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Star Anise is now in heat!


After a year's rest since her last litter, our girl Star Anise will be mated soon to our stud boy Simba



Star Anise of Carolina Cotons 


Sire- Cash Is Nice of Tara; Dam- Cowboy's Gold Rush Kate


 Cotonbrie's Leon King, aka. Simba  

Sire- Bar-Ken's Cowboy Tango; Dam- Cotonbrie's Lilylavienrose

What is the main sense that a dog uses to interpret his world?  
A dog interprets the world mainly by smell, whereas we humans use mainly use our sense of sight and sound.. 

Ear Problems

If you see your pup holding his ear down, shaking his head, or scratching his ear, he may have an ear infection. 

Where does the dog name "Fido" come from?

The once popular name "Fido" comes from Latin meaning fidelity.


Obesity affects over 30% of dogs in developed countries. True or False?
TRUE. Overweight dogs are at a greater risk of health problems including heart failure, and diabetes. The sad fact is that with the exception of a few metabolic causes, obesity in dogs is the result of overfeeding by a dog's owner.

Make sure you reward your dog immediately after he responds correctly. Because dogs live in the moment, even a delay of a few minutes between your dog's correct response and your praise, may cause  your dog confusion 
Questions & Answers

Questions About Obedience Training for Your Pup


Dear Scarlet..does my puppy need to take obedience training classes?

 Yes, pups need training classes to learn good manners and proper behavior. 

 What are the benefits of puppy kindergarten classes? 

  • Improved manners. Obedience training helps dogs to be well  mannered companions who display acceptable behavior. Dogs who take obedience training learn the basic commands of sit, stay, down, come, as well as learn how to walk properly on a leash.
  • Better communication. Obedience training helps to strengthen the bond between you and your pup. Also, it typically helps dog owners to understand how dogs think and learn.
  • Improved socialization. Exposure to new dogs and their owners is essential to your pup's social development.
  • Less fearful. Obedience training helps fearful dogs to be less fearful, and dominant dogs to be less territorial. 
  • Improved safety. A properly trained dog is less likely to engage in unsafe activities such as running into traffic, etc.  
How do I find a good dog trainer? 
Ask your vet, friends who own dogs, and your breeder for recommendations. Research trainers and training schools in your area, and ask to meet with, and observe the trainer before you sign up for a class. Reputable trainers will be experienced and calm, approachable and motivating, have control of the dogs, and primarily use positive reward based training techniques (rather than harsh corrections or punishments). There should be a reasonable trainer to dog ratio (preferably a ratio of 4 dogs per instructor). Avoid classes that do not require proof of vaccinations or if you feel uncomfortable. 
How long do classes last?
Puppy kindergarten classes usually last from 6-10 weeks, for pups that are 3-6 months old. 



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Our Happy Customers


Star's pups are the best!  

Dog Lovers "Paws" for Thought

sophie with wagon


"Dogs smile with their tails" 


                      Author Unknown



 wow                      remington smiling face

                         First Friend


  "His name is not wild dog anymore, but the       first friend because he will be our friend for                 always & always & always." 


                    Rudyard Kipling






 Tom Rimmer

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