Citizens Project
El Paso County residents can play a pivotal role this week in creating fairness for all families in Colorado - will your voice be heard?   

In just a few hours, the civil unions bill, Colorado Senate Bill 172, will be discussed in front of the House Judiciary Committee, and residents in El Paso County have the opportunity to launch the bill over its highest hurdle.

In just a few hours, that committee will decide whether or not the bill, which allows all Colorado families the protections they deserve, will move forward. That room will be full of El Paso County Representatives who need to hear from YOU that the Pikes Peak Region -- Home of America the Beautiful -- supports fairness and equality for all families.


The 11-member House Judiciary Committee has four representatives from El Paso County:

  1. Rep. Bob Gardner, District 21 Republican, Committee Chair:
  2. Rep. Mark Barker, District 17 Republican, Committee Vice Chair:
  3. Rep. Mark Waller, District 15 Republican, Committee Member:
  4. Rep. Pete Lee, District 18 Democrat, Committee Member:

You have just a few hours to email them ALL a personal message saying you think it is time to pass civil unions bill SB172 so that families can care for one another, OR click below to send a quick action through One Colorado:


Gay and lesbian families can be treated fairly in our city and across the state. You can help ensure a brighter tomorrow, IF YOU SPEAK UP TODAY.