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About Julie Matthews

Julie Matthews is an internationally respected US autism nutrition specialist and Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) Practitioner. She is the author of the award-winning book Nourishing Hope for Autism.
Julie provides parents and clinicians with the scientific understanding of why diets help autism, and offers practical guidance for effective nutrition intervention.

She supports parents, nutritionists, and physicians from her private practice in San Francisco. Julie presents at the leading biomedical autism conferences, publishes articles, teaches cooking classes, and hosts two radio programs. She is dedicated to helping improve the health and well being of children with autism.

Award Winning
Autism Nutrition Guide

Nourishing Hope
for Autism

by Julie Matthews,
Autism Nutrition Specialist

Autism diet intervention guide for parents and clinicians. Provides the scientific WHY and HOW various diets help children recover from the symptoms of autism and contains a step-by-step nutrition guide for successful diet implementation that stems from extensive clinical experience with parents and professionals.

Read about the BOOK AWARD in The Examiner


What they're saying...

"AWESOME Autism Diet Guide"

"Get it! First book that gives a parent ALL the information to correctly put an autism diet into place."

"If you are new to the world of Autism, or new to Biomedical treatments, this is the book you need!"

"THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE for anyone who has a child on the spectrum."

"The author is right on the money with everything she says."

Spectrum Magazine


Autism Diet & Nutrition Consultation

Julie is currently accepting new clients into her nutrition practice. To learn about customized one-on-one support, click the link below.

Julie supports families around the world via Skype

Autism Nutrition
Cookbook & DVD

by Julie Matthews

Inspiring 4 hour LIVE nutrition and cooking class. Ideal learning for those wanting a thorough understanding of how to successfully cook for autism diets; how to provide adequate nutrition, how to address food restrictions and sensitivities, and how to create meals families (and picky eaters) will love. Cookbook with autism diet recipes and accompanying DVD.


Parents' comments...

"Gold mine if you need practical info about cooking special diets for autism-spectrum disorders"

"I now have the confidence that my son will eat my nutritious food without any problems."

"This class is one of a kind not to be missed! It is easily accessible, well-organized with clear written guides and tastes that motivate behavior changes."

Autism Diet Community

Do you ever wish there were answers to your autism diet, nutrition, food, and cooking questions? Now there are!

As an autism diet specialist, Julie is dedicated to helping parents support the health and healing of their children with autism. She responds to diet and nutrition questions on our discussion boards at our new Facebook group: NOURISHING HOPE FOR AUTISM DIET COMMUNITY.

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Dear Parents, Friends, and Colleagues,

We recently attended our first autism conference post-baby - The Autism One/Generation Rescue Conference in Chicago. From traveling with Ruby (even with an 7 hour delay) to presenting at the conference, it was a great success all around!

We are announcing some exciting new programs and events today. 
In wellness,

Julie Matthews

Sally Fallon Morell LIVE in the Bay Area - SATURDAY
and on the Air with Julie and Martin - Thursday

Listen to Sally Fallon Morell with Julie and Martin on Reality Sandwich, their San Francisco radio program, LIVE this Thursday @ Noon Pacific Time.  Sally will be speaking about Nourishing Traditional Diets for Babies to promote her upcoming even this Saturday in Marin.  Live from 12-1pm PT this Thursday June 10th on 89.5 FM in San Francisco, or streaming at

Call in to the radio show and ask Sally a question 415-346-5376. 

Join Sally LIVE - Saturday, June 12th in Marin


In partnership with Pediatric Alternatives, Sally Fallon Morell, author of Nourishing Traditions, will be speaking from 1:00 to 5:00 PM on Nourishing Traditional Diets for Babies.

Learn the principles of nourishing traditional diets for pre-conception, pregnancy, nursing and feeding babies. Nutrient-dense foods such as egg yolks, butter, cod liver oil, whole raw milk, bone broths, liver and sea food can ensure the optimal physical and mental development of your offspring. Learn why high-cholesterol foods are absolutely critical for the development of baby's body and brain.

This presentation will highlight the dietary principles that kept nonindustrialized peoples healthy generation after generation, and will also provide practical advice for modern parents, including how to introduce foods to babies to avoid allergies and digestive problems.

The event will be held at:
Olney Hall, College of Marin
835 College Avenue, Kentfield, CA

Purchase tickets online  or call the box office at 1-800-595-4849

Implementing Autism Diets by Julie Matthews

CLICK the image below to read Julie's latest Autism Diet article from the internationally renowned publication The Autism File.

CLICK the image ABOVE to READ...(or here)

Announcing FREE Weekly Webinars!
and Nutrition for Autism
with Julie Matthews of Nourishing Hope

In partnership with Generation Rescue, Nourishing Hope presents Autism Diet and Nutrition Webinars for those following any special diet. Each week Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant and Autism Diet Specialist, will conduct FREE educational webinars for parents and caregivers to learn and become more effective with their dietary strategies. Topics will range from beginner GFCF implementation to advanced diet discussions focused on other special autism diets, as well as entire Q&A sessions dedicated to having your questions answered.  This is an hour each week dedicated to you for nutrition learning, guidance, advice and at-home support.

Join us every Tuesday at 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern) and be sure to tell a friend.

Nutrition for Your Healthy Pregnancy
COMING This Fall...Webinar Series 

Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition
with Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant


Wednesday Evenings (Beginning September 15th) - 6 Consecutive Week
6:30-8:00pm Pacific Time (9:30-11:00pm Eastern)

Topics include:
  • Nutrition for Pregnancy & Building Nutrient Reserves
  • Digestion
  • Detoxification & A Healthy Environment
  • Postpartum
  • Healthy Babies & Children
This is the same class material as Julie's live workshop (with newly expanded content) in a webinar format.

For more details see:

to Tanya Thom!!!

Winner of ONE-YEAR of Autism Diet & Nutrition Support with Julie.

Tanya's name was drawn from among hundreds of entrants in the special Generation Rescue raffle at the Autism One/Generation Rescue Conference last weekend in Chicago. Tanya also receives a set of Julie Autism Diet & Nutrition Learning Tools.


CLICK the image below to receive a FREE COPY of the book, Autism Tomorrow. Julie Matthews authored the chapter on Autism Diet and Nutrition.

Ruby Matthews shares the stage with Mom (Julie) in Chicago...

At just 10 weeks old, baby Ruby accompanied mom to the Autism One/Generation Rescue Conference last weekend in Chicago. Clearly Ruby's inherited Mom's health-focus, as she appears to be reaching for an apple!!!


Julie Matthews is not a physician and not a registered dietitian.  She does not diagnose or treat disease. This information is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional and is not intended to provide medical advice.  For medical advice, always seek a physician. This information is intended solely as a sharing of knowledge and information based upon the experience and research of Julie Matthews and the Nourishing Hope for Autism team.