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Young at Heart CotoNEWSJanuary 12, 2012

   Jane Fonda and her Coton Tulea enjoy going to  
a book signing 
and the Letterman show 
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What is the World Record for the most dog's skipping the same rope?

13 Dogs. See video above of Japanese handler Uchida Geinousha  directing the dogs. 
Dog owners who walk their dogs are 34% more likely to meet federal benchmarks on physical activity. 

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Celebrity Cotons- Tulea Fonda


Dear Scarlet..... can you tell us about the lives of Jane Fonda's celebrity Coton Tulea?

 Yes. Jane Fonda adores her Coton de Tulear girl so much that she brings her just about everywhere she goes including stage rehersals, broadway, television shows like Davis Letterman, awards parties, book signings, and airplane trips.  According to Jane, Tulea is very smart and follows her like a shadow. Jane says Tulea is such a good traveler that, "she hops into her carrying case in the airport when I say 'in'." Tulea knows what applause means. In fact, Tulea wriggled away from her backstage sitter and ran on stage while Fonda was taking a curtain call at the end of her broadway show "33 Variations'.  Jane loves Tulea so much that she says, "when I am without her, I ache for her." Fonda also has stated, "she (Tulea) can be on my lap through an entire lunch and only when I standup to leave do people realize I've had a dog with me."

Fonda considers Tulea to be her "soul mate", her confidante, and her wiggly security blanket.

                       SEE GUINESS WORLD RECORD
                     OF 13 DOGS SKIPPING SAME ROPE               
Meet The Record Breakers: Uchida Geinousha -- handler of the most dogs skipping on a rope
Meet The Record Breakers: Uchida Geinousha -- handler of the most dogs skipping on a rope (1 min. video)

Dog Lovers "Paws" for Thought    


A Precious Possession


"The gift which I am sending you is called a DOG, and is in fact  the most precious and valuable possession of mankind."

             Theo Gaza, Greek Writer (C.1400-1475)

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