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About Julie Matthews

Julie Matthews is an internationally respected US autism nutrition specialist and Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) Practitioner. She is the author of Nourishing Hope for Autism.
Julie provides parents and clinicians with the scientific understanding of why diets help autism, and offers practical guidance for effective nutrition intervention.

She supports parents, nutritionists, and physicians from her private practice in San Francisco. Julie presents at the leading biomedical autism conferences, publishes articles, teaches cooking classes, and hosts two radio programs. She is dedicated to helping improve the health and well being of children with autism.

LISTEN TO an Interview
with Julie - August 5th on BlogTalkRadio

Julie was interviewed by Rose Cole, of on her BlogTalk radio program.

Send this to those needing to learn WHY diet helps autism.

Award Winning
Autism Nutrition Guide

Nourishing Hope
for Autism

by Julie Matthews,
Autism Nutrition Specialist

Autism diet intervention guide for parents and clinicians. Provides the scientific WHY and HOW various diets help children recover from the symptoms of autism and contains a step-by-step nutrition guide for successful diet implementation that stems from extensive clinical experience with parents and professionals.

Read about the BOOK AWARD in The Examiner


What they're saying...

"AWESOME Autism Diet Guide"

"Get it! First book that gives a parent ALL the information to correctly put an autism diet into place."

"If you are new to the world of Autism, or new to Biomedical treatments, this is the book you need!"

"THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE for anyone who has a child on the spectrum."

"The author is right on the money with everything she says."

"Julie makes the various diet possibilities understandable."

in Spectrum Magazine


and receive Julie's
Diet for Autism

Article from
The Autism File Magazine
Autism Nutrition
& Cooking DVD

by Julie Matthews

Inspiring 4 hour LIVE nutrition and cooking class. Ideal learning for those wanting a thorough understanding of how to successfully cook for autism diets; how to provide adequate nutrition, how to address food restrictions and sensitivities, and how to create meals families (and picky eaters) will love. DVD includes workbook with autism diet recipes.


Parents' comments...

"Gold mine if you need practical info about cooking special diets for autism-spectrum disorders"

"I now have the confidence that my son will eat my nutritious food without any problems."

"This class is one of a kind not to be missed! It is easily accessible, well-organized with clear written guides and tastes that motivate behavior changes."

Nourishing Hope

Julie Matthews and Nourishing Hope for Autism are expanding collaborations with our friends at Generation Rescue, Autism One, and other. Look for more ready access to helpful autism diet and nutrition support information, research, cooking instruction, help for picky eaters, and well as more question/answers, group meetings, vendor discounts, community building and support.

Autism Diet Community

Do you ever wish there were answers to your autism diet, nutrition, food, and cooking questions? Now there are!

As an autism diet specialist, Julie is dedicated to helping parents support the health and healing of their children with autism. She will respond to diet and nutrition questions each week on our discussion boards at our new Facebook group: NOURISHING HOPE FOR AUTISM DIET COMMUNITY.

As a member of the autism diet community, you will receive current diet information, practical implementation techniques, meal planning instruction, recipes, recovery stories, and a place to connect with parents who are also applying autism diets to their daily life.  Join Julie as she reaches out to parents while they are at home, work and on their Blackberries! 

Nourishing Hope for Autism is for anyone who believes that food matters and that healing is possible for our children. Together we comprise a community of support, where hope meets action and kids get better. We encourage moms, dads, grandparents, clinicians, and others who employ nutritional intervention to connect with one another to share insight, resources, and inspiration.

No matter which "autism diet" you are following, if you are eating or feeding others strategically and intentionally - you are nourishing hope.

Come join others on Facebook - click the image above.
Autism Nutrition Consultation

Julie is currently accepting new clients into her nutrition practice. To learn about customized one-on-one support, click the link below.

Autism Diet & Nutrition @

See Julie in the documentary
by Gary Null...


Now ALL PARENTS can have access to an experienced Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) doctor, and quality biomedical treatment tools and resources.

Julie is delighted to collaborate with Dr. Kurt Woeller, who has been applying biomedical treatments as a Defeat Autism Now! doctor for more than ten years. His Autism Action Plan web portal is the first and only "doctor-driven" site created to assist you in the biomedical treatment of your child. Using internationally respected Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) protocols, Doctor Woeller presents a comprehensive, interactive, community for the education and step-by-step instruction of biomedical autism intervention to help you treat and potentially recover your child from autism or an autism-spectrum disorder. provides a one-stop environment where you get the tools, education, resources and empowerment to implement biomedical autism intervention to help your child.

