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Friday, August 1, 2008
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> Southland ShakeOut
> Full House for CPR Class
> Public Safety
> 118/ Topanga Signals Working
> Stabbing Not Gang-Related
> Orange Line May Open Early
> Clear Brush
> Chatsworth in the News
> Message from City Hall
> Movies Under the Stars
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Will You Be a Candidate?
I rarely meet people who complain that they have too much extra time. Friends and neighbors are always busy with work, family and lots of other "stuff."

Somehow, the people who are the busiest seem to be the ones who find the time for one more meeting or one more activity. 

Most of the people I talk to care deeply about our community. You are concerned about public safety, transportation, development, schools, cleaning up the streets and parks. You want to know what's happening down the street. You want to know who can help get city officials to respond to your concerns. The list goes on, of course. 

The Chatsworth Neighborhood Council is your voice at City Hall and with Councilman Greig Smith. We are here to help you navigate city government. We are here to listen to your concerns about our neighborhood. 

And now, we need your help. We need you to get involved so you can help your friends and neighbors, too. 

On November 1, we will be holding our annual election for half the 21 seats on our board. This is your chance to get involved and help lead our community by running for a seat. It's also important for everyone to come to the Chatsworth Train Depot to vote. City officials watch Neighborhood Council elections to see how many people vote. The more voters, the more attention we get.  

Also, when significant numbers of people come vote, it sends a clear message to our councilman that our stakeholders -- who are also his constituents -- care about our community and expect him to be responsive to our requests. 

You are eligible to vote and to seek election if you are a Chatsworth stakeholder. Hint: if you are reading this, you qualify.

The basics are if you live, work or own property you are a stakeholder. I am proud to say that even after the city modified the definition of "stakeholder" earlier this year, we retained the stipulation that anyone who boards a horse in Chatsworth also qualifies.

We remain the only Neighborhood Council in Los Angeles that specifically includes equestrians. The city's definition of stakeholder also includes anyone who believes they have a stake in the community. 

There will be an information session for candidates at 6:30 p.m. on August 6, a half-hour before our regular board meeting at Lawrence Middle School, 10100 Variel Avenue. All seats are at-large. For questions about the election, e-mail  
Stakeholders can register to vote the day of the election. You have to fill out a simple, 1-page form that will be available at the poll or on our website before the election. You will not be asked for identification at the poll. There are no absentee ballots. 

This is a separate process from the registration to vote in the presidential election in November.

The Neighborhood Council election is on Saturday, Nov. 1, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Chatsworth Train Depot. Binders will be available with candidate biographies. There also will be a candidates' forum as part of our regular October board meeting where you can ask questions of all candidates. 

No matter how busy you are, remember that this is a chance to help your neighborhood.  

We have committees that focus on public safety and transportation, beautification, land use, equestrians, outreach and enhancements. Every year we have $50,000 of your taxpayer dollars to spend within Chatsworth. The board votes on how to spend that money.  

All of our volunteer committees include non-board-member stakeholders as voting members. If you aren't quite ready to take the plunge as a board candidate, you can start as a stakeholder member of a committee. All committees will be reconstituted after the new board is installed.  

Check our website for more information about board meetings, committees and the election. Agendas are posted online as well as at several public locations before meetings. If you have questions or comments, send them to  
Please consider running for a board seat. And please take a few minutes to come vote on November 1 so all of Los Angeles knows that we care about our community. 

The only way we can make a difference for you is for more of you to get involved. 

--Judith Daniels.
President, Chatsworth Neighborhood Council

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About the Council

The mission of the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council is to provide an open forum for public discussion of issues concerning the Chatsworth community and to facilitate communication between the City of Los Angeles and Community Stakeholders.

Map of Chatsworth Neighborhood Council boundaries.  Click here.

When We Meet

All volunteer committees meet monthly.  Meetings begin at 7 p.m. at the Chatsworth Train Depot at  10038 Old Depot Plaza Road, Chatsworth, unless otherwise noted.

