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Parker OSP Linear actuator

Drew Whaley from Olympus Controls walks through the features of Parkers New OSP Linear actuator.


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Nanotechnology - Carbon Nanotube Electronics
Nanotechnology - Carbon Nanotube Electronics



Total Cost of Ownership


Total Cost of Ownership


The Total Cost of Ownership Estimator is a complimentary tool that enables aggregation of all cost and risk factors into one cost for simpler, more objective decision making. 

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OC3DWe have Solid Models available to download for many of the products we sell.             

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Employee Spotlight: Marques Rasmussen, Design Engineer

Marques Rasmussen
Marque joined the team in July and tells about his new role at Olympus Controls and his past involvement in a pretty cool robotic suit.

 Belt-driven actuators for high speed and long strokes
Parker's newest electric actuator offers cost-effective high performance 
The OSPE Series (Origa System Plus electromechanical) is developed for reliability, high performance, easy handling and optimized design flexibility.  The main system carriers are the actuators themselves, consisting of extruded aluminum profiles with double dovetail slots on three sides, providing direct mounting for all OSPE modular options.
  • 4 major drive trains, multiple sizes and bearing options
  • 46 unique products to solve industrial motion needs
  • 1000's of standard configurable solutions


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Solution for Plant Floor Display Applications

Parker Factory Display Parker Factory Display


Parker Factory Display  (PFD) offers unparalleled visual impact that enhances the message, while its distributed architecture easily integrates into your existing manufacturing and IS infrastructure.

PFD offers unprecedented flexibility and impact for delivering critical messages to associates on the factory floor. 


  • Priced competitively with less capable LED display products
  • Direct PLC connectivity automates data collection - no charge for over 40 drivers
  • Publishing to any Web browser allows remote viewing/editing from practically anywhere
  • 32, 40, and 46 inch widescreen with 16.7 million colors


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Dorner 2000 Precision Move Conveyors

2200 Series Conveyor



2200 Precision Move - General Specifications

  • Flat & Cleated Belt End Drive, and Flat Belt Mid Drive
  • 1.5" diameter head and tail pulleys
  •  2" (45mm) - 24" (610mm) widths
  •  1.5' (457mm) - 30' (9,144mm) lengths
  •  Loads up to 200 lbs (91 kg)
  •  Belt speeds up to 370 ft/min (113m/min)
  •  Optional Slave, Gang or Common drive
  • CE Models Available


Precision Conveyor Applications:

  • Precision Part Movement
  • Accurate Small Part Handling & Positioning
  • Automated and Manual Assembly
  • Machine Integration
  • Robotic Pick-N-Place
  • Precision Indexing
  • Timed Conveying  

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Checker Vision Sensor Easy, Reliable and Flexible

Checker 4G7X adds position inspection tools


The 4G7X is the newest Checker model from Cognex, delivering three critical functionalities built into a single device.  With Checker 4G7X, production managers can simultaneously check for the presence, size and position of features on a single part.


SensorView2 and Checker 4G7X The Checker 4G7X seamlessly integrates into your factory network, communicates with PLCs, and features  integrated color lighting and filters to form the most powerful Checker vision sensor to date. 


High Performance Vision Sensor Inspections: NO PC Required! 


SensorView� 2, a new smart display for Checker� machine vision sensors. With SensorView 2, production engineers can fully configure, test and monitor Checker 4G vision sensors, without a PC being required at any stage.


The SensorView display has a large 8.9 inch touch screen, making it easy to use and view on the factory floor. With built-in Ethernet based communication, SensorView 2 can be installed anywhere Checkers are connected to a network. 


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