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Artist is New Social Recreation Staff Member
Part-time Jobs Available at the Lamb Foundation
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September 2008
Vol 2, Issue 3

As fall cools our days, I look back at the warmth and joy of summer for Lamb residents. With four successful summer camp sessions and many fun summertime activities behind us, I think about how Lamb's "summer helpers" enrich the lives of our residents.

Also in this issue, help us welcome
new Lamb employee and local artist Vicki Schumann, and find out about 7 open positions for Lamb residents.
story1Children of Lamb Staff Enrich Homelife

Children at Lamb Foundation 
The children of Lamb employees may spend their summers at the Lamb Foundation instead of at a daycare facility. It's one of the benefits of working here, and having children around benefits the Lamb Foundation, too.

These children enrich our lives in many ways. Having children among us at work brings an intergenerational aspect to games and other activities. It's a delight for both men and women who may have had children and lost contact with them, or never had children. My son Danny, now 19 years old, was raised at the Lamb Foundation. Our residents enjoyed playing with him and spending their time with him; everyone was entertained.

This summer we had 15 children as our summer helpers, visiting residents, energizing the home atmosphere, and entertaining us all; 4 of them are my own children. All of the staff's children are a joy to have in our midst and an integral part of life at Lamb. Now that school is back in session, we wait for next summer break for the return of our much-loved summer helpers.

Pictured: Danny O'Connell, Jr. (center, at left) as a youngster with Lamb Residents and at his Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation earlier this month (right).
story2Local Artist is New Social Recreation Staff Member

Vicki Demarco SchumannWe've recently added a new member to our social recreation staff, Victoria DeMarco Schumann. Vicki is a local award-winning artist with a special interest in promoting education in the arts. In her new position, she will help run Lamb's recreation programs and lead art classes at the Ewes Mews Clubhouse.

Vicki will also help with fundraising through the sale of her artwork. She has pledged to donate a percentage of her sales to the Lamb Foundation. Her bright, cheerful, folk art style paintings have been featured in many juried art exhibitions in the Philadelphia area. We're happy to have Vicki as the newest member of the Lamb family.

Pictured: During a recent watercolor class, Vicki (left) helps Nancy with her painting.
story3Part-time Jobs and Volunteer Positions Available at the Lamb Foundation
Inside Sweet Repeats
The Lamb Foundation is hiring up to 7 employees to work at the Sweet Repeats Thrift Shop and Storage Warehouse. Ranging from 5 to 20 hours per week, the positions are open to current and potential Lamb residents.

Positions are available in the following areas:

  • eBay listing and shipping
  • Sorting and recycling textiles
  • Merchandising, maintenance, and customer service
  • Receptionist and greeter
To apply for a position, download an application or call the Lamb Foundation at 215-699-5600.

Thank you for your support.


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Donna Mengel
Lamb Foundation