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Association Allies... Partners for simplified self-management
ASSOCIATION ALLIES... Partners for simplified self-management
Association Advocates Inc.
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Help has arrived for Boards trying to go it alone!
Life preserver Increase efficiency, transparency and owner satisfaction while decreasing liability, time and Board burnout. 

At Association Advocates Inc. (AAI), we understand the many frustrations experienced by volunteer Boards.  Most are thrown in the water and expected to sink or swim!  It is a daunting task to have to instantly become an accountant, handyman, attorney and decision maker without proper training. 

Boards need guidance to stay in compliance with the  ever changing Illinois Condominium Property Act (ICPA), but smaller associations often find that professional management may be cost prohibitive.  Now you have an alternative with access to the services you deserve at the prices you can afford.

Association Allies... Partners for simplified self-management is an extension of our training services and is designed to help Boards understand their unique needs and assemble the trusted team to meet them. 
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We pre-qualify responsive, experienced and reliable strategic partners in the crucial areas of maintenance, financial, insurance and legal services. Special discounted pricing and/or free initial consultations are negotiated on behalf of our AAI clients.

Then we help you work with those Partners, so you can expect an increased level of service, transparency and efficiency benefiting all owners and decreased time required by the Board. 

Learn more about Association Allies below.  Give us a call to see how we can throw a lifeline to help your Association get out of turbulent waters. 


Shirley Feldmann & Angela Falzone
Association Advocates Inc.

P.S.  Industry vendors interested in becoming a strategic partner to service AAI clients are welcome to contact us.
Partners for simplified self-management

There are several key property management aspects to creating a solid infrastructure for every Association:

AAI small B&W logo       Administrative/Protocols
       Property Maintenance

A trained Board that receives guidance from professionals in these areas of expertise increases efficiency for all parties,  resulting in lower costs and increased services to your Association.

  Board confidence that it has a place to turn to for answers
  Timely responsiveness by trusted condo professionals
  Guidance on how to self-manage efficiently & accurately
  Compliance with annual ICPA minimum requirements
  Cost effective options customized to each Association
  Decreased liability, time and Board burnout
  Increased efficiency, transparency & owner satisfaction


  AAI "Management Coaching" for overall guidance
  Accounting firm to oversee monthly financial transactions
  Maintenance firm for emergency & property oversight
  Legal guidance for developer, owner & collection issues
  Insurance review to ensure ICPA compliance

  Guidance to Board to meet fiduciary obligations
  Practical management guidance and protocols
  Assessment collection, bill payment & monthly reporting
  Owner ledgers for collection proceedings & unit sales
  Budget & Annual Meeting guidance
  24/7 Emergency response service
  Inspections, repairs & preventative maintenance
  Loan & project management
  Assistance with sales, leasing & move in/out procedures
  Insurance guidance on Association vs. Homeowner issues

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  All Partner services are optional and are not contingent on each other. 
  Partner discounts are provided to current AAI retainer clients or services may be contracted at Partner's normal rates. 
  Proposals will be provided by the applicable vendor partner to the Board for services they deem necessary.  Contracts would be directly between Association and vendor
, as requested.

Absolutely no referral, commissions or other fees are involved among any of the parties.  All discounts directly benefit client Associations!

Call today to request a proposal to meet the specific needs of your Association!   

Association Allies... Partners for simplified self-management
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Association Advocates Inc.
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Shirley Feldmann, President
:  773.348.0742
Angela Falzone, Property Consultant:  847.685.0710