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Introducing Our Newest Breeding Stock


Sir Remington of Carolina Cotons 

Remington chasing ball

Sire- Rayce of Carolina Cotons; Dam- Run Lola Run of Tara  


Celia of Young at Heart Cotons

celia blocks 
Sire- Cotonbrie's Leon King; Dam- Cotonbrie's Asia


  Sophie of Young at Heart Cotons

sophie with blocka
Sire-Cotonbrie's Leon King; Dam- Star Anise of Carolina Cotons

What is the favorite mode of pet transportation?  
Cars and trucks are the most favored modes of pet transport at 76%. 

Could excessive panting be a health problem?

Yes. Unexplained or excessive panting may indicate that your dog needs medical attention. 

Name the dog in the following comics: Peanuts, Dilbert, Dennis the Menace, Beetle Bailey, Garfield

Snoopy (Peanuts), Dogbert (Dilbert), Ruff (Dennis the Menace), Otto (Beetle Bailey), Odie (Garfield).


Dogs are the most common pet passenger. True or False?
TRUE. According to the Travel Industry Association, dogs are the most common pet passengers at 78%. Cats come in second at 15%.
Questions & Answers

Questions About Traveling

By Car With Your Dog


Dear Scarlet..Is my dog a good candidate to travel with by car? 

Most likely, yes. However, a small percentage of dogs are not cut out for car travel due to illness, age, car sickness, or problems with excessive barking.

What items should I pack?

It is recommended that you bring along a food and water bowl set, food, water, dog toys, a leash, a brush,  a dog bed and blanket, waste removal bags, an old towel, disinfectant spray, disinfectant wipes, and a doggy first aid kit. Also, make sure you bring a picture of your dog, and a copy of his rabies tag, and license number, in the unlikely case that he gets lost.

What are some tips for traveling safely with my dog by car? 



Tips On How To Cure Dogs Of Car Sickness

Tips On How To Cure Dogs Of Car Sickness

Dog Lovers "Paws" for Thought

sophie with wagon


"Let's examine the dog mind!

Every time you come home, he thinks it's amazing. He can't believe that you've accomplished this again.You walk in the door. The joy of it almost kills him. He's back again! It's that & guy! It's that guy!".


Jerry Seinfeld       

Our Happy Customers


Aiden sure loves his Coton pup!

  wow                      remington smiling face

                  An Eternal Peter Pan  




 Tom Rimmer

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