the subject line.


    CNC Video

    Click image for VIDEO.


    Here's Where You Can Still Recycle

    The recycling center at the Devonshire Street Ralphs market in Chatsworth closed Nov. 14.

    However, you can still recycle bottles and cans at:

    Vons Shopping Center,Recycle
    20440 Devonshire St.

    Valley Recycling Center,
    20220 Plummer St.,

    Budget Recycling,
    21250 Nordhoff St.,


    Chatsworth Neighborhood Council
    Typical ultra-modern platform at North Hollywood Station.

    Plans for Lassen Street Bridge,
    Bus Platform Canopies Unveiled

    By Judith Daniels
    President, Chatsworth Neighborhood Council

    The last in a series of community meetings about the Orange Line extension to Chatsworth were held last week in Chatsworth and Canoga Park. Nearly 100 stakeholders attended the two meetings, which included question and answer periods.

    In response to a question, Metro representatives said they planned to build their ultra-modern Orange Line station canopies on the south side of the Chatsworth Train Depot. The Chatsworth Neighborhood Council and the Design Review Board that oversees the Devonshire-Topanga Specific Plan believe the canopies would conflict with a city code that requires all new structures on that portion of Devonshire to be Western or Spanish Colonial architecture. Among the examples of those styles are the Chatsworth Library and the train station.

    Representatives of Metro showed the design for a 2,000-foot-long bridge that will bring the articulated buses from the busway along Canoga Avenue just north of Prairie Street into the station, crossing over Lassen Street. The imprinted designs on the east and west sides of the bridge were inspired by the distinctive contours of the mountain peaks to the west, according to the architect.

    Chatsworth Neighborhood CouncilBecause the bridge and a bus turnaround will consume much of the parking on the south side of the train station, spaces will be shifted and added on the north side, with a net gain of more than 100 spaces. However, the parking lot will extend to 120 feet south of Devonshire, leaving a small area for later development of community or retail space. Metro representatives continue to say that they might build a parking structure, although it would not be directly on Devonshire.

    The landscaped bike and pedestrian path being built next to the dedicated busway will separate south of Lassen Street where the bridge begins and continue at street level, connecting with the existing bike path along the Browns Creek wash. When completed, the bike path will run continuously from north of the train depot to the terminus of the Orange Line in North Hollywood.

    If the Metro board votes to expedite the nearly $300 million project, construction of the 4-mile extension from Warner Center could begin in 2010. The project is expected to take 30 months to complete.

    Metro also plans to develop property it owns along Marilla Street west of Owensmouth to park the large Orange Line buses when they are not in service. The western portion of that property along Topanga Canyon Boulevard is now used by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, which provides police services for Metro.

    If you have questions, please call the Project Hotline at 818-276-1289. For more details on the project visit


    Council Contributes to Children's Day

    Children's DayAja Campbell plays trumpet with the Granada Hills Highlander Band during a parade at the Nov. 22 San Fernando Valley Children's Day festival at Woodley Park in Encino. The Chatsworth Neighborhood Council provided the loud-speaker system for the festival stage. The day featured Radio Disney, NBC's Fritz Coleman, David Beckham Soccer Academy, Laker Greats, L.A. Kings, Elmo, the voice of Bart Simpson, music, rides, sports and more.  [Daily News Photo / Evan Yee]


    Ham Radio Links Olive View Medical Center to City During Sayre Wildfire

    By Marty Woll
    Former Chatsworth Neighborhood Council president

    When I set up a portable Amateur Radio ("ham") station at Olive View Medical Center as part of the recent Great Southern California ShakeOut preparedness exercise, I had no idea that I would be back there less than 48 hours later under very different circumstances. 

    Marty WollA ham radio operator for more than 40 years, I am a volunteer with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), a free nationwide disaster-communications resource provided to the public by the American Radio Relay League. 

    Around 3 a.m.. on Saturday morning, I received an urgent telephone call that the County Department of Health Services had lost contact with Olive View, located in Sylmar, just as the flames from the Sayre fire were advancing on that facility.  Since I had not yet unpacked equipment from my car after the ShakeOut, it was not long before I was on the road with radios, antennas, batteries and cables, heading toward the hospital. 

    As I approached Olive View on surface streets, I ran into one roadblock after another.  I finally got out of the car, quickly donning goggles, a dust mask and reflective vest, and walked over to the checkpoint.   After explaining why I had been dispatched to the hospital and showing my credentials I was allowed to pass. 

    I arrived at Olive View but could not park close to the building due to the long line of ambulances waiting to transport patients to alternate facilities.  I grabbed what equipment I could carry, met up with another ARES member and made my way into the main building.  We were greeted by guards and a metal detector; I smiled and told them we had plenty of equipment to set off their detector and asked that we be allowed in. 

    After a look at our ID cards, the guards waved us through, and they proceeded down smoky corridors to the command center.  We quickly established radio contact with another operator at the County offices south of Downtown Los Angeles and gave him a status report. We two hams stayed until power and telephone service were restored, at which time we were released. 

    On my way home, I checked in by radio with the Los Angeles Fire Department's Auxiliary Communication Service, with which I also volunteer.  The net control operator asked me to stop by the evacuation center at Chatsworth High School. I arrived, met with the shelter manager, and stayed until early afternoon just in case a communication problem among the shelters arose.  

    All in all, it was a busy morning, but this is one of the reasons Amateur Radio exists.  I encourage other hams to get the appropriate training and offer their services through ARES.  When day-to-day communication systems fail, Amateur Radio comes through, and I don't see the need for our help going away any time soon.

    [Hams can raise Marty Woll at NV6I, and the rest of us can find  him at]


    Box Canyon
    Jim Federico stands outside the entrance to his Box Canyon home, where he has lived for 18 years. He and his wife are weighing a move to Arizona. [Ventura Star Photo / Rob Varela]

    SantaThe Chatsworth Holiday Parade is scheduled to march down Devonshire Street beginning at 1 p.m., Sunday,  Dec. 14.

    StarburstLAPD Devonshire PALS are collecting new and unwrapped toys, games and books for underprivileged youth through Dec. 19.  Bring items to the Devonshire police station, 10250 Etiwanda Ave., Northridge.  Details, call Elizabeth Sandoval at (818) 772-1717 or Dan Slater at (818) 756-8270.

    Free Gift
    Bring this coupon to the next Neighborhood Council Meeting and receive a free Be Safe, Be Seen safety flasher.  Wear it while jogging, cycling, walking the dog.

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    Email: ________________________________________
    While supplies last                                                                11.25.08