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Applicants for Nursing Home Transition Now
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Sowing Lamb Vegetable Gardens
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This newsletter tells you about our 2010 efforts to provide more handicap-accessible housing; our new fresh vegetable gardening plan; and a new, on-campus therapeutic counseling program. Our programs evolve from growing needs - read on to learn more about how we aim to meet those needs. 

As we complete our second month in 2010, we already have room for 15 more people than the 230 individuals who called Lamb Foundation home in 2009.  Housing for at least 15 more is already planned for this year.

The demand for Lamb Foundation services continues to grow as our nation's economic malaise wears on. We deeply appreciate your continued support, and hope you will find ways to donate twin mattresses, furniture, clothing, and any contribution you see fit to meet this need.
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campApplicants for Nursing Home Transition Now Being Accepted

Lamb Foundation opened another housing unit this month: a large first-floor, handicap-accessible apartment for up to four women who may benefit from community supports including cooked meals, laundry, and housekeeping services. A second large first-floor apartment for up to five men will open March 15, 2010.

Eligible individuals include those who participate in Pennsylvania's Nursing Home Transition Program, and for those who do not want to enter a nursing home any sooner than they have to. Lamb Foundation does not provide nursing or medical care.  However, Lamb Foundation's Health Care Coordinator will work with applicants to arrange additional supports provided either by Lamb Foundation staff or outside agencies.
  • Applicants are now being accepted, and site visits are being scheduled.
  • Download our standard intake application form here.
saleMore Accessible Housing Planned

This program is in addition to our 2010 accessibility conversion program. Our aging population has many needs, from simple hand rails to wheelchair access. To meet those needs, we are converting each of our 22 first-floor units - one-third of Lamb's 66 home units, providing accessible supports where needed.
Sowing Lamb Vegetable Gardens in 2010

GardenMaking healthy eating choices is among the many healthy living decisions we support at Lamb Foundation.  Beginning in March, Lamb volunteer residents will plan, plant, maintain and harvest fresh vegetable gardens at various properties on the Lamb Foundation campus.

Our gardens will be part of Suburban Farming Company's Community Garden program, run by owner Ron Zeigler, a former North Penn High School classmate of Lamb Foundation Director Donna Mengel.

We expect to start small. We will plant 2-to-5 gardens, and plan to share our harvest with Lamb Foundation's Cornucopia Cupboard, which provides USDA food units and more to the area's eligible individuals and families.
Individual and Group Therapy Sessions Offered On-Site

Many Lamb residents have been dealt multiple life burdens.  In addition to psychiatric support provided by Dr. Pragma Patel, we have invited counselor Jim Schairer, L.C.S.W., of the Senior Care Behavioral Network, to conduct individual and group therapy sessions on Lamb's campus.

Eligible residents will have no out-of-pocket expense. This new program begins March 15.

Individual sessions involving issues of adjustment, family and relationships, grief and losses, depression and victim survivor concerns will be offered.  Christian-based counseling services will also be available.

In addition, group therapy sessions for relationship building and conflict resolution among housemates will be offered at various men's and women's homes. Separate groups for depression, bi-polar issues, addiction resources, and grief recovery will be held at the Ewes Mews Clubhouse.

To Learn if your Insurance Plans Qualify for These Sessions
  •  Speak with , Lamb Foundation's Health Care Coordinator
  • Call 215-699-5600 and ask for Gina

More to Come

Our second Lamb Foundation Annual Report, detailing our work in 2009 and plans for 2010, will go to print this month; look for a download to be available and e-mail notice in early March.

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