Autism Action Plan Includes:
  • 12 Week Action Plan
  • Live Video Chat With Biomedical Autism Specialist, Dr. Kurt Woeller
  • Parent Forum/Chat Room
  • Doctor-Driven Biomedical Autism Treatment Education, Resources and Tools
  • Video Lectures
  • Instructional Videos
  • Biomedical Protocols
  • Downloadable Prescription Forms & Learning Guides
  • Lab Tests and Lab Test Interpretations
  • Autism-Specific Resources
  • Audio Blog
  • Biomedical Troubleshooting
  • Empowerment to Treat & Even Recover Your Child From Autism
  • Therapies Covered: Methyl B-12, Heavy Metals, Supplements, Yeast & Bacteria,
  • Digestive Problems and More

One parent's opinion...

"What a GREAT website!! I can't believe how much information you have collected and placed on this site.  It's amazing!!  I wish this was  here  when I was starting out. This is the first Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) doctor - involved message board - which is HUGE to the community. As Jenny McCarthy says, when her  son was diagnosed, there was no "here's what to do" brochure. The 12 Week Action Plan is it!"

We certainly recommend you consider Dr. Woeller's Autism Action Plan. I have many clients who are finding it to be great help as they learn about and navigate biomedical interventions. And, you might just find Julie "sitting in" during a LIVE Q&A session...
Neocate is GMO Free!

I was relieved to find out that Neocate products are GMO-free and safe with corn allergies!  

Children with gastrointestinal impairment (and those who often don't eat adequate solid foods to meet their nutritional needs) often benefit from Neocate Junior.  It is a "hypoallergenic amino acid-based medical food" (a powdered formula) that is gluten-, casein-, and soy-free.  Because it contains free amino acids and not larger proteins, it is tolerated by most children with GI inflammation and food intolerances. 

However, many parents have concerns because it contains corn syrup solids as a main ingredient.  As a nutrition consultant, my concern with corn is that corn is often genetically modified and a common allergen. For more on the dangers of GMO (genetically modified organisms), see the following article.

Recently, I learned out that Neocate products are indeed, GMO-free!  Here is a statement from Nutricia, the company who makes Neocate: "The corn syrup solids found in Nutricia North America's Neocate products are derived from native, or non-GMO, corn sources.

Neocate contains only very highly refined ingredients and contains only corn syrup solids as an ingredient that has been derived from corn. All corn syrup solids used in Neocate are derived from native corn (non-genetically modified or traditional). The corn is subject to control measures to ensure that it is segregated at all points of production from genetically modified varieties to limit cross- contamination."

Additionally, Neocate is safe for use with a corn allergy according to the company.  Nutricia states Neocate, "is appropriate and often used for kids with corn allergies. It has no whole proteins or even peptides so it is safe for kids with very extensive food allergies. The CSS are simply the glucose naturally found in corn and serve as the carbohydrate component. There are no corn proteins included which makes Neocate safe for a child with an allergy to corn."

While I prefer whole nutritious foods, often medical nutrition products like Neocate are necessary for children with multiple food sensitivities, inflammed/impaired gastrointestinal system, and as a way to round out and ensure good nutritional intake while following an autism diet.  It's good to know that the corn in Neocate should be tolerated by most children.


of Julie on

Biomedical Resources

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Dear Parents, Friends, and Colleagues,
Join me in having hope for autism.

Everyday, more people are remembering that food and nutrition affect health and healing. Through internet groups, social gatherings, and one to one conversations, they are learning and taking action. Improvements are being seen and children are getting better.

We're approaching 1500 people in our Autism Diet Community - parents, caregivers, clinicians...all of whom believe in and practice the art and science of nourishing hope (have you joined? CLICK).

Throughout the autism community collaborations are forming (A1/GR), online communities are building, nutrition training and cooking to heal workshops are occurring at DAN!, and (despite what the "mainstream" says) more science supports having hope for recovery and for improved quality of life.

In this newsletter, I announce my giveaway of autism diet support tools, report on recent travels and conferences, offer autism diet articles and insights, provide you a delicious and nutritious recipe to try, and offer a collection of hopeful news coverage. I remain committed to supporting the autism community - together we can help children heal and feel better.
In wellness,

Julie Matthews

Book & DVD    Giveaway WINNERS !!!

to the winners of our recent Givaway!

