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Trends change and jobs come and go and making your talent your biggest asset. Being focused on promoting your talent and your career is the best effort for to achieve your goals. To that end these CTN contest opportunities are specifically engineered to contribute in a quality way to the growth of students  who are striving to work in this profession and professionals who plan on continuing to work in this profession.    Give your talent regular feedings.  


ctnx10 May | Cal State University Long Beach (CSULB) and DreamWorks Animation "Understanding Your Character for Animation" CTN has partnered twith CSULB and DreamWorks o offer you a chance to win a two week intensive workshop. Dreamworks Animation is co- sponsoring this character animation workshop with CSU Summer Arts in Monterey Bay, CA to be held from July 16 - July 28.

The winner will receive one full ride scholarship (Dollar Value $1800 - Career Opportunity Value "Priceless"). Based on a portfolio review one applicant will be chosen on or before June 5th.

To apply for this CSULB / DreamWorks Career Opportunity click on the "sign up here"  link below and and you will receive a portfolio link to register as an artist and then upload your portfolio images and/or demo reel and resume.  SIGN UP HERE




ctnx10May | The Art Department (TAD) "GREENLIGHT SUMMIT" an amazing live, digital streaming entertainment summit with 100 incredible industry leaders, artists and visionaries sharing truth in gripping talks, brilliant keynotes, demonstrations, greenlight pitch sessions, realtime networking, LIVE. (Dollar Value $500.00 - Career Opportunity Value "Priceless")    

Congratulations to the Winner:  Keith Mann



ctnx10 April | Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) "ANIMATION MASTER CLASS"  taught by legendary traditional animator and director Eric Goldberg. This was an incredible exclusive opportunity that was limited to 16 students.  (Dollar Value $2500.00 - Career Opportunity Value "Priceless")    

Congratulations to the Winner:  Anthony Gutierrez  



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"Career Opportunity Focus"  at your school.... 


Welcome Character Designer Dattaraj Kamat to CTN from India
What job title do you use?  
Character designer. Although I have worked on some of the projects as background artist and CG character designer as well. But as they are still under pre-production stage and untitled, I cannot publish that work.


Where you are living?   I am currently based in Goa, A beautiful nature clad place on the west coast of India!

Where do you work or do you work from a home studio?  
Both actually. I teach 'character designing' and 'illustration' at AandA school, Goa and other times I work from my home studio.

When did you begin creating designs or working in the animation industry? 
I began my career in animation in the year 2008 when I joined UTV Motion pictures on their animated feature Film.


Who do you feel has inspired you the most? 
Glen keane, Ian McCaig and Illustrators like Heinrich Kley and Wilhelm M.Busch, have inspired me a lot since my animation school days.

Also I am very much inspired by some of today's brilliant artists like Sean Galloway, Florian Satzinger, Otto Schmidt and Shane Glines.


For more information and to welcome Dattaraj Kamat to CTN:  







Welcome Story Board Artist Brian Kesinger and his Tea Girls to CTN from California USA

Tell us a little about who you are. Where do you work? What job title do you do? 


My name is Brian Kesinger, I am a story artist at Walt Disney Animation studios. 


When did you begin creating and working in the animation industry? 


 I started at Disney almost 16 years ago at the age of 18. I was very much a fan of Disney animation and was fortunate to have the opportunity of working there when I did. At that time I was a Layout trainee on Tarzan and it was a tremendous learning experience for me not just as an artist but as a professional. I sometime joke that I grew up at Disney, seeing as how I have spent almost half my life here!  


Where do you work now or do you work from a home studio? 


 4 years ago I was able to transition into the story department on Winnie The Pooh. It was sure an interesting experience being a trainee again. I was now thirty and had a wife and two kids, and there was no way I was going to be able to pull the all-nighters like I did when I was 18! I was however armed with my layout experience in staging and composition and that coupled with the extremely collaborative and supportive story artists got me to where am I today. Even though I've worked in story on a few projects in story and a lot of films in layout I still feel like a trainee which I think has contributed to my career here at the studio.  


Who do you feel has inspired you the most? 


