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November 2007
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Increase Sales with Five Powerful Referral Tips

Strategize, Plan and Forecast Now for '08

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Increase Sales with Five Powerful Referral Tips

Why is it that some business owners and sales professionals are consistently more successful, while others, putting in the same hours and selling the same products struggle each month financially to make ends meet? As a business owner or CEO, you must know the answer to this question is painfully simple; the successful business owner or sales professional spends more time on the telephone and never forgets to ask for referrals! Five Powerful Prospecting Tips to Build Your Business Tip One: Don't Forget to Ask for Referrals When it comes to asking for referrals, timing is everything. Research indicates that the most effective time to ask for referrals is right after you've made the sale or provided a valuable service for your customer. Once the sale has been completed, your customer will be on an "emotional high" and far more receptive to the idea of providing you referrals. Tip Two: Guide and Reward Your Advocates An advocate is a person who's willing to go out of his or her way to recommend you to a friend or associate. Always take the time to thank your advocates and give them feedback on the status of their referrals. Tip Three: Strike While the Iron is HOT Prospects, like food in your refrigerator, are perishable and therefore need to be contacted quickly. Each day you let slip by without making the initial contact with your referral dramatically reduces the probability of you making the sale. Tip Four: Track Your Referrals It's critical to have a client contact management system (CRM Software like to record your referrals, your remarks and track future contacts, appointments and sales. Tip Five: Schedule a Minimum of Three-Hours a Day for Phone Calling Make your phone calls in the morning while you and your referrals are both fresh and alert. Treat your prospecting time with the same focus you would give to any other important aspect of your business. For more information, call (949) 759-8676.


Our mission is to provide CEO's and business owners of small to mid-size companies the needed focus and expertise, coupled with hands-on advice, to grow your business. To take your business to the next level, call Mark Hartsell, MBA, President at (949) 759-8676 or visit us at for more information.

  • Strategize, Plan and Forecast Now for '08
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    A Business Plan and Forecast is the foundation, or rather a springboard, towards the needed growth of your business. A business plan is an essential tool for companies raising capital - debt or equity - and your Business Plan needs to precisely articulate how you will grow your business over a one to three year period. Success Through Preparation, Planning and Execution Most importantly, the annual business planning process sets sales goals, ensures proper pricing and gross profit, aligns operating expenses to maximize net profits and focuses you and your business on priorities while avoiding wasted time, energy and resources. Using information from your financials, coupled with a well thought out Forecast of the coming year(s), is critical to achieving goals and making decisions to grow your business. Your Business Plan should be professionally prepared and be instrumental in running your business. It should also meet the needs of both Venture Capitalists and Angel investors, as well as, banks and high net worth individuals if you are fundraising. In your Business Plan, you should be able to see your own business through the investor's eye. Your Business Plan and Forecast must answer the critical questions and concerns of an investor. Forecast You must create a Forecast of one to three years as part of your Business Plan to ensure you have a profitable business model. To do this you must set sales and profit goals, set a marketing budget and define requirements for your business. The Forecast is critical for all fund raising activities, as well. Disaster Avoidance Business failure is due to lack of planning. Without proper focus, planning, goal setting and forecasting, your odds of a disastrous year or even failure increases tremendously. Failing to plan is planning to fail, as the saying goes, so seek a professional to help ensure your path to success. CEO Advisor, Inc. provides extensive expertise and services to strategize, plan and forecast for the coming year. Visit us at for more information or call Mark Hartsell at (949) 759-8676 for a free consultation.

  • Client Testimonial
  • Over a one year period, Mark helped me to understand what my role entailed. Together, we segmented my numerous headaches into achievable goals. I learned to focus on specific issues and predict obstacles by looking at my business in monthly and yearly models. Mark taught me how to understand financial reports as well as the implication of spending. I now understand how to measure the performance of my company and profitably grow my business. CEO, Web Service Company

  • Words of Wisdom
  • "You can't overestimate the need to plan and prepare. In most of the mistakes I've made, there has been this common theme of inadequate planning beforehand. You really can't over-prepare in business!"
                                            - Chris Corrigan

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