  • 1st Wednesday:
  • CNC Board at Lawrence Middle  School.

  • 2nd Tuesday:
  • Beautification.

  • 3rd Tuesday:
  • Equestrian.

  • 3rd Wednesday:
  • Enhancement.

  • 3rd Thursday:
  • Land Use.

  • 4th Tuesday:
  • Outreach.
  • 4th Wednesday:
  • Public Safety & Transportation at Rockpointe Club House, 22300 Devonshire St.

  • Election Committee, TBA

    Check the CNC website for last-minute changes.

  • City Services

    Zero Waste
    The City has a Zero Waste team soliciting opinions on how to reduce solid waste. Find out how you can participate. Zero waste brochure.

    Bureau of Sanitation
    The BOS is working to convert our solid waste into renewable energy. Read the brochure.

    Be Prepared for
    the 'Big One'

    This is the 150th anniversary of the last great San Andreas Earthquake. Dare to Prepare is a campaign to prepare for the next big quake. Find out what you can do at the Dare to Prepare site. Read the LAFD letter.

    Free Shade Trees
    You can get free shade trees through DWP. Read about the Trees for a Green LA program

    DWP Residential Energy and Water Saving Programs
    The DWP offers incentives to recycle your old refrigerator and buy an energy efficient one. Other appliance incentives are available too. Receive $100 towards an ultra low flush toilet. Read about DWP rebates.
    Online Service Requests
    You can place service requests for street repair, tree trimming, downed trees or palm fronds in the street online.
    This is a service provided by the  Bureau of Street Services.

    Property Activity Reports
    Did you know that you can view all permit requests for a property online? Click here to access the City's online reporting system. Enter in the address and view the permits.
    This is a service provided by the Department of Building and Safety.
    --Adapted from the PRNC newsletter.
    Quick Links
    Quick Phones

    Neighborhood Council

    (818) 464-3511

    West Valley Alliance (graffiti removal)
    (818) 885-8885

    Police Tipoff Line
    (818) 832-0563

    L.A. City Infoline

    CNC Contact

    Chatsworth Neighborhood Council
    Post Office Box 3395
    Chatsworth, CA 91313-3395

    Ph:  (818) 464-3511
    Fax: (818) 464-3585


    Complete CNC activities calendar:

    Complete community events calendar:


    Earthquake Map

    The Great Southern California ShakeOut

    You got a sudden 5.4 reminder earlier this week.  And the 6.8 Northridge quake was much more severe.  The Big One will be massive.  Are you prepared?

    Participate in the Great Southern California ShakeOut, a week of special events, Nov. 12-16, featuring the largest earthquake drill in U.S. history, organized to inspire Southern Californians to get ready for big earthquakes, and to prevent disasters from becoming catastrophes.

    These activities are based on the ShakeOut Scenario, a realistic portrayal of what will happen in a southern San Andreas earthquake.

    The Chatsworth Neighborhood Council has been helping you to get ready.  The Council sponsored Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) classes for neighborhood first responders.  And recently it offered a CPR class [see story below]. 

    Police and fire departments have warned that residents will most likely have to fend for themselves for as many as four days after a killer quake.

    So, join  21 million residents in eight counties across the Southland who are being asked to prepare for a likely jolt on the San Andreas Fault.

    Begin by registering at

    The point: Everyone should know what to do during the "Big One."


    A sold-out class of 48 attended the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council's adult, child and infant CPR training in June. 

    The class was taught by firefighter Stacy Gerlich and was held at Rockpointe Club House.

    The CPR class was free to Chatsworth stakeholders and $25 for others.  Refreshments were provided.      

    If you are interested in attending future public safety classes, please monitor the Council website at  For information about Community Emergency Response Team classes check
    GPS units presented to firefighters
    TAKING DIRECTION--Bill Hughes of the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council delivers portable GPS units to Fire Station 96 on Marilla Street.  The Council voted to purchase two GPS units for each of the Fire Stations in Chatsworth upon learning that firefighters have been using map books for directions.  The city plans to install state-of-the-art GPS units in firetrucks later.


