Feeling hot, hot, hot!  Summer is officially here - we hope you are exploring Manitoba and all of the Agritourism opportunities!
EDAM is excited for what's in store in the field of economic development; take a minute to check out The Choice Matrix, attend a Ramp Up Manitoba event and find out if your community's New Year's Resolution is collecting momentum or just collecting dust! 


Yours in Economic Development,

Tammy Hudyma, Chair
Economic Developers Association of Manitoba

Spring Forum Wrap Up
Cooperation Leads to Composting
Why Community Strategic Plans are like New Year's Resolutions
Biomedical Youth Program
New & Noteworthy

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Spring Forum Wrap Up
Reflections: Personal, Business & Community Growth
June 12-14, 2012

The theme for the 2012 Spring Forum was Reflections - Personal, Business & Community Growth. We had an exciting program filled with invaluable tools, training and activities that inspired growth and development. 


Growth /grōTH/ 

  1. The process of increasing in physical size (we hope the plant you received at the EDAM Spring Forum is growing strong).
  2. The process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually (you know, all of the 'aha' moments you had reflecting over the course of the forum).

We'd like to thank all those who participated and supported the conference.  See you in fall of 2012!  Stay tuned for more details.

Cooperation Leads to Composting

Launch of a residential composting initiative in St. Pierre-Jolys and the RM of De Salaberry

For the first time in rural Manitoba, an organic waste collection service is being offered to local residents. This joint initiative between the Village of St. Pierre-Jolys and the Rural Municipality of De Salaberry, in partnership with CDEM and Compo-Stages Manitoba Services Co-op, promises to reduce the amount of waste transported to landfill sites, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Village of St. Pierre-Jolys' solid waste collection vehicle will be collecting organic matter and will be disposing of the waste at the provincially certified composting site, located at the De Salaberry regional landfill.  Compo-Stages Manitoba Services Co-op will then transform the organic waste into a high quality compost using its state-of-the-art windrow turner. 

This new initiative is the result of a 2008 study on greenhouse gas emissions and many community consultations. The program is funded in part by the province's Community-Led Emissions Reduction program (CLER) and by Environment Canada.

The collection service began June 26th in St. Pierre-Jolys and be extended to communities in De Salaberry throughout summer and fall. 

mafriMAFRI Corner: Why Community Strategic Plans are like New Year's Resolutions

New year's resolution 

Community Strategic Planning and News Year's resolutions have a lot in common. Both are often doomed to failure! In Community Economic Development (CED) the general agreement is that communities need to develop a good strategic plan and we have all sorts of tools and processes for planning. But more often than not, the success rate on implementing the strategic plan is not so good, or the plan quickly becomes just a paper weight.   Just like New Year's resolutions, plans fail for many reasons but when I looked more closely, I realized that the reasons for failure are really very similar!  

People usually make resolutions to motivate change, just as communities develop strategic plans to motivate change and growth in the community. The key is a realistic plan, however, with realistic and achievable goals. Communities, just like people, must also first be ready psychologically for change and if goals are unrealistic or out of reach, then change is not likely to happen.

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Biomedical Youth Program

biomedical youth program What began as one researcher's desire to give something back to his adopted country has grown into a nationally recognized program to reduce racial, social, and economic barriers for disadvantaged youth to access education, training and careers in health fields. 


The Biomedical Youth Program (BYP) was created in 2006 by Dr. Francis Amara, a world class researcher in neurodegenerative diseases, in response to the lack of diversity in the University of Manitoba medical schools.  Aboriginal and inner city youth are traditionally underrepresented in the sciences, and even fewer are in the health professions, such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry and rehabilitation. Since 2006 over 3000 pupils have benefited from the activities and services of the BYP. as an essential long-term strategy to increase enrolment of Aboriginal, inner city and disadvantaged youth in health-related areas.


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New & Noteworthy
Manitoba Agritourism
Manitoba Agritourism
agritourismManitoba Agritourism
Funded by Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism, the Manitoba Agritourism website is free of charge, and offers businesses an opportunity to get their information out to individuals interested in Agri-tourism attractions and businesses across Manitoba. 


 choiceThe Choice Matrix
In June 2012, The Rural Development Institute launched the Beta version of "The Choice Matrix", an all-encompassing website designed to help community practitioners and stakeholders find CED tools that are right for them and their projects at each phase of development - organizing, planning, analyzing, implementing, or reviewing.


rampyRamp Up Manitoba

Ramp Up Manitoba is a collision between entrepreneurs, developers, and designers focused on increasing the number of technology startups in Manitoba. Their goal is to connect marketable ideas with the talent needed to launch them, and resource access to fuel growth. Attend Ramp Up Manitoba's next "meet up" Tuesday, July 17, 6pm @ The Tipping Canoe.


Reprogram Your Speedial: 10-digit dialing and area code 431 are on their way!

Starting July 29th, businesses and consumers will have to adopt 10-digit dialing - the area code followed by the 7-digit phone number - for all local calls. If the area code is not dialed, the caller will hear a reminder message before the call is completed.  Starting October 20th, 10-digit dialing will be mandatory. After November 3, a new area code, 431, will be introduced and will be used in the same region as area code 204.



Thanks for your committment to economic development in Manitoba!  We really hope you've enjoyed this edition of "In the Loop".  See you in the sun! 

Your EDAM Board of Directors