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Issue 3September 2010
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About Us

Award winning and formally trained landscape design/build firm providing services from design concept to complete installation.

We undertake a variety of projects from small to large sites and from country to contemporary gardens.

All of our projects receive personal attention and unique designs to fit your lifestyle. 

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In this issue, find out why you want and need Ornamental Grasses in your landscape! Don't forget to check out our Current Events - we made the cover of a major landscape industry magazine!

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I also want to thank you again for your continuous support. As a result of our dedication, we were nominated as the top Landscape Designer for the Hamptons in Departures Magazine's, Who's Who. Thank you! 






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Fall is for Planting 
Noyack GetawayAlthough the days and nights are slowly getting cooler, this is the best time to plant! The warm soil, combined with cooler temperatures and less weed competition, encourages root growth, which will persist through the winter until the ground freezes. In early spring, the now well-established roots continue to develop at a faster rate, leading to a fuller, healthier-looking plant.
So, get started on that new garden project today! There's still plenty of time to complete and enjoy your outdoor space for fall. 
Call us at 631-874-3430 or email to schedule a consultation.

Ornamental Grasses - What You Didn't Know
We spend a lot of time maintaining and perfecting our functional lawn grasses, but what about adding ornamental grasses to the landscape? They have an array of uses, making them even more versatile than perennials. I recommend using these top choices:
  • WestlakeCarex (Sedge)
  • Panicum (Switch grass)
  • Miscanthus (Maiden grass)
  • Pennisetum (Fountain grass)
So what is so great about them?
Deer Don't Eat Them: These grasses have proven time after time to be deer tolerant, and are not on the preferred dining menu! This makes them an excellent choice to incorporate, giving you diversity with wonderful texture, form, and color without the threat of being nibbled on.
Can Withstand Tough Conditions: Varieties of Carex and Panicum are also native, being able to adapt well in low fertile soils, and needing very little maintenance because they are drought tolerant and don't require a lot of fertilizer. They can provide erosion control for along our beautiful shorelines and are ideal for creating sustainable rain gardens.

Woodland Front Entrance

Not All Grasses Are Green: An assortment of tones exist including soothing blues, energetic yellows, spicy reds, variegated (white and green), and cream-gold colored margins. Some of the most vibrant grass colors occur in the fall, with the added bonus of their coppery plumes (seed heads).
Adds Movement & Catches Light: No other plant can add movement and catch light like ornamental grasses. Whether planted in masses or as individual specimen focal points, the graceful, arching form of Maiden and Fountain grasses will almost give a "voice" to your garden as they softly rustle in the wind. Planting in drifts will create a sense of movement, as the grasses will appear to continuously flow through the garden. Be sure to place them where they can "catch the light," which will shine through their foliage and flower heads, making them glow and shimmer in the breezes.
SNassau Pointo the next time you are gazing at that expanse of manicured lawn, consider minimizing it and all the time and energy it requires. Most of all, you will get your money's worth from adding ornamental grasses to your home. Not only are they relatively inexpensive, they are easily dividable, allowing you to freely make more plants.
Who wouldn't want a plant that doesn't need weekly grooming, watering, and fertilizing and practically propagates itself!
For more helpful hints on how to incorporate ornamental grasses specifically in your landscape, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Current EventsThe Designer
Once again, our project "english country" has received recognition! To our surprise, we were featured on the front cover of The Designer, a publication produced by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD).
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