    Work on the 118/Topanga Canyon traffic signals has been completed, according to Millie Jones, senior deputy to County Supervisor Michael Antonovich.  

    Final adjustments may have caused some traffic disruption. Two more directional signs are yet be installed, but this will be done at night, she said.  The engineer expects the work will be complete by the end of August.

    LAPD badge



    By Daniel Del Valle
    Senior Lead Officer, LAPD

    Recently an extremely violent crime occurred in the area of Browns Canyon.

    The crime was first reported by the victim's younger sister. The sister stated that while on a hike with her brother, her brother was viciously attacked, and stabbed multiple times by a gang member.

    The victim was left unconscious, and struggling to stay alive when found by paramedics and police.  Devonshire detectives investigated further, and later discovered the true suspect to be the victim's sister.  The victim, after surgery and regaining consciousness, identified his sister as his attacker, and she later confessed. 

    This was not a random gang member attack, but a premeditated attack. 

    I want all to know that Browns Canyon is still a great place to go hiking, but as in all secluded areas, I suggest being aware of your surroundings and personal safety. 

    For those that do not know, I injured myself and have to have surgery.  I do not know yet how long I will be on the disabled list, but I will return to duty as soon as I'm able.  For those  in need of immediate assistance, please call the Senior Lead Office at (818) 363-1726.  We will do our best to assist you.
    Orange Line Bus


    The Orange Line bus project from Warner Center to the Chatsworth train station will be completed in 2014, two years ahead of schedule, if a half-cent sales tax is approved on the November ballot, according to the Daily News.

    Metro has approved using railway right-of-way for the articulated buses.  They will enter the station by crossing Lassen Street on an overpass rather than through a tunnel, officials said.  A sound and security wall will be erected between the busway and an adjacent mobile home park at Lassen.  An new traffic light will be installed at the mobile home park entrance, a spokesman said.

    Metro plans to work with the community on the architectural appearance of the overpass, the spokesman said.

    Parking spaces lost on the south side of the station will be relocated to an expanded parking lot north of the station, he said.  There are no plans to purchase the vacant lot west of the station for parking, nor are there any plans to build a park-and-ride lot near the 118 freeway.



    Properties in the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone, which includes the northern and western edge of the San Fernando Valley, are being inspected by the Fire Department to check for mandatory brush clearance to help protect neighborhoods from wildfires.

    For more information on brush clearance, please visit the L.A. Fire Department's website at or call the Brush Clearance Unit at (818) 374-1111.



    Mayor rides in Chatsworth
    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa astride his steed in 2005. Photo courtesy of Valley Horse Journal.

    Mayor to Ride Trails in Chatsworth

    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will ride local trails with stakeholders and members of the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council Equestrian Committee, Saturday, Aug. 23.  The ride begins 9 a.m. on Andora, near Chatsworth Street, just east of Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

    Tha mayor, who last rode in Chatsworth in 2005, told his scheduler during Chatsworth's 5th Annual Day of the Horse in May, that he wanted to ride again.  " Make it happen," he said. "I want to come back and ride again!"

  • Teen given six months in girl's rape
  • Six-month rape sentence shocks many
  • Senior Center grows at Mason Park
  • Portable analog TVs may be lost in digital transition
  • McMoney From McDonalds
  • Chatsworth salesman charged with illegal military sales
  • Radiological levels to be studied by EPA
    Help Protect Our Local Resources from Being Raided by Sacramento

    By Greig Smith

    Councilman, 12th District

    We need your help! City funds needed for public safety and other services crucial to Los Angeles are at risk of being raided by the State of California.

    State leaders who are unable to balance their budget are attempting to reduce their $15 billion shortfall by "borrowing" City funds. The City of Los Angeles uses these funds for police, fire, paramedic and other critical services. The State would take up to $124 million this year alone, a time when we have had to trim services and raise fees because of our own budget shortfall.