  • 10 Nourishing Hope Autism Diet Books 
  • 10 Cooking to Heal DVDs 
  • Diet Consultation Package w/ Julie
Free Books go to: Dawn Simon, Veronica Walker, Denise Ward, Darlene Voss, Heather Tidwell, Angele Fish, Paul Virtue, Kiele Pennington, Carol Sweet, and Elizabeth Scott.

Free DVDs go to: Amy Hollopeter, Nancy Hammerman, Theresa Stoops, Hopemom, Alan Villreal, Lourie Baumann, Jamie Baumgartner, Vince DeLong, Suzette Blackwell, and Abby Smith.

And a Free Consultation package goes to: Valerie Smith

Thank you ALL for entering... We are delighted to aid your journey and progress with diet and nutrition intervention. Please share your learning and progress on our community Facebook Group.

Thank you for nourishing hope!

Be on the Radio with Julie and Martin

Join Julie and Martin on their San Francisco radio program LIVE this Thursday @ Noon Pacific Time. If you'd like to share a positive experience with Autism Diet/Recovery AND can be available between 12-1pm PT this Thursday August 13th, please e-mail us with your name and telephone number. The show airs LIVE and can be heard at 89.5 FM in San Francisco, or streaming at

Nourishing Hope in Australia
In May, Julie (and Martin) visited Australia. Julie was a keynote speaker at the 2009 Mindd International Forum in Sydney, along with Drs. Mumper and Jepson. All three visiting ARI/Defeat Autism Now! presenters led education sessions both with parents and local clinicians. Interest in bio-medicine and access to information about integrative approaches is on the rise in Australia - the Mindd Foundation is leading this charge. Kudos to Leslie Embersits and her passionate team for bringing biomed to an entire country - never underestimate what a Mom can do!

The Mindd conference included parents and science sessions, and an interactive afternoon with cooking demonstrations, sweet and savory samples for everyone, and kids cooking up too! Julie was making up nutrient dense burgers and discussing fermented foods, and more. It was a great time!

We found that interest in this learning is high and that those who learn, try, and see positive results are eager to share knowledge with others.

A group of warrior moms in Canberra, Australia's capital city, also invited Julie to speak to their group of 80 local moms and caregivers. They even got the Canberra newspaper to do an article, CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE, and Julie was on the radio too!


Here are some of our Photos from Australia..

Julie Speaking at the Mindd Conference in Sydney

Visiting grass-fed cows in the Australian countryside

Seeing the sights!

Spreading hope - far and wide!

FitParent Magazine runs Autism Diet article by Julie Matthews...

"As children recover from autism, it's becoming extremely clear and medically proven that autism is treatable."

CLICK the image ABOVE to READ...(or here)

Julie Presents at USAAA in Los Angeles

Julie had the privilege to connect with hundreds of parents and practitioners at the US Autism & Asperger Associationfrom July 10-12. She presented both from her book, Nourishing Hope for Autism, and cooking DVD, Cooking To Heal. Conference presentations generally focus on explaining the what and why behind how nutrition affects autism, and sharing actionable insights (how) for getting started or progressing with special autism diets.  The aim is that people leave believing that diet makes a difference, and become empowered at nourishing hope.

Julie and Larry Kaplan, USAAA Executive Director

Nourishing Hope partnered up with our friends at Generation Rescue to make copies of Julie's autism diet support tools available to conference goers. Julie spent time connecting with parents, answering questions, and making new acquaintances.

Check out Revita-Pop!

Vitamin B12 is crucial for those with autism - now children can get it in a lollypop!  

Developed by a father who recovered from symptoms of ADHD and Irritable Bowel, and whose child recovered from autism, revitaPOP offers a simple, convenient and easy way to effectively replenish your body with methylcobalamin (MB12), the only neurologically active version of vitamin B12.  MB12 is a very unique vitamin and deficiency can affect vision, intestinal function, the ability to protect against infections and toxins, nerve functioning, and DNA replication. This lollipop administration and its unique blend of organic, gluten free and casein free ingredients are designed to provide both easy absorption and adhere to the GFCF diet.  If you would like to buy or find our more about the revitaPOP, please visit their website

SAMPLE Nutritious Recipe from Cooking To Heal...

Kids...and Moms, Dads, and siblings are raving about these tasty and nutritious burgers...

Here's what one Mom just wrote to me...

