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Mar/Apr 2009  Practical Advice to Accelerate Growth and Profits
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CEO Advisor, Inc., a leader in CEO advisory services to small and mid-size business owners, has recently signed several CEOs to its CEO Advisor Program. Now is a great time to join this extremely economical way to grow your business to the next level. Join by March 25th and save $500 on the enrollment fee and attend an all day CEO Advisor Forum at the Balboa Bay Club Resort on March 26th at no charge. 

Mark Hartsell works directly with all CEO clients in the CEO Advisor Program on their individual needs generating results every month. "We are now offering the perfect combination of hands-on, proactive advice and expertise of our full service CEO advisory services with an economical level of expert advice, information exchange and support for CEOs to drive their businesses forward," states Mark Hartsell, MBA, CEO/President of CEO Advisor, Inc.  
The economical 12 month program consists of:
  • 72 Hours of advisory services specifically for CEOs
  • Ten 1 to 1 meetings at the CEO's location throughout the year
  • 2 full-day CEO Advisor Forums
  • A series of twelve conference calls
  • On-going telephone and email advisory services to support the CEO on a weekly basis
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or cancel any time after 90 days with no further obligation.

For further information, please go to
Join today as membership is limited to 10 CEOs!

Words of Wisdom
"Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire."
- Napoleon Hill

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    At CEO Advisor, Inc., our mission is to provide CEOs and business owners of small to mid-size companies the needed focus and expertise, coupled with hands-on advice to grow your business. To take your business to the next level, contact Mark Hartsell, MBA, CEO/President at or visit us at for more information. 
    Seven Keys to Business Success

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    Do you run a business that seems to run you? It does not have to be this way. Here are 7 keys that can improve your business results and help you achieve business success with much less stress. Whether you continue on your business venture on your own or you make the decision to bring in a professional advisor, you must take specific and definite steps to ensure success and growth.
    1. Take Charge
    The first key is to realize that success will not just happen, it is up to you to make it happen. Successful people claim to be in control. They refuse to be victims. They accept responsibility for the results their businesses achieve and take the blame themselves if things go wrong. Discipline, goal setting and focusing on your written goals is critical.
    2. Know Where You Are Going
    Without having specific goals, business owners often find working in the business becomes an endless drudgery. It is exciting and rewarding for those who are really successful. The difference is that these successful business owners have a clear picture of where they are going and each day they can see their business making progress towards their clearly defined goals. 
    3. Marketing is Key
    You will never succeed by being conservative, even in tough economic times. You need to aggressively market and sell to inform and educate prospects and customers about your unique products and services. With many small businesses, there is a tendency to be reactive. If sales slow down, you decide to advertise to address the situation. When work picks up, advertising is stopped. The result of this approach is haphazard marketing which produces haphazard results. Rather than a disorganized approach to marketing, a documented, well planned marketing strategy, budget and schedule can be applied to reach your goals.
    4. Quality and Customer Service
    The difference between a truly successful business and an average business is that successful business leaders live, breathe and preach quality, where the average business leader only pays lip service to it. There are many companies that have built their reputation on the quality of the service they provide as much as the products they sell. Highly satisfied customers come back and refer others with enthusiasm.
    5. Training, Training, Training
    When we start a business based on our own unique skills, we have a difficult choice when we get too busy to cope with all the work our expertise has created. We need to spread the load by employing others to perpetuate and accelerate the growth of the business. If the business owner gets this right, the future of the business is assured but, if it goes wrong, the business is typically doomed.
    6. Keep Score
    The greatest danger in a growing business is for the owner to lose control. This fear causes many to choose to stay small because they do not want the worries of growing too large.
    What you can measure and track, you can improve!  A business' performance needs to be managed, tracked and controlled. So many business owners worry about getting the work done, but they don't measure results, they don't keep score.  Keeping the score indicates how well the business is progressing towards achieving its goals.
    The most critical aspect of keeping score is to understand, track and analyze your operational efficiency, financial statements and budgeted expenses.  Set operational goals and budgets, create a forecast, and track and compare your forecast to actual financial results on a monthly basis. If tracking operational results, forecasting and analyzing financial statements are not your area of expertise, hire a trusted advisor for 3 or more months to help you profitably grow your business.
    7. Celebrate Your Victories
    Regeneration of our physical and emotional resources comes when we celebrate victories. One of the problems we have in small business is that we think we are too busy to take time off to celebrate. 
    Implementing the keys to unlock the profit potential in your business could be what you need to end the frustration you feel from trying to build your business. Bringing in a trusted advisor for 3 to 12 months can make a tremendous difference in setting and achieving your goals, getting hands-on help and gaining the senior level camaraderie you need to make your business the fulfilling venture you envisioned.
    CEO Advisor, Inc. provides CEO advisory services, including business and strategic planning, operational efficiencies, sales planning and team building, mergers and acquisitions and other services to CEOs and owners of small and mid-size companies. Contact Mark Hartsell, MBA, at today for a free consultation.
    Client Testimonial 

    "CEO Advisor, Inc. has been acting as our advisor in the marketing and sales area for over the past 3 months. Mark Hartsell has been helping me to establish a Marketing and Sales Plan to grow our business.  He has been extremely valuable in guiding me (and directly assisting me) in this work. There is no way I would have been able to get where I am today without his help. I highly recommend his services."
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