Citizens Project
In this important time of change, will you lend your voice to civil rights? Call your representative today!   

Citizens Project is a proud supporter of civil rights and is one of many statewide organizations advocating in favor of SB 72 - the Job Protection and Civil Rights Enforcement Act. We believe that, when it comes to discrimination, everyone should have basic protections in the workplace. 


The Civil Rights Enforcement Act passed in the Senate, but it needs your help to get through the House! This critical legislation would update Colorado law to be consistent with remedies in federal anti-discrimination law and updates made in 43 other states.  


SB 72 has been assigned to House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee.  We need your help to make sure that the House members know that we support this bill.  Please contact your Representative, let them know that you want a fair hearing for SB 72, and ask them to support the bill. 


Here is a sample script:


Dear Representative,


I am contacting you about SB 72, the "Job Protection and Civil Rights Enforcement Act of 2011."   This bill will help protect jobs, and promote respect and dignity in Colorado workplaces by providing important protections for civil rights.  In these tough times, we simply cannot afford to lose good jobs because of discrimination and harassment in the workplace.  This bill will allow for the protection and preservation of jobs. 

As your constituent, I want to be sure that this important bill receives a fair hearing in House State Affairs Committee.  I would also like to ask for you to vote "yes" on this bill in committee and for the House floor vote. Thank you.


Below are the members of the State Affairs Committee: 

Representative Jim Kerr
Representative Don Coram
Representative Randy Baumgardner
Representative Lois Court

Representative Claire Levy (bill sponsor)

Representative Larry Liston (El Paso County)

Representative Joe Miklosi
Representative Nancy Todd
Representative Mark Waller (El Paso County)


Making your call is easy. You can find out who your representative is and his or her contact information here:


If your Representative is not on the House State Affairs Committee, you can still contact them to ask them to support the bill! Let them know you support civil rights!