    State leaders are also considering taking $37 million in voter-approved Proposition 42 funds set aside for local transportation improvements. The City plans to use these funds to repair or resurface nearly 200 miles of our streets.

    California residents have twice voted to stop the State Legislature from taking transportation taxes set aside for traffic improvements from cities. Yet once again they are violating the law to solve the problems they themselves have created.  
    If you want to help us protect our funds, please call or email your Assemblymember and State Senator today and demand that they oppose this effort to balance their budget by raiding our resources.

    To find out how to reach your representatives, go to, and enter your address in the search box under "My Neighborhood."

    Thank you for your help!


    A series of free Movies Under the Stars in Northwest Valley parks concludes with "March of the Penguins" and "Grease." Join friends and neighbors for a night of family fun under the stars, with free popcorn.

    The film series is sponsored by Councilman Greig Smith.

    Bring water, picnics, blankets and chairs. Alcohol, BBQs and pets are not allowed.

    "March of the Penguins," Saturday, Aug. 9,  8 p.m.
    Balboa Sports Center, Encino

    "Grease," Saturday, Sept. 6, 7:15 p.m.
    Northridge Park, Northridge

    For more information, please call (818) 756-8501 or email

    Tuesday, Aug. 5 - 25th Annual National Night Out, 6 - 10   p.m., Picnic in the park across from the Devonshire Police Station, 10250 Etiwanda Ave., Northridge. Free soft-serve ice cream, jazz band. For details call Ofc. Erica De Smith at (818) 363-1726 and click here.

    GPS units presented to firefightersTuesday, Aug. 5 - Hearing on Sober Living Homes Ordinance, PLUM Committee, 2 p.m.,  Room 350, 200 N. Spring St., Downtown.  Read the report here.  For details, click here.

    Tuesday, Aug. 5
    - Summer Reading Club Sports Spider, 2  p.m., Chatsworth Public Library, 21052 Devonshire St.
    After rounding home, drop by the library to hear stories, do crafts and play games.

    GPS units presented to firefightersWednesday, Aug. 6 - Candidates Briefing, 6:30 p.m., Lawrence Middle School, 10100 Variel Avenue.  Any stakeholder interested in running for a seat on the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council should attend.  For details, call (818) 464-3511 or email the Election Committee.

    Saturday, Aug. 9
    - Summer Reading Club Spider Party, 2  p.m., Chatsworth Public Library, 21052 Devonshire St.
    After climbing the walls at home come by the library to hear stories, play games and do crafts.

    Saturday, Aug. 9 - "March of the Penguins," free film, 8 p.m. Balboa Sports Center, Encino. For details, call (818) 756-8501 or email

    Tuesday, Aug. 12
    - The Reptile Family, 2  p.m., Chatsworth Public Library, 21052 Devonshire St.
    Come to this free program to see reptiles, amphibians and spiders.

    Sunday, Aug. 17 - Chatsworth Youth Sports Fair, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Chatsworth Train Depot.  Sports and recreation opportunities for boys and girls ages 5-15. Games, food, prizes.  For details call Ken Moore (818) 266-9632.

    Saturday, Sept. 6 - "Grease," free film, 7:15 p.m, Northridge Park, Northridge. For details, call (818) 756-8501 or email

    Thursday, Sept. 11
    - Devonshire Police District Meeting, 7  p.m., Shepherd of the Hills Church, 19700 Rinaldi St., Porter Ranch.  Topic: Group Housing.  Speakers:  Former Assemblywoman Paula Boland, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, Councilman Greig Smith. For details call Ofc. Erica De Smith at (818) 363-1726.

    Send your event to

    Bring this coupon to the next Neighborhood Council Meeting and receive a free Be Safe, Be Seen safety flasher.  Wear it while jogging, cycling, walking the dog.

    Name: ________________________________________

    Email: ________________________________________
    While supplies last.                                                                8.1.08