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Action Alert
Metropolitan Council seeks to add highway expansion projects to plan

At its January 12 meeting, the Metropolitan Council's Transportation Committee will hear public comment on a proposal to revise the region's transportation spending plan to include 11 major highway expansion projects according to Twin Cities Streets for People. Full story...

Where we stand
Though St. Paul Smart Trips was initially encouraged by the Metropolitan Council's Draft Transportation Policy Plan (TPP) and its focus on management of existing highway resources over expansion, we are concerned to learn about plans to revise the plan in favor of highway expansion.

A recent article by Steve Berg of argues that if we are "going to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on infrastructure, you better make sure you're anticipating the 21st century marketplace and not just building the same old stuff. That means...adding transport alternatives, like mass transit, local streets, bike lanes, pedestrian atmosphere and high-speed rail." Full story...

How you can take action
Let the Metropolitan Council know that our region wants to prioritize transit, walking and bicycling in a forward-looking transportation package.
  • E-mail

  • Call 651-602-1500 or fax 651-602-1464

  • Write to Metropolitan Council Data Center
    390 Robert St. N., St. Paul, MN 55101

Deadline to act: 4:00pm January 12, 2009


Jessica Treat

Executive Director