"Hi Julie! It was nice talking with you at the ASA conference! (Chicago) After talking you up after the DAN conference in Oklahoma (June) my husband had doubts. I cooked everything on the handout you provided and my kids loved it all. I finally got up the nerve to try the liver burgers, and was told by my 6 year old and I QUOTE 'These are the BEST hamburgers you have EVER made!' Ha! Chicken pancakes and carrot chips are frequent requests! Your book has been incredibly helpful, thank you so much!"  - Traci Landes

Here is the recipe for you to try...AND you can WATCH my instructional video excerpt from Cooking To Heal.

PDF of the Recipe
Instructional Video Excerpt

Diet Compliance: GFCF

Though this dish may not sound tasty, these burgers are delicious - no one will know they are eating liver.  Liver is a medium oxalate with the high level of iron, vitamins A & C, zinc, and more. I highly recommend giving this a try.

  • 1 lb ground beef
  • -1/3 cup ground liver (put liver in food processor and blend until smooth) about 2-3 oz.  Avoid any liver that is not thoroughly blended
  • 1-2 teaspoons onion powder
  • Rosemary, white pepper, or other herb or spice (white pepper is lower oxalate)
  • Salt, dash

Mix together and form into patties.  Cook as a usual burger.

BONUS Dessert Recipe

Diets: GFCF

  • 2 avocadoes
  • 1/3- cup unsweetened cocoa or carob powder
  • 1 cup of sweetener (honey, maple syrup, dates, agave nectar)(SCD use honey)

Blend all ingredients in blender or food processor until mixture is a little light.  Chill and serve.

Diet for Autism -  The HOPEFUL News

Please don't allow fear-ridden erroneous "studies" inhibit your understanding and application of nutrition focused and healing strategies. 

Because it is a truly undeniable reality, there has been an increase in News Stories talking about POSITIVE experiences with Autism Diets -  Read/View some recent news stories that report and demonstrate hope for autism. ALSO...visit the Generation Rescue website for autism recovery testimonials.

Some people say there is no evidence to support diet intervention. Such contentions are factually incorrect. ANY effect observed through food choices IS evidence (grounds for belief) that supports one's subsequent (informed) choices. If you're not yet doing diet, give it a try... Be the evidence.

Changing children's foods can also alter behaviors - Ventura County Star -

Autistic child stuns doctors with diet improvements - Saudi Gazette

Can celiac disease be mistaken as autism? -

Autism diet book wins major health book award -

Diet change leads to improvement for autistic child -WIS - Columbia,SC,USA

Changes to diet help with autism symptoms- Albert Lea Tribune

Is the gluten-free diet a fad?

Catlin family seeks more answers on causes of autism - Urbana/Champaign News-Gazette

Conference discusses whether diet can 'heal' autism - Medill Reports - Chicago,IL,USA

Through the Looking Glass - Wrightsville Beach Magazine - Wrightsville Beach,NC,USA

Diet may help autism - Yuma Sun

In Defense of the "Autism Diet"- Opposing Views - Los Angeles,CA,USA

How Does Diet Affect Autism? - Opposing Views - Los Angeles,CA,USA

Can diet really improve the symptoms of autism? -Daily Mail Online

Directory of books on autism and diet intervention - - USA

Special Books for Special Needs - Publishers Weekly - New York,NY,USA

Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) Supports Autism Diets

The first Autism Nutrition Training Seminar was held at the April Defeat Autism Now! Conference in Atlanta and was a great success. The leading autism diet and nutrition experts held two days of training for nutritionists, dietitians, pediatricians, and other clinicians who support parents' autism diet success. More and more practitioners are learning the importance of nutritional intervention for autism as a cornerstone of any treatment plan - behavioral and biomedical.

And...more than a hundred parents sampled tasty autism diet compliant (and nutritious!) foods at the live Cooking To Heal event. From meatballs to kale chips to ginger snap cookies, Julie and Sueson Vess, professional chef and GFCF Diet Coach led a two hour session on getting started and progressing with cooking for special diets.  The Q&A at these events is always robust as parents share experiences, gain ideas, and become inspired to prepare nutritious foods. Kitchen prep, cost effective meals, and helping picky eaters, were among the topics discussed.


The next Autism Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) Biomedical Conference will be held in Dallas from October 9 - 12 - INCLUDING the next LIVE Cooking To Heal event.

After a successful launch in Atlanta, ARI's Nutritionist Training program continues in Dallas.

For information and to register for the conference visit

If you are a nutritionist, dietitian, or healthcare professional...

