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January 2010

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CEO Advisor, Inc. Advises Two Fastest Growing Companies in Orange County 
CEO Advisors, Inc. - Grow your business to the next level.
CEO Advisor, Inc., a leading business advisory firm serving the needs of CEOs of small and medium-sized companies, announces that two of its clients have been recognized as Fastest Growing Companies in Orange County, CA. 
Tallega Software, LLC ( was recently voted by the Orange County Business Journal as the 11th fastest growing company in Orange County.  Tallega is a leader in document management, document imaging and scanning solutions to create business workflow efficiencies and cost savings to corporate customers.  Tallega Software is headquartered in Irvine, CA.
Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. ( was also voted by the Orange County Business Journal as the 71st fastest growing company in Orange County.  Trinet is a leading full service web design firm in Southern California providing corporate, non-profit and ministries/churches locally and nationwide with online strategy consulting, web design, development, application programming and online marketing services.  Trinet Internet Solutions is headquartered in Irvine, CA and has an East Coast office in the Washington, DC area.
CEO Advisor, Inc. has provided advisory services to the CEOs of both Tallega Software and Trinet Internet Solutions for one year and three-and-a-half years respectively.  As a trusted advisor to the CEOs of these fast growing companies, CEO Advisor, Inc. has provided a complete set of services with a focus on both organic growth and growth through acquisitions, as well as, increased profitability.  Mark Hartsell, CEO of CEO Advisor, Inc. states, "We are a hands-on, focus-driven company adding value to our clients by ensuring they provide top tier expertise in their field to their targeted market segments.  This is the basis for growth and success.
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  • Greetings!
    At CEO Advisor, Inc., our mission is to provide CEOs and business owners of small to mid-size companies the needed focus and expertise, coupled with hands-on work and advice to grow your business.
    With 30 years of business experience from corporate America to funding, growing and selling a software company to a large NASDAQ company, I have the experience to drive your company forward. I have a Masters Degree in Business (MBA) from Loyola University and a certification in Mergers and Acquisitions from Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania.
    To grow your business to the next level, contact Mark Hartsell, MBA, CEO at or visit us at for more information.   
                                Mark Hartsell, MBA
    2010 Business Plan - Survival Mode or Growth Mode?
     Grow your business in 2010 with CEO Advisor

    As we jump into 2010, it's time to do a gut check. What is the proper approach for 2010? Hunker down in survival mode or accelerate forward in growth mode?  After a challenging year for many in 2009, it is easy to fall into survival mode.

    If you operate in survival mode, you tend to lose sight of long-term plans while in your emergency or reactive state. If you're in triage all the time, God help you.  Being oblivious to potential opportunities in 2010 may be worse than dealing with the economy of 2009.

    In the booming economy of the last seven years, mistakes were covered up due to an abundance of money going around. During tougher financial times, a higher premium is placed on those who focus real energy on their business plan. There's nothing like a recession to bring focus to the business and the CEO.  Many others will give up, leaving tremendous opportunities as the economy recovers in 2010. 
    Take a 'gut check' on your business:
    Ask yourself a series of questions.  
    If you could develop and execute one innovative strategy what would it be? What would you do in 2010 if you thought you could not fail? If you had access to additional expertise with clarity on your business, what would you do to increase sales and profits? 
    What will you have to change in 2010?
    Change about the company? Change about your strategy? Change about yourself? Will you need help to make these changes consistently and for the long-term? Do you need help making and executing on these changes?
    Re-evaluate your leadership skills.
    Ask yourself what kind of leadership you need to provide in 2010 to dramatically improve from 2009. Do you need help executing on certain aspects of your business before the year quickly slips away from you? Do you have expertise in all aspects of your business to optimize sales and profits on your own?
    CEO Advisor, Inc. has helped many CEOs and small business owners confront their issues, and grow their business to the next level. Contact us today at (949) 759-8676, by email at or visit
    Client Testimonial 

    "As a small business owner I do not have someone to discuss ideas, details, projections, or forecasting with.  I have really enjoyed working with you these last few months. You are a very smart business advisor with great ideas. Your clients are very fortunate to have you as their trusted advisor. Thanks for everything."
    President/CEO, Technology Services Company 

    Words of Wisdom

    "Nothing focuses the mind better than the constant sight of a competitor who wants to wipe you off the map."

    Wayne Calloway, Chairman/CEO Pepsi

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