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Questions About Crating Pups

Dear pups like crates?

Yes, pups usually like their crates. As canines we are pack animals that like to have a den. Our crate is our den, and it gives us security. In fact, a snug den is a cozy place where we can sleep, chew a toy, or watch the world around us. Like you, we sometimes like peace and quiet.

Why do some pups hate their crates? 

Pups hate their crates if their masters use them in negative ways such as for punishment, or to keep us locked up for excessive periods of time. We may get spooked or full of anxiety if you force us inside our crate and slam the door loudly. On the other hand, if  we are allowed to gradually get used to our crate and you leave our crate door open at first, we are more likely to go inside. Then, if you give us a treat, a small "security blanket" with the  smell of our mother, and an interactive toy with a treat inside, before long we will really enjoy our new home. 

Can pups be overcrated?

Absolutely! The biggest mistake humans make is keeping us in our crates TOO LONG! We desire to get out and be your companion, not be stuck all day in a canine warehouse. And as pups we need to get out every 3-4 hours to go potty. Please don't buy a pup from a breeder who keeps his dogs in crates all day...these dogs are likely to be lacking in human interaction, and sometimes skittish!

How big should a pup's crate be? 

Our crates should be just big enough for us to move around in. This means enough space for us to comfortably stand up (without hitting our heads), turn around (without bumping the sides), and lay down in. If our crate is too big just use a divider or a box to block off the back of the crate.  If not, we will think the rear of our crate is a bathroom!



Our Happy Customers

Hi from the Borroni's and their new pup!
Dog Lovers "Paws" for Thought

"Whoever said you

 can't buy happiness,

 forgot about

 little puppies."

                   Gene Hill 


Words of Wisdom and Encouragement

Count Barkula

                                                "Count Barkula"


Your dog is your friend, your partner, your defender.

Your are his life, his love, his leader

He will be yours,faithful and true,to the last beat of his heart

You owe it to him to be worthy of his devotion.

Author Unknown  





 Tom Rimmer

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