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Ueli Steck's Eiger north face ascent
Ueli Steck's solo ascent of Eiger's north face in 2 hours and 47 minutes: a speed record



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'Made In The USA' Makes A Comeback - Reuters & Survey Confirms Reshoring Trend 



The reshoring trend is examined and discussed by CEOs, shop floor workers, economists and journalists.


Learn how our team can help lower your Total Cost of Ownership by investing in automation.

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Employee Spotlight: Jason McDaniel, Division Manager 

Jason McDaniels
"Usually I just get beat up, but sometimes I get some good shots in on the other guys."  
No, this isn't Jason's approach to customer service... find out what he was talking about.

Helical Products Company Launched into Space (Again)!
Mars Science Lab incorporated Helical flexible couplings and machined springs

Helical Products Company, Inc. is proud to announce that several of its parts are present on NASA's latest space explorer, the Mars Science Laboratory 'Curiosity' rover.  Helical's engineering team designed and manufactured both flexible couplings and machined springs for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, working closely with JPL's engineers on these precise, custom designs.Curiousity


Among these parts is a custom flexible coupling to be used in the Vibration Mechanism in the Sample Acquisition & Sample Processing and Handling (SASPaH) subsystem at the end of the Robotic Arm.


The Curiosity Rover is also equipped with several Helical machined springs. These particular devices are used as a locking latch in the rocket deploy pivot mechanism.


White Paper: Integrated Linear Motion Systems

High performance and reliability with reduced size, cost and time-to-market


Mechanical linear motion technologies that provide high performance and reliability,clean operation and low maintenance include: linear motor, linear slide with rotary motor, and stepper motor linear actuator

Linear Motion White paper

Integrated linear motion systems provide accurate positioning, high speed, and long life with low maintenance. Integrated product combines a stepper motor linear actuator with mechanicals and electronics to form a single, compact system. It also delivers the added benefits of reduced machine size, lower cost and shorter time-to-market.


Download white paper >>>


Completely Modular Concept for all kinds of Applications
Parker's newest electric actuator offers cost-effective high performance


The OSPE Series (Origa System Plus electromechanical) is developed for reliability, high performance, easy handling and optimized design flexibility.  The main system carriers are the actuators
OSPEthemselves, consisting of extruded aluminum profiles with double dovetail slots on three sides, providing direct mounting for all modular options.
  • 4 major drive trains, multiple sizes and bearing options
  • 46 unique products to solve industrial motion needs
  • 1000's of standard configurable solutions

OSPE Series Actuators accommodate an extremely wide spectrum of load, speed and stroke requirements.   

OSPE Belt-driven actuators
for high speed and long strokes.


OSPE Screw-driven actuators for high thrust force and precision.


learn more >>> 

A New Foundation for 1-D Barcode Reading
Hotbars™ image analysis technology


Hotbars is a significant innovation in the fundamental image analysis methods used to read barcodes.


The result of a two-year R&D effort, Hotbars technology combines with Cognex-led advances in image formation to enable DataMan´┐Ż ID readers to outperform traditional laser scanners in the most demanding applications:

  • Material handling
  • Logistics
  • Electronics
  • Food/beverage
  • Consumer goods
  • Automotive

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