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Young at Heart CotoNEWSJanuary 19, 2012

   Catherine Zeta-Jones and her Coton "Figaro" enjoy taking  
many walks 
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What famous cowboy is associated with Australian sheperds and German sheperds?

Roy Rogers 
Veggies make really good low calorie dog treats.   


Snow peas, carrot niblets, green beans, and celery make great snacks for dogs.

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Celebrity Cotons- Figaro Zeta-Jones


Dear Scarlet..... can you tell us about the lives of Catherine Zeta-Jone's celebrity Coton Figaro?

Yes. Catherine adores her Coton de Tulear boy so much that she brings him just about everywhere she goes, especially on daily walks in New York City, and to her stage performances. Figaro or "Figgy" is quite a celebrity in the theater world,

according to actor Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, Herdlicka, Catherine's costar in "A Little Night Music", says Figaro is a regular member of Catherine Zeta Jone's entourage. "Catherine, she can't do a show without him. She doesn't go anywhere without him. She loves him so much. He's very, very sweet and very gentle." Figaro is normally on his best behavior during Catherine's shows, sitting quietly in a special 2ft. by 2 ft. area, right near the stage curtain. However, one night when Zeta-Jones was in the middle of singing her landmark number, "Send in the Clowns," Figaro started barking along. Herdlicka had to run over and quiet him down. 


      Catherine Zeta-Jones takes her Coton Figaro for a walk                                         through New York City                                   

Dog Lovers "Paws" for Thought    


 A Precious Comfort


"One reason your Dog is such a comfort when you're gloomy is that he NEVER asks why."


remington smiling face

"It's funny how dogs and cats

know the inside of folks better

than other folks do, isn't it?"    


          Eleanor H. Porter          

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