Julie Presents at ASA Conference...

Though certainly a less biomedical focused event, Julie presented to a packed room of parents and practitioners at the 40th annual Autism Society of America conference last month in St. Charles, Illinois. The Diet for Autism message and healing opportunity appeals to every individual affected, attendees are always eager to learn and share their positive experiences with diet and nutrition intervention.  Other biomed speakers included Drs. Bryan Jepson, James Adams, and Martha Herbert.

Interested in Nutrition as a career?  Learn more about Julie's path...

New e-Book includes interview with Julie about her nutrition career and focus on childhood disorders...

Ten Top Holistic Nutrition Pros Share Their Secrets
by Carey Peters, CHHC

Get inside the minds of people who've built deeply satisfying careers from scratch -- and learn exactly how they did it. Nutrition Coach Carey Peters interviewed Ten Top Holistic Nutrition Professional that have created their dream jobs while changing people's lives with the power of food. Now you can read their stories and learn how they did it! The Ten Top Pros are grads and faculty of schools such as Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Bauman College, Hawthorn University and Clayton of Natural Health. They are RDs, CHHCs, CNCs and CNHPs.

READ ABOUT the eBook here...

UPCOMING Autism Learning Events...with Julie

Julie presents in Pasadena on Saturday, August 15th, and in Temecula on Saturday, August 22nd.


The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. presents a Comprehensive Biomedical Treatment Approach for Autism, PDD, & AD(H)D Conference on Saturday, August 22, 2009 at the New Vision Autism Center in Temecula, CA.
Attendees will have an opportunity to hear from Julie Matthews, a nutritional expert and DAN! Practitioner; Dawn Winkelmann, a speech language pathologist and Certified Feeding Therapist; and Dr. Kurt Woeller, a DAN! Physician and director of an integrative medicine clinic.  All three speakers represent a unique insight to the treatments of autism, PDD, and AD(H)D from a biomedical approach.

AND...Julie will be at the National Autism Association Conference in November

Julie has criss-crossed the globe in 2009, inspiring parents and autism practitioners to believe in the power of diet and nutrition. Thousands have attended Julie's sessions and are learning step-by-step the path of nourishing hope.

Julie has shared the Diet for Autism message at these conferences in 2009

2009 Conference Schedule

Join our team....we need moonlighting...web, tech, outreach...  

We are Nourishing Hope all over the globe . . . And we need YOU!
If you really are passionate about children with autism and truly understand how much work there is to do in this area on all levels, consider putting your gifts and talents to work at Nourishing Hope.

Our team is growing as the needs of the families we serve increase. If you are interested in project-by-project work in web design, internet marketing, social networking programs, public relations or event logistics . . . consider sending us your resume and/or letting us know how you can contribute to this cause! 

The world is watching and we need you to help us nourish hope. Our work centers around children with autism-they are beautiful, perfect and have a very special place in our world. We believe science is right. The answer to recovery for many of these kids involves healing diets, organic foods, nourishing nutrients and needed supplements. Join us if this is your path. Send an e-mail to
What is Nourishing Hope for Autism?   

Nourishing Hope for autism is about believing in and taking action toward health and healing. It is not about "curing" autism, nor in any way implies a "medical" intervention for autism. The body of knowledge from which we educate comprises the research and wisdom of human health and healing. The term "recovery" is best explained by esteemed autism organizations such as Autism Research Instituteand Generation Rescue, our use of this term is intended to convey the extent of the possibility that exists for these children--to reach their potential of health and happiness - whatever that may be. Indeed, thousands of children have, and are, recovering from autism.

Typically, once one has learned to believe that "recovery is possible" and embark on a journey of healing, they will begin with diet, or apply diet along their path.  Good nutrition is required for the health and healing of all humans, and certainly for children with autism. Nutritional intervention for autism, nourishing hope, intends to engage the body's inherent healing systems and affect restoration of systemic health. Thousands of personal accounts indicate that nutritional intervention affects positive healing results for children, as noted by a reduction in autism symptoms (see ARI Survey). Nourishing hope is about being in pursuit of potential, believing that better is possible, and having the courage to try.

Thank you for nourishing hope...

Julie Matthews is not a physician and not a registered dietitian.  She does not diagnose or treat disease. This information is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional and is not intended to provide medical advice.  For medical advice, always seek a physician. This information is intended solely as a sharing of knowledge and information based upon the experience and research of Julie Matthews and the Nourishing Hope for Autism team.