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Like the idea of winter priority
bike routes in St. Paul?

Attend the Marshall Ave. Parking Restriction /
Snow Plowing Pilot Community Meeting

Monday, April 26th

7:00 pm

Concordia University
Buenger Education Center
275 Syndicate St N
St. Paul, MN
(campus map PDF)

If you biked on Marshall Avenue towards the end of this winter and were able to use the bike lane, you have a City of St. Paul pilot program (and Union Park neighbors who moved their cars!) to thank.

The pilot, which began in November, is part of an envisioned winter priority bike route networkthat would allow bicyclists to safely traverse the city in the winter. By designating key north/south and east/west streets such as Marshall as winter bike routes the idea is to clear snow more effectively to allow for the widest winter street possible.

Sound good? Sorry, but it's not a given.
Your support is needed to continue the pilot for a second year.

ecause the pilot wasn't executed as well as it might have been this year, it is in jeopardy of not continuing next year. Please voice your support for this pilot by either attending this meeting or submitting a quick comment here.

According to the City of St. Paul Public Works plows were not able to clear Marshall regularly this past winter because of exceptionally icy conditions and limited equipment. When they were able to plow in mid-February, the result demonstrated that bike lanes could remain accessible year-round.