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October 2011

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Small Business Planning for Growth

 CEO Advisor can help you plan for 2012

A recent survey conducted by Ink from Chase found that 75 percent of small businesses are adding positions and investing in talent despite the uncertain economy, up from 72 percent in 2010. With an optimistic outlook for an economic recovery, 67 percent of small businesses also plan to expand into new U.S. markets as part of their growth strategy.


In addition, 14 percent of SMBs are hiring to upgrade talent, and 59 percent are planning to produce more revenue from existing customers. For 2011, 33 percent of small business owners expect their firms to exceed both revenue and profit goals for the year, while 30 percent expect to meet those goals.


Looking at six months in the future, 51 percent of respondents said their company will likely improve slightly, 23 percent said they expect much better business and 21 percent expect to maintain their current level of business. 2012 represents a tremendous opportunity for small business owners and CEOs who are committed to growth.


CEO Advisor, Inc. provides the expertise and hands-on services to drive your business forward. October through December are the best months to plan and implement growth strategies for 2012. Call CEO Advisor today or email Mark Hartsell, MBA, CEO at for a free initial consultation. 

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"The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them."


Albert Einstein



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    Plan Now to Maximize Profits in 2012


    CEO Advisor can help you increase profits. 

    Most small business owners and CEOs plan to grow their business and increase sales and profits. However, there are certain methods companies must use for implementing a growth strategy. The method a company uses to expand its business is largely contingent upon its financial situation, the competition and specific goals of the CEO, as well as other functions. Some common growth strategies in business include market penetration, market expansion, product expansion, diversification and acquisition.


    Market Penetration

    One growth strategy in business is market penetration. A small business uses a market penetration strategy when it decides to market existing products and services within the same market. The only way to grow using existing products and markets is to increase market share. Market share is the percent of unit and dollar sales a company holds within a certain market vs. all other competitors.


    Market Expansion

    A market expansion growth strategy involves selling current products and services in new markets. There are several reasons why companies consider a market expansion strategy. First, the competition may be such that there is little room for growth within the current market. If a business does not find new markets for its products, it cannot grow or increase sales or profits - in fact, profits will decline over time. A small business may also use a market expansion strategy if it finds new uses for its product and services.


    Product Expansion

    A business may also expand its product line or add new features to increase its sales and profits. When small companies employ a product expansion strategy they continue selling within the existing market. A product expansion growth strategy often works well when technology starts to change. A small business may also be forced to add new products as older ones become obsolete.



    Growth strategies in business also include diversification, where a small company will sell new products to new markets. This type of strategy can be very risky and companies will need to plan carefully when using a diversification growth strategy. Marketing research is essential because a company will need to determine if customers in the new market will potentially like, need and purchase the new products.



    The above strategies focus on organic growth, and most small business owners focus solely on this strategy. Growth strategies in business can also include mergers and acquisitions. With acquisitions, a company purchases another company, or purchases the assets of a company without taking on the liabilities to expand and grow. A small business may also use this type of strategy to expand its product line and enter new markets.


    An acquisition growth strategy can be risky, but not as risky as a diversification strategy. One reason is that the products and market are already established. A company must know exactly what it wants to achieve when using an acquisition strategy, mainly because of the investment required to implement it.


    CEO Advisor specializes in advising and implementing growth strategies to grow small businesses to the next level. Contact Mark Hartsell today at (949) 759-8676 or email for a free initial consultation.




    "As President of a small technology company, I have been very pleased with the services provided by my CEO Advisor. He contributed in many areas, but identified marketing and sales as our primary need. His guidance and contributions have been invaluable in establishing and maintaining a meaningful marketing and sales program for the company. He is a knowledgeable business advisor and a pleasure to work with." 

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