 I feel I am most inspired by my co-workers and the animation community in general. It is the constant effort to better oneself that is so crucial to your success as an artist and I see that everyday in the story artists I work with and I can't help but follow their example. I've also been inspired by CTN members like Craig Elliott and Robh Ruppel who have found a balance between professional and personal art and I hope to follow in their successful footsteps.    
What are you currently working on?


I've been asked to put on my layout hat and help the "Wreck It Ralph" production to help complete the layout portion of the film and after that I will be going back to story helping to develop future projects for the studio

Do you prefer creating for yourself, for independent small studios, or large format big studios and why? 


I love the collaboration that comes with animation production. I love the feeling you get when you see your work elevated to new levels by other departments in the process of making a film. I come from a family of musicians and I compare it to the sound one makes as a soloist as opposed to the sound made by an orchestra and I much prefer the orchestration of artists in an animation studio. That being said, it is very nice at the end of a long day in the story room going over revision on top of revision to come home and just draw for myself, no notes no feed back, just fun. It is the after-hours pursuits that have yielded some nice results that helps get my name out there in the community as an individual artist. 


What is your medium of choice for storytelling and why? 2D, 3D, stop motion, book ctnx10 illustration or all of the above? 


I will have to say all of the above because I would say that my favorite choice of storytelling is visual storytelling. A picture is worth a thousand words and what I love about animation and illustration is that you have the opportunity to tell compelling and emotional stories with just a few pencil strokes, mouse clicks or by puppeteering pieces of foam and clay in front of a camera. I have been a film buff my whole life so if I would have to pick I would say that filmmaking is my favorite forum to create in.

What would you like to be achieve in the next 5 years? 


Well I have been developing a few stories of my own and I hope to soon lead the charge in the creation of those films in our studio 


How did you first hear of The Creative Talent Network and what are your expectations and goals from being a member? 


I was fortunate to work with Tina Price at Disney on a few projects and was so impressed with what she has created and what CTN has become. Also some of my co-workers are members as well so it is nice to be a part of the club.

For more information about Brian Kesinger and to welcome him to CTN:
ctnx10Welcome Illustrator Wouter Tulp from Holland 


What job title do you use? 
I am an illustrator and character designer. 


Where do you work or do you work from a home studio? 


I work freelance from my home studio. 


When did you begin creating designs or working in the animation industry? 


I attended the Willem de Kooning Academy from 1997-2001 and started working professionally from the moment I graduated.

Who do you feel has inspired you the most?

Tough question, since I am inspired by many artists from past to present... to name a few: John Singer Sargent, Norman Rockwell, David Levine, Carter Goodrich, Buck Lewis and Glen Keane.

What are you currently working on?
At the moment I am working on small freelance projects.ctnx10

Do you prefer creating for yourself, for independent small studios, or large format big studios and why?

What I love to do is to tell stories with my art. Peter the Sève once told me: "I create stories that last only one drawing", I can really relate to that.

I want to create art that is true and passionate. Art that is hopefully able to touch people. Being able to put my heart into my work is most important. Doing this in a big or a small project is equally important to me.

What is your medium of choice for storytelling and why? 2D, 3D, stop motion, book illustration or all of the above.

I am at my best in the development phase. To read a script or story and come up with visual ideas for the characters , the environment or the moods. Letting my imagination explore many possibilities on a certain subject.

ctnx10 I do this as an illustrator, with pencils on paper, or digitally. These concepts can be used for any type of animation.

What would you like to be achieve in the next 5 years?

To inspire and be inspired, to challenge and be challenged by great artists in the industry. To get my name out there and work on beautiful projects in animation.

How did you first hear of The Creative Talent Network and what are your expectations, goals and feelings about being a member?

I heard of CTN the first time when the first convention was held. I intend to attend this year. I hope being a member helps me to connect with other artists, share experiences and inspire each other. I look forward to meeting many colleagues at the convention.

For more information and to welcome Wouter Tulp to CTN:  



Late Night with "Lion King" at CTN eXpo 2011

 ctnx10  Shown above: Lion King Art Director Andy Gaskill and Co-Writer Irene Mecchi.


Listen to the contributions of these amazing talents in 1994 who were lead creatives on the original "Lion King" feature film which has gone on to earn a world wide gross of over $928,475,367. 


Helping us share the CTN spirit one artist at a time,   

The Team@CTN 

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